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An Announcement from the Brotherhood of NEWK

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The following announcement has been translated by Janarks babel fish emporium! Get yours for 50% off at our NEW location near the Restaurant at the End of the Universe!





ALERT! The following is a message from NOAA!

ALERT! The following is an emergency weather broadcast!

ALERT! We are expecting SEVERE winter weather which may temporarily halt construction along the interstellar bypass. The Vogons have projected this NEWKular winter to last many moons.

Alert! This has been an emergency weather broadcast.




Tl;Dr Kaskus is going to hit MHA at some point in the future. I hope we didn't screw ourselves over by giving them time to prepare. :popcorn:

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Did you book in advance?  If not, remember to pre-book on returning to your own time.  Remember it IS at the END of the UNIVERSE!


And when can we expect you?  Don't want the Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters to start getting warm!

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The coming of the Great White Handkerchief at hand!

o/ Kaskus

Indeed!.... But just to be clear...



  • Creator of the universe as claimed by adherents of the faith on planet Viltvodle VI. Their legend has it that the universe was sneezed out of the nose of the Great Green Arkleseizure, and they thus "live in perpetual fear of the time they call 'The Coming of the Great White Handkerchief.'"....H2G2

...and not (I presume) any suggestion of a premature surrender.

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So I guess this was a DOW, judging by the lack of a separate thread?


FYI, I have another war slot opening up at midnight, in case you require a third alliance to handle my cybernational puissance...

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So I guess this was a DOW, judging by the lack of a separate thread?


Well they said they were going to hit. Now they have hit. That means we are at war with Kaskus and no forther declarations are needed.


Light hurdles glurbaciously into its blargretched churl
*ulp* froom, so humble trips the omplotched strep
slowly, fromp Kaskus
comes frelchingly

Light spreads in grulchropping clots
*erp* glum, glibed and wasted into swumpargulous swirl
spews forth from blargretched churl
stripped of all slarfgorbid whirl
...and ulsping
It seems so ragglemurspic
You better believe it.

Edited by jalap
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now dawns the swatchous day
brief turgidly stands the row
forward into baldness and termititude
Unlit by candlestar nor fission
Whereupon the noxious waste calls green
And all is erasified.
recall only we were the primary Fallopian visitors
And all else is singular pixilation.

Tl;dr. I got in first and hope I don't get nuked too badly.. But it is only pixels.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I have been preoccupied with other targets and other fronts. But when my anarchy is over I am coming for you Kaskus in defense of the Mostly Harmless Alliance. I am a bit surprised that I am the first one to counter you guys as it has been a few weeks since your amusing declaration. Better late than never. Delusions of Grandeur is here.

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Yes, the Mostly Harmless Alliance is fighting Kaskus. I was referring to myself and others that hold defensive treaties with the hitchhikers that have not activated said treaties even with three weeks of opportunity.

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Thanks for coming in, Scorn :)


Now our allies aren't in a position to come to assistance on the battlefied. They either are in the war very deep already, or on the other side. One ally did try to help us out here, that was much appreciated, even if it didn't work out in the end.

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