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The Hansa


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The Hanseatic League formed quite a bit earlier than expected, due to the turmoil across Europe. Hamburg and Lübeck had been trading ports as it stood, and the cities relationship had grown close upon a governmental level as well. Holstein was nearby and invited to join this new idea of a commonwealth of city states, with a focus on Trade over merely conquering. Of course, not everyone had gotten the memo.


Obotritia had been stirring up trouble, and it came to Grand Mayor Otello Adlerfügel that they planned to incite a war against the new League. Rather than wait for them to gather strength and strike. The 15 galleons of the Hanseatic Fleet set out from Lübeck, and would seek out any vessels leaving Obotritia, capturing them if possible. At the same time, An 8,000 man army led by Georg Kleemann would begin to launch their invasion of the Obotritian provinces, They would soon find the Hanseatic League to be their liking, whether by their own choice or not.

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