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Yes This is Canon - IRC Logs of Texas, Cascadia, and East Asia


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OOC: The following is a meeting between the Empress of East Asia, the Emperor of Cascadia, The Governor of The Republic of Texas, and a Mexican waiter named Sancho. It is canon, and has resolved an upcoming war. There will be some type of treaty posted after this, but I wanted to post the logs first. Mogar I chopped this up into four parts so if I deleted anything let me know.


IC: The following takes place in a small Mexican town around lunch time. It has resolved the Alaskan conflict.



22:07 EmpressHoshiko good, good we've all arrived

22:07 EmpressHoshiko unless anyone wants to make a coin flip to decide that

22:07 GovernorSparks It's very nice to meet Your Imperial Majesty.

22:08 GovernorSparks Emperor Hoshiko it's nice to see you.

22:08  EmpressHoshiko courtsys

22:08 EmpressHoshiko I was not aware I had a penis, a functional one anyway

22:08  EmperorAlanWymore would bow to both the governor, although the one to Kazuko would be shallower

22:09 EmperorAlanWymore It is an honor to meet you as well Governor Sparks your reputation precedes you

22:09 GovernorSparks Ah so that's what is under your dress. Trust me Empress, I have many things to hide as well.

22:09 GovernorSparks Thank you Emperor Wymore, the same to you.

22:09 EmperorAlanWymore Kazuko it is always nice to see again
22:09 GovernorSparks So, I hear that we all agree on absolutely nothing?
22:09 EmperorAlanWymore Seattle is a distant memory but a warm one
22:09 EmpressHoshiko I'm fairly certain we can agree that we do not agree on anything, yes
22:10 GovernorSparks Fantastic. Do you think we can put that on paper? I want to get that in the Texas Tribune tomorrow.
22:10  GovernorSparks thinks
22:10 GovernorSparks Empress, Emperor, I think I have found something we can agree on.
22:10  *** tidybowlman joined #alaskacrisis
22:10 GovernorSparks Can we all agree not to use our vast nuclear stockpiles?
22:11 GovernorSparks I believe a nuclear war is something that would benefit none of our nations.
22:11 EmperorAlanWymore Governor may we at least take this meeting in any seriousness. I would prefer this end peacefully.
22:11 EmpressHoshiko I can agree to that, having felt the effects of several dozen of the weapons
22:12 GovernorSparks My condolences to you and your people. I am happy that we can agree on that point.
22:12 EmpressHoshiko my dear Emperor, we are taking this quite serious
22:12 EmpressHoshiko nuclear weapons are not a laughing matter, nor something that should be joked about
22:12 GovernorSparks We should start a nuclear proliferation organization when we are done threatening each other with total annihilation.
22:13  GovernorSparks sits back and thinks again
22:13 EmpressHoshiko I did try that within the League of Nations, but it was as though everyone there gradually lost interest, and then eventually stopped gathering there
22:13 EmpressHoshiko a strange circumstance, but one that happens frequently in our world
22:13  EmpressHoshiko shrugged
22:13  *** Hereno joined #alaskacrisis
22:14  *** seuwp joined #alaskacrisis
22:14 GovernorSparks I know right? It's like, like bare with me here, these great nations rise with no domestic violence or political strife and they are doing great and then BAM *slams hands on table* they fall apart with no internal attempt to hold them together.
22:14 GovernorSparks Please excuse my French, Your Majesties, but it is terrifying.
22:14 GovernorSparks The average life of a nation in modern times is a few years I think.
22:15 EmpressHoshiko The craziest part? sometimes they just spring out of nothing, whole area could be a nuclear wasteland and then all of a sudden a billion people live there, it's like what the hell?
22:15 GovernorSparks It's amazing. It's actually fascinating. Why in God's name aren't we investigating this? Or here is the best part:
22:16 GovernorSparks I did not want to come to this meeting at all, but it was like some supernatural force made me do something I did not want to do and fly here to meet with the two of you. It's like I'm literally being used as a puppet right now. Like the gods are just toying with me, you know? Do you ever wonder if we are all in the Matrix?
22:17 GovernorSparks But you both are quite lovely, I must say. Would you like some tea EmpressHoshiko, EmperorAlanWymore?
22:17 EmpressHoshiko Have you ever heard of Generalissimo? He once investigated it, disappeared a short time later, I have some of his notebooks, truly a great man, He stood up to the great Mara Lithaen so many years ago, I will have to send over a copy of some of the movies we've made starring him, after we finish blowing each other up of course.
22:18 GovernorSparks Wow really? That'd be fantastic!
22:18 EmperorAlanWymore I'll take some rum if you have it
22:18 GovernorSparks I've never heard of the guy but he sounds like an idiot.
22:19 GovernorSparks Sure Emperor *pours shot glass*.
22:19 EmpressHoshiko We're in Mexico, you'll drink Tequila, and like it.
22:19 GovernorSparks Oh!
22:19 GovernorSparks I brought some Captain Morgan.
22:19 GovernorSparks That's rum.
22:19 GovernorSparks That's close right?
22:19 EmpressHoshiko are we pirates or mexicans?
22:19 GovernorSparks Both?
22:20 EmperorAlanWymore Well we don't have to blow eachother up
22:20  GovernorSparks makes his tea Irish and takes a worthy sip
22:20 GovernorSparks I agree Emperor.
22:20 GovernorSparks Look Empress, you want your Pacific security right?
22:20 EmpressHoshiko How about this, we have a drinking contest, alright?
22:20 EmpressHoshiko I haven't figured out the second step
22:20 GovernorSparks Just for a moment, let's try to talk this out.
22:20 GovernorSparks Then we can drink the entire bottle.
22:20 GovernorSparks Now, you want Pacific Security correct?
22:21 EmpressHoshiko of course
22:21 GovernorSparks My analysts went through all of your speeches and it's the phrase you use most right after the name of your nation.
22:21 GovernorSparks Ok great.
22:21  *** tidybowlman is now known as NinjaAssasinKiller
22:21  +++ EmpressHoshiko has given voice to NinjaAssasinKiller
22:21 GovernorSparks If we would be willing to work with Japan
22:21 GovernorSparks and help keep the Pacific secure
22:21 GovernorSparks could Japan consider leaving Alaska?
22:22 EmpressHoshiko Please, East Asia, We do not believe in ethnicities
22:23  +++ EmpressHoshiko has taken voice from NinjaAssasinKiller
22:23 GovernorSparks I apologize for that. The East Asian Imperium.
22:23 EmpressHoshiko Cascadia has made it clear they don't hold an interest in that
22:23 EmpressHoshiko and we have a number of Aluetian citizens as is
22:23 GovernorSparks Well hang on, we can get to that, but let's just say we'd be willing to work with you.
22:23 GovernorSparks If we compromise, would you be willing to meet us half way?
22:24  EmperorAlanWymore frowned
22:24 EmperorAlanWymore Hey we want pacific security too
22:24 EmpressHoshiko not a full withdrawal, the borderline I set with Cascadia was rather large however. any time we have given an enemy a place to strike they have used it. I don't make the same mistake twice.
22:25 GovernorSparks Could the Texas Republic and Cascadia have territory in Sibera so that it is an even trade?
22:26 EmpressHoshiko Texas is not a Pacific nation, and Cascadia has not proven they are able to behave on a world stage
22:26 GovernorSparks Empress, I feel that if we don't come to a resolution, the Alaskan people will unrealistically come up and kill us all. And then there will be no Pacific Security, let alone security for any of us.
22:26 EmpressHoshiko I told you man
22:26 EmpressHoshiko Generalissimo
22:26 EmpressHoshiko he had laser mechs
22:27 EmperorAlanWymore Empress I do apologize for my sons behaviour he can be
22:27 EmperorAlanWymore Unpleasant
22:27  *** NinjaAssasinKiller left #alaskacrisis
22:27 GovernorSparks Your troops have come into North America which is something we cannot stand for. But if it is security you want, we'd be willing to help you achieve full security provided your troops stay out of Alaska?
22:28 GovernorSparks We would both have to concede, but if we do we can avoid a war and maybe these odd forces will stop controlling us.
22:28 EmpressHoshiko I will not authorize a full withdraw, I can acknowlege that Eastern Alaska has a cultural connection to Cascadia, but Western Alaska is heavily Native population, and we have signifigant experience in building up these isolated communities
22:29 GovernorSparks The native population also has strong cultural ties to the Alaskan people.
22:29 GovernorSparks I don't understand your point?
22:29 EmpressHoshiko Alaska is not a homogenous culture
22:29 GovernorSparks Correct.
22:29 EmperorAlanWymore Neither is the EAI
22:29 GovernorSparks Correct.
22:29 GovernorSparks Neither is Texas or Cascadia.
22:29 EmpressHoshiko Cascadia is far more a homogenous culture than EAI
22:30 GovernorSparks We all have that in common too.
22:30 EmpressHoshiko with large white populations
22:30 GovernorSparks Cascadia has a lot of Mexicans and Asians.
22:30  *** Yerushalayim joined #alaskacrisis
22:30 GovernorSparks Even more Asians than we do.
22:30 EmperorAlanWymore HEY
22:30 EmpressHoshiko the people who make up the eastern alaskans
22:30 EmperorAlanWymore We don't have those here
22:31 GovernorSparks Are you insinuating that white people and people /very distantly/ related to Asians can't coexist?
22:32  GovernorSparks hands EmperorAlanWymore another shot of Captain Morgan
22:32 EmpressHoshiko I'm stating that it has come to our intentions that Cascadian military forces may not be so welcoming to those they are annexing, they have not even finished their annexation in the yukon and they continue to expand to our borders, even after they suggest that those who surround the Imperium should rise up against us. Are you saying I should allow an imminent threat to my safety to grow
22:32 EmpressHoshiko closer?
22:33 GovernorSparks Is controlling Eastern Alaska considered surrounding four 14-million square mile nation?
22:33 GovernorSparks Western*
22:34 GovernorSparks EmperorAlanWymore, please correct me if I am wrong, but didn't you tell me you have no intentions of expanding into Asia?
22:34 GovernorSparks I don't see what the point would be. You aren't an Asian nation and it would be unethical. Correct?
22:35 EmpressHoshiko France and Northlands are not Asian nations either
22:35 GovernorSparks And?
22:35 EmpressHoshiko Malta and Greece are not South African nations
22:35 GovernorSparks Absolutely.
22:35 GovernorSparks What's your point?
22:35 EmpressHoshiko to claim someone's location has any relevance upon their holdings is ignoring the realities of our world
22:36 EmpressHoshiko Cascadia and yourselves claim that my nation controlling the Pacific is a threat to international trade, I do not see an argument against their strangehold on the Med
22:36  *** tidybowlman joined #alaskacrisis
22:36 GovernorSparks I think the Polish people and President Monroe would disagree with you.
22:37  *** tidybowlman is now known as outragedpolack
22:37 GovernorSparks The Republic of Texas is not on the Mediteranean sea.
22:37 EmpressHoshiko The United States at its peak had bases in over a hundred countries
22:37 GovernorSparks We don't care what goes on there.
22:37 EmpressHoshiko the Republic of Texas is not on the Pacific ocean either
22:37 GovernorSparks The Republic of Texas is in North America.
22:37  *** outragedpolack is now known as furiousmexican
22:38 GovernorSparks Something the Alaskans, Cascadians, Texans all have in common is that we are all Americans on this continent.
22:38  *** furiousmexican is now known as PolitelyPeevedCanadian
22:38 EmpressHoshiko I will not allow western Alaska to fall into Cascadian hands
22:39 GovernorSparks Would you be against Texas occupying Vietnam?
22:39 EmpressHoshiko they may not wish for war, but their words towards us clearly prove they wish for someone to attack us
22:39 GovernorSparks It's thousands of miles from your capitol.
22:40 EmpressHoshiko the distance between Vietnam and Tokyo, and our holdings in Alaska and your capital are not comparable
22:40 GovernorSparks They are for Cascadia.
22:40 GovernorSparks Would you mind if Cascadia occupied Vietnam?
22:40 EmpressHoshiko not in the slightest, but I also would not defend them if Druk Yul took issue
22:41 GovernorSparks So would you mind if Texas went to Vietnam?
22:41 EmpressHoshiko more so than Cascadia
22:41 GovernorSparks Or if we would colonize Africa?
22:41 EmpressHoshiko the Europeans have already begun to do so
22:41 GovernorSparks Empress, I am disturbed that you are so content with colonizing peoples who should be independent.
22:41 EmpressHoshiko Africa is not my responsibility, the Pacific Ocean is
22:42 GovernorSparks Can we colonize Indonesia then?
22:42 GovernorSparks I don't understand the logic you are using Empress.
22:42 GovernorSparks It's very confusing.
22:42 EmperorAlanWymore Am I needed here?
22:43 EmpressHoshiko considering you are the one who is supposed to be negotiating
22:43 EmpressHoshiko and instead this has become a debate with a nation half a continent away from alaska, and far closer to our current locale.
22:43 EmperorAlanWymore Well neither of you have asked me anything
22:43  *** PolitelyPeevedCanadian is now known as tidybowlman
22:43 GovernorSparks That nation half a continent away has it's army there.
22:43 GovernorSparks So I can leave this meeting but whatever you agree with the Emperor doesn't hold a baring on me.
22:44 GovernorSparks EmperorAlanWymore you presence is most valued here.
22:44 GovernorSparks Please, add some input on anything.
22:44 GovernorSparks I feel that drinking game is coming close and I think you could be the voice of reason.
22:44  EmperorAlanWymore would ask for the bottle of rum and drink it slowly
22:44  GovernorSparks gives it willfully
22:44  *** tidybowlman is now known as Sancho
22:45 GovernorSparks Empress why does one of your Ninjas keep changing his nametag?
22:45 GovernorSparks It is quite distracting.
22:45 EmpressHoshiko I dunno, I just sort of met them at the airport
22:45 EmperorAlanWymore (LOL)
22:45 GovernorSparks Oh.
22:45 EmpressHoshiko I'm not really worried about assassins myself
22:45 EmpressHoshiko so i just try to be friendly you know?
22:45 EmpressHoshiko a ruler of the people and all that
22:46 GovernorSparks I can relate.
22:46 GovernorSparks Like my people voted for me so they actually like me.
22:46 GovernorSparks Anyone here like Jack Daniels?
22:46 EmpressHoshiko Ever since Jeanne's unfortunate death, I had my scientists working on technology to prevent such a possibility
22:46 EmperorAlanWymore Uh oh
22:47 GovernorSparks ....What do you have against Jack Daniels?
22:47 EmperorAlanWymore Nothing
22:47 GovernorSparks Not you Emperor.
22:47 GovernorSparks Go back to drinking.
22:47  EmpressHoshiko slides over her glass, and with a wave of her hand a dark orange shield appeared
22:47 EmpressHoshiko i dunno how it works
22:47 EmpressHoshiko but it stops bullets or something
22:47 GovernorSparks Can I still stab you?
22:47 EmpressHoshiko yeah, I figured that'd be a more honorable way to go
22:48 GovernorSparks Oh. So I could just end the war right now and stab you with my pocket knife?
22:48  EmpressHoshiko pats the Sword of Axum on her side
22:48 GovernorSparks Also that waiter looks like he wants to talk (TBM) should we let him?
22:48 EmpressHoshiko I'm open for a formal conclusion
22:48  +++ EmpressHoshiko has given voice to Sancho
22:48 GovernorSparks Howdy Sancho.
22:48 EmpressHoshiko Hola
22:48 GovernorSparks Mexico is nice this time of year.
22:48 GovernorSparks What's on the lunch menu?
22:49 EmpressHoshiko and for the record I like Mr Daniels, especially in non public enviorments
22:49 Sancho Tamales senor
22:50 EmperorAlanWymore Got any Carolina Reapers?
22:50 GovernorSparks ....I feel like I deported you before. What's your last name Senor Sancho?
22:50 Sancho Just Sancho Senor, yes, you deported me twice ese.
22:50 EmpressHoshiko Wait wait wait
22:50 GovernorSparks Oh. Well third time is the charm.
22:50 EmpressHoshiko i'm getting lectured on people when you are deporting people
22:50 GovernorSparks I tell you what, I'll let you come back with me to Texas.
22:50 EmpressHoshiko we WANT people, we're not kicking them out
22:50 GovernorSparks And we can work this out.
22:51 EmperorAlanWymore They are mexican though empress
22:51 GovernorSparks The United States government deported him.
22:51 GovernorSparks The new Texas government hasn't.
22:51 GovernorSparks We've been struggling to stay afloat.
22:51 EmpressHoshiko whats wrong with Mexicans?
22:51 Sancho You need more cheap labor senor, my cousins all need jobs.
22:51  EmperorAlanWymore eyes widen and he goes quiet
22:52 GovernorSparks Eh... Just you.
22:52 GovernorSparks And maybe your wife and kids.
22:52 GovernorSparks We can talk about your cousins later.
22:52 EmpressHoshiko I never understood western culture and their insistance on ethnicity having any bearing
22:52 Sancho No comprende ingles, Tequila?
22:52 GovernorSparks That's right you don't understand western culture.
22:52 GovernorSparks Si
22:52 GovernorSparks Tequila me up.
22:52  GovernorSparks gives glass
22:52  Sancho pours a glas of Tequila for the Govenator.
22:52  GovernorSparks drinks and asks for another
22:53  Sancho pours him another, good ol' tonsil burning mescal tequila with a worm in the glass.
22:53 EmpressHoshiko Favor traer tamales y más Tequila para todos
22:53  GovernorSparks watches as the Japanese lady tries to speak Spanish
22:54 GovernorSparks So I say we either start this drinking game or we have our body guards battle each other.
22:54  Sancho fetches a plate of tamales for the Empress and two more glasses of Tequila for the Empress and Emperor.
22:54 EmperorAlanWymore What the $%&@ did you just say to me Empress
22:54 GovernorSparks EmpressHoshiko are your men any good? I figure we can take some ninjas together.
22:54  GovernorSparks whispers "She like white meat"
22:55 EmperorAlanWymore Kazuko how did your korean husband die?
22:55 Sancho Senor Wymore, I heard your wife is a 3 dollar whore, is this true?
22:55 EmperorAlanWymore My wife is dead
22:56 EmpressHoshiko An Assassination. Our Intelligence suggested it was meant for me, as I had stayed in bed late that day and he had gone out early. An unfortunate event but at least I have my Katsuro.
22:56 Sancho Do you still rent our her dried up pinchita to any takers?
22:56 GovernorSparks Oh well thank God they didn't kill you...
22:56 EmpressHoshiko I've been lucky to avoid those
22:56  EmperorAlanWymore stands up
22:57  GovernorSparks offers EmpressHoshiko more alcohol and rinks some more himself
22:57 EmperorAlanWymore What the $%&@ did you say to me you piece of !@#$
22:57 GovernorSparks Emperor it's ok he's a Mexican they don't know any better.
22:57 Sancho I said do you rent out your dead whore wife's dried up pinchita to any takers.
22:58  EmpressHoshiko raises her glass and laughed, "Estos chicos blancos no pueden mantener sus bebidas!"
22:58  GovernorSparks stops talking and drinks some Jack next to the Empress. "Who do you think will win?"
22:59 EmperorAlanWymore Two of the Emperors security detail would enter, put a bag over sanchos head, and drag him out
22:59  Sancho steps back and easily avoids the Emperor's guards inept attack

22:59  Sancho runs behind the emperor and grabs at his pants
22:59  EmpressHoshiko sized up both of them, the Mexican seemed as though he was more used to the hard life, but Alan had height and age. "Tough call, I'll have to go with alcohol winning."
22:59  Sancho pulls down the emperor's pants and screams, "He ain't got no pants"
23:00  *** Sancho was kicked by EmperorAlanWymore (EmperorAlanWymore)
23:00  GovernorSparks "Hey Empress I want the shield thingy to work so look out!" pulls out his .45 and shoots at her
23:00  *** Sancho joined #alaskacrisis
23:00  *** Sancho was kicked by EmperorAlanWymore (EmperorAlanWymore)
23:01 EmpressHoshiko the bullet would ricochet off the shield and into one of the empty alcohol bottles, narrowly whizzing my Alan's head
23:01 EmpressHoshiko I told you, melee combat, haven't you ever seen a samurai film?
23:01 EmperorAlanWymore Hey that's not cool dudes
23:01 EmpressHoshiko you just tried to like, murder that guy
23:01 GovernorSparks I just wanted to make sure it'd work.
23:01 GovernorSparks And yeah Emperor.
23:02 EmpressHoshiko and then I am being questioned why I don't trust you
23:02 GovernorSparks Poor Mexican dude.
23:02 EmpressHoshiko you're not helping your case
23:02 EmpressHoshiko he was gonna go to texas and be with his family
23:02 EmpressHoshiko maybe be like a gardener or something, I dunno, what do you guys even make in texas?
23:02 GovernorSparks He was going to work for me.
23:02  EmperorAlanWymore sits back down
23:02 GovernorSparks I'd find a good government job.
23:02 EmperorAlanWymore Can we talk terms yet?
23:02 GovernorSparks He's fine I'm sure.
23:02 GovernorSparks I'll pick him up one the way out-
23:02 GovernorSparks Oh yeah.
23:02 EmpressHoshiko Oh right, Alaska
23:03 GovernorSparks Man being in charge of a country is !@#$@#$ awesome.
23:03  *** seuwp left #alaskacrisis
23:03 GovernorSparks EmpressHoshiko I don't think we can agree to any terms.
23:03 GovernorSparks Do y'all think we should just go home?
23:04 EmpressHoshiko probably not, but hey, we also don't really want to blow each other up either
23:04 GovernorSparks Well alright.
23:04 GovernorSparks What if we just all leave Alaska?
23:04 EmpressHoshiko whoa now
23:04 EmpressHoshiko that's a crazy idea
23:04 EmperorAlanWymore What
23:05 GovernorSparks Cascadia can keep that bit that borders British Columbia so he has an ocean border, and then all the rest of it is just left to local governments until they form a national government.
23:05 GovernorSparks And then we can all get together and watch a movie or something in Hawaii?
23:05 EmpressHoshiko I got a better idea
23:05 EmperorAlanWymore Lets hear it
23:05 EmpressHoshiko I got these Casinos, right? I could totally throw a party there
23:05 GovernorSparks I'd be fine with that if you don't kill us.
23:06 GovernorSparks But is the Alaska thing a deal?
23:06 EmperorAlanWymore No
23:06 EmperorAlanWymore How about
23:06 EmperorAlanWymore I get my borders but I don't take the rest
23:07 EmpressHoshiko I don't think so Tim
23:07 GovernorSparks Emperor, if you do this you get every major city but Anchorage and the East Asians don't feel threatened by a relatively peaceful small nation that isn't threatening.
23:07 GovernorSparks And thousands of Texans don't die.
23:07 GovernorSparks We all win.
23:08 EmperorAlanWymore Anchorage though
23:08  EmperorAlanWymore frowns
23:09 GovernorSparks Well Empress what do you say to that deal? The Emperor will get that skinny bit on the ocean and up to Anchorage and the rest is local governments that none of us have domain over.
23:10 GovernorSparks EmpressHoshiko
23:10 EmperorAlanWymore AND WE ALL BECOME FWIENDS
23:10 EmpressHoshiko I can agree to him getting his borders on Alaska so long as we can maintain the Alaskan Peninsula for SOSUS and Radar stations, since Pacific Security is the whole point of this spat, along with Kotz, and shared drilling rights to the North Bank, of which neither of us will hold any formal claim
23:10 EmperorAlanWymore AND WE ALL BECOME FWIENDS
23:10 GovernorSparks Then that isn't really local governments. That's just you owning the land.
23:11 EmpressHoshiko there'd be a large demilitarized zone that would be independant, one second
23:11 EmperorAlanWymore AND WE ALL BECOME FWIENDS
23:11 GovernorSparks Emperor shut up and drink more.
23:12 GovernorSparks I could agree to allowing the Japanese SOSUS being set up and radar stations. But no one will drill for oil or disturb the natural enviornment there. It belongs to the people who live there.
23:12 GovernorSparks And if they ever decide to make a national government then it belongs to them.
23:13 GovernorSparks EmpressHoshiko?
23:13  EmpressHoshiko taps away at her cell phone
23:14 EmpressHoshiko (mapmaking)
23:14 GovernorSparks (If the Alaska peninsula is on the map for you don't bother making it)

23:15 EmpressHoshiko the Aluetians are too important to simply release, and if we are allowing Cascadia to further expand, why is there no give from your side?
23:16 GovernorSparks The give from our side is that Cascadia barely takes any of Alaska and doesn't "surround" you anymore.
23:17 EmpressHoshiko that doesnt solve the long term problem for us, it merely pushes is further on
23:17 EmpressHoshiko *it
23:17 GovernorSparks Of course it solves it. We don't occupy the land of controversy, you don't occupy the land of controversy, and you get radar and SOSUS installations that we wont mess with.
23:18 EmpressHoshiko any national government should be allowed the useful parts of Alaska then
23:18 EmperorAlanWymore How about an MDP Empress
23:18 GovernorSparks Those parts of Alaska would belong to the people that live there.
23:19 GovernorSparks I don't see Alaska as land to be exploited.
23:19 GovernorSparks We are leaving it up to them to form their own national governments.

23:19 GovernorSparks I don't see Alaska as land to be exploited.
23:19 GovernorSparks We are leaving it up to them to form their own national governments.
23:19  EmpressHoshiko put her head to her head, rubbing her temples with her thumb and middle finger
23:19 EmpressHoshiko relax your highness, we need to come to an amicable solution before we can agree to anything like that
23:20 EmperorAlanWymore Okay
23:20 GovernorSparks Empress?
23:20 EmpressHoshiko my point Governer Sparks, is that if I were a hypothetical god who was able to influence this world of ours, I would not want to be an Alaska without the major population centers.
23:21 EmpressHoshiko The Imperium may be skilled at constructing a city where ever we desire, but others may not have our talents
23:21 GovernorSparks I understand what you are saying. But if a government never rises there, then we never have to deal with the controversy they might cause correct?
23:21 GovernorSparks It's a win win.
23:23  *** Yerushalayim is now known as Toph
23:23 EmpressHoshiko We still have several hundred Aluetians who will be disappointed they are not able to be reunited with their friends
23:23 GovernorSparks Who are their friends?
23:23 GovernorSparks Cascadian Alaska?
23:23 EmpressHoshiko they are Aluetian
23:24 GovernorSparks In this deal no one owns the Aluetians either. You can have installations there like we discussed.
23:24 GovernorSparks So the natives are still all united.
23:24 EmpressHoshiko so what of those several thousand aluetians
23:24 GovernorSparks Along with the other Alaskans.
23:24 EmpressHoshiko what if they wish to join us?
23:24 GovernorSparks What if they wish to join us?
23:25 GovernorSparks Empress, we are very close to making this work.
23:25 EmpressHoshiko you're Texas, I kinda don't think they have releatives
23:25 EmpressHoshiko Texas isn't suited for Eskimos
23:25 GovernorSparks You'd be surprised.
23:25 GovernorSparks It's the most diverse State in the former United States.
23:26 GovernorSparks Anyway, can you agree to this?
23:26 GovernorSparks I'd rather us go watch that movie in Hawaii then try killing each other.
23:26 EmpressHoshiko not without the Aluetian population be given a right to decide their own fate
23:26 GovernorSparks Sure. We can let Malta or some neutral government do a survey.
23:27 EmpressHoshiko I don't consider Malta to be neutral
23:27 GovernorSparks Really?
23:27 EmpressHoshiko since they are currently doing exactly what you suggest we're doing
23:27 GovernorSparks What? I wasn't told about this?
23:27 GovernorSparks (What are you talking about?)
23:27 EmpressHoshiko their so called Economic Security Pact controls South Africa and several cities in the middle east, as well has maintains a stranglehold upon the Med, as I said earlier

23:28 GovernorSparks What does that have to do with the Aleutian Islands and East Asia?
23:28 EmpressHoshiko I do not feel any nation that is a member of that pact is unbiased towards us
23:29 GovernorSparks Why?
23:29 GovernorSparks I don't think they are biased towards us.
23:29 EmpressHoshiko perhaps not to you
23:29 GovernorSparks I mean you can have observers there while they do the survey if you like.
23:29 GovernorSparks Biased means in favor.
23:29  *** Toph is now known as Yerushalayim
23:29 GovernorSparks Well I suppose it could go either way.
23:29 EmpressHoshiko I meant biased against
23:29 GovernorSparks I don't see why they'd be biased against you.
23:30 EmpressHoshiko especially considering their own expansions and imperialism
23:30 GovernorSparks Then they are more like you than us.
23:30 GovernorSparks We could let the Northlands do it?
23:30 EmpressHoshiko I am saying they would be biased against the Imperium's interests
23:30 EmpressHoshiko Northlands is a member of that treaty...
23:30 GovernorSparks Of controlling 30 islands?
23:30 GovernorSparks That transcript I read said the Northlands is your friend.
23:31 EmpressHoshiko of anything that favors strengthening our position
23:31  *** Hereno left #alaskacrisis
23:31 EmpressHoshiko northlands wishes us to give up the Falklands to a foreign power
23:31 GovernorSparks Empress out of all due respect you are skeptical of everyone.
23:31 GovernorSparks The Northlands suggested it. They aren't pushing it.
23:31 EmpressHoshiko considering they left our conference without signing our version of the document
23:32 EmpressHoshiko and have their own "economic treaty" moving military fleets towards islands near the Falklands
23:32 EmpressHoshiko what is it we should be so trusting of?
23:32 GovernorSparks Oh the transcript didn't go that far. Mine only goes until you kicked out the Cascadians.
23:33 EmpressHoshiko the Northland government left immediately after it was clear no one else was interested in their version of the treaty text
23:34 GovernorSparks Why don't we let the Aleutians conduct the survey themselves?
23:34 GovernorSparks All three of us can have observers there.
23:34 GovernorSparks That way there is no bias.
23:34 EmpressHoshiko that would be the most unbiased option then
23:34 GovernorSparks Agreed. We'll do that.
23:34 GovernorSparks So do we have a deal? Want me to go over the details again?
23:35 EmpressHoshiko I think we can agree to this, perhaps you should reiterate for clarity's sake
23:36 GovernorSparks Alright, here it is:
23:38 GovernorSparks Texas forces will vacate Alaska. Cascadian forces will move to Anchorage. Japanese forces will leave North America but lightly armed forces can maintain SOSUS and radar facilities in the Aleutian islands. The remaining territory will not have its resources exploited or bases put on its territory and will not be occupied.
23:39 GovernorSparks All nations agree to a peace treaty and will meet somewhere nice to sign it.
23:39 GovernorSparks And we shall live in tranquility and try to work together to make the world better.
23:39 GovernorSparks Oh and
23:39 EmpressHoshiko none of us are formally at war
23:39 EmpressHoshiko just saying
23:39 GovernorSparks the Aleutians can decide their own faith.
23:39 GovernorSparks fate*
23:39 GovernorSparks Oh I know, but we are close to it. It's just to establish we don't plan on going to war.
23:39 GovernorSparks A way to make it official.

Edited by PresidentDavid
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The Alaskan Treaty of Mutual Peace

Nations: Republic of Texas, Cascadian Empire, East Asian Imperium


Act 1: Borders


The nations agree to the following borders presented in this map. Smaller details include that the East Asian Imperium will be able to operate a number of radar and SOSUS in the Aleutian islands that are lightly armed for the purpose of self-defense. The Republic of Texas will withdraw all forces from Alaska, Cascadia will move back to their designated borders and remove themselves from Western Alaska and Japanese forces will leave Alaska except for the agreed facilities in the Aleutian islands. 




The green and the part of Alaska that borders British Columbia to the south will go to Cascadia. The other parts of Alaska, including the white, yellow, and gray will remain independent territory except for the Aleutian Islands (see Aleutian Act).



Act 2: Resources


Natural resources in the unoccupied part of Alaska will not be tapped by any of the involved nations and will be preserved for the people of Alaska. If a nation were to rise up in the lands without a large central government, the rights to these resources would fall to them. None of these nations will occupy these "white" lands in any way and will not move military units through them without permission from the other signatories. 



Act 3: Aleutian Islands Self-Determination 


The Aleutian Islands will have the right to self-determination and will themselves conduct a survey which asks what nation it would like to be a part of or if it would like to remain "white" space and still allow the East Asians to maintain their facilities. Regardless, the East Asians will be able to keep their installations. 



Act 4: Cooperation and Tranquility 


The nations of this treaty will do their best to work together and keep peace between the three of them. Should war ever break out between these nations, this treaty will remain in force unless one of the above three acts are compromised. If one of these three nations fall this treaty will still remain in place. If all three nations permanently fall, then this treaty will be abolished.




Signed for The East Asian Imperium,


Signed for the Cascadian Empire,

Emperor Alan Wymore


Signed for the Republic of Texas,

Governor Anthony Sparks

Edited by PresidentDavid
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20:25:20 <Empress Hoshiko> http://i.imgur.com/IGlgFiW.png

20:25:26 <Empress Hoshiko> this, you're cool with, yes?
20:28:50 <EmperorAlanWymore> I want Fairbanks
20:29:15 <Empress Hoshiko> no
20:29:18 <Empress Hoshiko> just leave it as is
20:29:21 <EmperorAlanWymore> Yes
20:29:28 <Empress Hoshiko> you're already getting the majority of the population
20:29:40 <EmperorAlanWymore> Come on
20:29:42 <Empress Hoshiko> i'm leaving pretty much all of the mainland
20:29:46 <EmperorAlanWymore> FAIRBANKS
20:29:50 <Empress Hoshiko> no 
20:30:00 <Empress Hoshiko> if someone else wants to [EXIST AS AN INDEPENDENT NATION] IN Alaska later on they need a capital
20:30:13 <Empress Hoshiko> thats literally the only thing that could even remotely be considered big enough
20:30:20 <EmperorAlanWymore> They can use Nome
20:30:29 <Empress Hoshiko> nome doesnt have the same population level
20:30:53 <Empress Hoshiko> nome is 1/10th the size of fairbanks
20:31:02 <EmperorAlanWymore> ;)
20:31:05 <Empress Hoshiko> Don't wink at me, just sign on the dotted line and we can all go home!
20:32:14 <EmperorAlanWymore> Alright




"After further discussions with Cascadia, we will agree to the borders as the map dictated."


-Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Hoshiko, Sovereign of  Japan, Joseon, and Aisu-shō, Daughter of Amaterasu, Prophet of Takamagahara, Guardian of East Asia, Protector of the Pacific, Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum, Grand Cordon of the Order of the Paulownia Flowers, Grand Cordon of the Order of the Precious Crown, Grand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure

Edited by Mogar
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