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Spanish Texas Prevails!


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Governor Anthony Sparks,


I am eager to begin a new era of relations between Texas and the Northlands. We are already friends with your Cascadian neighbors and I believe a great deal of good could be accomplished by the cooperation of our states and peoples. I invite you to Valencia to discuss this in more detail and to convey my congratulations in person on your part in successful negotiations to ensure the continued freedom of the Americas. 




King William V


Office of the King



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To His Majesty King William V of The Kingdom of The Northlands

From Governor Anthony Sparks of The Republic of Texas


Your Majesty,


I would be honored to go to Valencia and have a sit down together. With the Alaskan conflict resolved I am hoping that I'll be able to relax a bit and continue working to make life for the people of Texas better. I believe that both of those things can be accomplished in the Northlands, which is why I will leave first thing tomorrow morning. Thank you very much for your invitation, and I hope you had a happy New Year.


Best Regards,


Governor Sparks




Anthony would take an escorted flight to the Northlands. Upon landing in Europe he'd wait patiently for an escort with his secretary, Olivia, and two Texas Rangers who were tasked with protecting his life at all costs. 

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The four Texans would be greeted at the airport, with the military band and honor guard present as was befitting a visit from a foreign head of state. They would be escorted to the Palacio del Temple where William had already arrived. The rangers would be waved in, the Northlandic security forces noting their presence.


"Governor Sparks, it's good to meet you!" he would say as he greeted the man and urged him and his staff to come in and be seated. Large glasses of fresh Valencian orange juice were already filled and waiting. "I hope you're hungry," he would say while simultaneously beckoning with his hand. Waiters moved forward and began to serve large dishes of paella and bread. A small bottle of hot sauce appeared as William poured a few drops on his dish. "Don't tell anyone, but I like to add a little bit of heat to my paella. Delicious." he would declare, having learned that the Spanish didn't really do spicy foods. 


"How are things going in Texas these days?"




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Anthony sat at the table with the Monarch of the Northlands and his staff. Olivia and the others went on as normal, taking mental notes and keeping an arsenal of information in case the Governor needed to explain a specific political detail in greater knowledge, but Anthony felt so at home it was almost terrifying. Maybe it was the Spanish culture he was use to seeing at home, maybe it was the simplistic yet stunning hospitality the King was showing him, or perhaps it was deep nostalgia for Spain that had been locked away long ago in his subconscious; whatever it was it couldn't have been done more right then the way it was. He observed the orange glass bulb in his hand and sipped from it. The succulent juice and sweet pulp ignited a sweet-bomb in his mouth that spread faster than a California wildfire. He hadn't done ecstasy before, but he assumed all of these euphoric feelings must have been what it was like. He maintained his fortitude but didn't hide that he was pleased. After the shaking of hands had passed and the aforementioned tasting of the euphoria cocktail had passed by, Anthony continued dialogue with the King while his staff enjoyed the well-prepared meal. 


"I can relate Your Majesty. It's usually awkward when this happens but I'm happy you did it first so I don't have to ask." Olivia cracked open the Governor's suitcase and pulled out a bottle of Tabasco sauce. She passed it over to the Governor who cracked it open and gave his share of spice to the food as well. "I'm sure there is a lot we can relate to, but I'm happy that taste is one of them." He took his first bite after the King did and was more than satisfied with the taste. "The Lone Star State is prospering like it should be, Your Majesty. Of course I'm sure you are aware of the difficulties we had with the fall of the United States government. The Texas government was one of the few State governments lucky enough, and strong enough, to survive what happened. I could ramble on, but I'm just thankful that we are still here, keeping our Republic alive." He politely gorged on more of his meal and looked up to the King. "And you, Your Majesty, how are the state of affairs of the Northlands? As far as the papers have said in Texas, the Northlands has been participating in peaceful expansion and has been prospering these past few months. I congratulate Your Majesty's government on that. From what I understand, Germany has joined the Northlands along with this portion of Iberia, right? How are the Germans taking the integration into the Northlands?" 

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William would smile, glad the two men could agree on food and taste as they began to turn to deeper conversation. He nodded as Sparks spoke about the history of Texas, amazed at the perseverance that had been shown to ensure its survival after the fall of the old United States. "Please just call me William, no need to be so formal at a meeting of peers," he would say as he began to reply.


"I see you've been keeping abreast of the latest in European news, Governor Sparks. You are right on all accounts, and I'm pleased to say the incorporation of western Germany into the Northlands was desired by most, German and Northlandic citizens alike. The Northlands has long overseen non-Alvonian Germany in a protector status and over the years a cultural, economic, and now political bond has been developed. We've long invested into German infrastructure and economy and the security and stability provided by the Northlands is a very powerful motivator, especially when a string of regimes have appeared and collapsed in Germany in recent years. People want peace, and we have been able to provide that, something I'm very proud of.


Otherwise, matters in the Northlands are quite good at the moment. Outside of our nation we are focused on several potential hotspots including the current civil war in France and intrusion by outsiders into the Southern Atlantic, although it's quite fortunate that our homeland faces no immediate threat. We've been able to focus on the development of sound infrastructure and military, both of which will help the Northlands in years to come.


However, I have received disturbing reports of incidents in North America ranging from Alaska to Oregon to Mexico. I know Texas has been instrumental in helping to promote peace in the region, which is one of the reasons I've been quite keen to meet with you. I'm curious as to your thoughts and opinions on the current situations on your continent."


As they were talking, after meal drinks would be brought in for both men. Sparks seemed like a man who could appreciate a good drink, and William would take one of his preferred, but more obscure scotches, and pour two glasses. The alcohol would surround the gigantic sphere ice cube, and William would ensure both men felt comfortable as they talk turned to more serious matters. 

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"We've been doing our best to keep North America tranquil and independent. It's a hard job for Texas to do by itself what the United States had been doing for over two-hundred years, but we've been managing so far. Fortunately all three of those 'conflicts' never had a single shot fired but the Texas Military Forces are prepared to defend their Republic if such an actual fight were to happen. We are just lucky that we are blessed with such talented diplomats and good people in the State Department." Anthony was happy to see the scotch. It'd been a long month and he only had a few quick occasions to enjoy some Jack Daniels. Scotch from a King's private selection sounded pretty good right about then. "Thank you William, I appreciate it." He sipped occasionally while he began to move to the meat of their meeting, "In the cable you sent to me you talked about how the Northlands wanted to establish a new era of relations with the Republic. The Cascadians have rumored that y'all are an honorable, sensible people and your government reflects that, so once I read your message I just had to come here. What exactly did you have in mind?" 

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"Yes of course," he would reply as he sipped his drink and continued. "The Northlands has maintained an alliance with Cascadia for several years at this point and we are in the process of upgrading it to full mutual defense. With Texas already a firm ally of Cascadia, I am interested in establishing full diplomatic, trade, and security ties with Texas. 


With your location in the western Atlantic and Americas, Texas is an ideal market for Northlands commerce and likewise our nation could serve as a strong jumping off point for Texan trade in Europe. We have some of the finest and largest port facilities and our industries are looking to purchase large quantities of oil and gas, both areas I think Texas would be quite interested in.


In terms of defense, we have several strategic holdings in the Atlantic and we are able to defend our trading and military interests in the region. We believe a secure 'bridge' of sea and air networks could be created to link our two nations should there be a need to defend the other. Plus, with our commitment to Cascadia already in place, closer cooperation between our three nations is feasible and frankly, reasonable. I'm curious as to what you think about all this."

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OOC: Very sorry for not seeing your reply mate! 




"I was hoping you would suggest something along those lines. I don't want to mislead you, the Republic of Texas and the Cascadian Empire do not have an official diplomatic relationship written down on paper, however I think we both have a mutual understanding that we would stand up for each other if the other was under some type of unwarranted siege or put under illogical international pressure. Though, I am sure it would be worth it make those intentions official with Cascadia. I may have to get back on that when I return to Texas, but we are here and in the now. Is there some type of treaty you had in mind that we could both adhere to?"

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"I understand. Actions speak louder than words, and I believe all of our nations can cooperate closely regardless of the specific formal piece of paper that exists between any two. That being said, I have a draft proposal of a fairly extensive treaty for your review. Of note are the trade agreement and mutual defense clauses."



Atlantic Treaty


The Northlands and the Texas shall agree to the following provisions laid out in this Treaty. Both nations, hereafter referred to as the Contracting Signatories, shall sign this Treaty in the hopes that greater relations would be attained for the greater peace, prosperity, and well-being of the Contracting Signatories.
Article I: Non-Aggression
a). The Contracting Signatories shall not undertake any aggressive or otherwise hostile actions against each other in any form. Such actions is defined, but not limited to, illegal espionage and destabilizing actions.
b). This clause shall not be construed as to restrict or otherwise prohibit healthy debate or productive disagreement.
Article II: Intelligence Sharing
The Contracting Signatories shall disclose and share any intelligence and information that pertain to each other.
Article III: Mutual Defense
a). The Contracting Signatories shall agree to defend each other from attacks by a hostile third power. If a Contracting Signatory is waging a defensive war, the other Contracting Signatory shall provide military, intelligence, economic, and civilian aid to the threatened nation.
b). A declaration of war in response to an earlier declaration of war by a Contracting Signatory, referred to as 'treaty-chaining', shall make such aid optional.
Article IV: Emergency Assistance
In the events of natural disasters and similar circumstances in peacetime that adversely affects one or both Contracting Signatories, the Contracting Signatories shall agree to speedily provide emergency aid and provisions to the other.
Article V: Trade
a). The Contracting Signatories shall undertake appropriate steps, actions, and policies to encourage and facilitate increased trade with each other.
b). Such steps, actions, and policies include, but are not limited to, the reduction or elimination, whenever applicable, of tariffs and other protective barriers, with exceptions for certain industries as determined by the Contracting Signatories.
Article VI: Cultural Exchange
a). The Contracting Parties shall undertake appropriate steps, actions, and policies to encourage and facilitate increased cultural interaction between their respective peoples.
b). Such steps, actions, and policies include, but are not limited to, the implementation of study-abroad programs, the relaxation of visa regimes, and other related measures.
Article VII: Cancellation
a). Should the Contracting Signatories wish to withdraw from the obligations of this Treaty, a notice shall be given at least thirty days in advance.
b). Should the Contracting Signatories violate the articles of this Treaty, or otherwise come to an insurmountable disagreement, a notice of cancellation shall be given at least thirty days in advance.


Signed for the Northlands,
King William IV

Signed for Texas,



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Signed for The Republic of Texas,


Governor Anthony Sparks




"Thank you very much for inviting me here William. I'm happy we finally have something to give to the world that says we are friends. I hope this friendship lasts for a very long time." The Governor extended out his hand to shake the King's and then sat back and enjoyed the rest of his scotch. "When I get back to Austin I'll draft a copy of this for the Lieutenant Governor so that the Senate will get to it right away." 

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