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Skin in the game rule

Captain Enema

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People seem to want to rp folks living in protectorates. It makes sense when role playing out any number of scenarios and it can be fun. 



However, we are coming up on an interesting situation at which people want to rp natives in protectorates as partisans. What troubles me is people using these as a means of hitting other rpers without putting their own forces directly at risk.


Which is why I propose the Skin in the Game rule. It goes something like this:


"If you want to use natives to contest an expansion or protectorate, you are allowed to rp as many as you have troops in the contested area. Further, armed partisans do not have access to large amounts of military ordinance and must be provided to them. Armed Partisans comes out of your own troop count at a 1 to 1 ratio. Partisans can be replaced 25 percent of your losses per week. Equipment provided must be accounted for by the supplier, equipment lost due to combat fatalities is recovered at a rate of 25 percent."


How this ends up working out...


I move into Sicily, Ty objects and moves in forces. I have 10,000 troops, Ty has 8000. I have access to 10,000 Sicilians and he has access to 8000. They are lightly armed with civilian weapons and a smattering of military equipment and military weapons. We then start shipping in guns and the race is on so to speak.


Now let's say my partisans attack Ty's forces. I lose 1000 of them. A week goes by, I can replace 25 percent of them. If I don't lose anymore, the next week 25 percent of 750, but If I lost 500, I'd have 1250 losses and would replace 25 percent of those 1250. It is 25 percent of your total losses until those losses are made good. 


Further, you are expected to be able to inventory, to a rough degree of accuracy, the equipment you provide them with. If you lose 1000 men armed men, you are able to recover 25 percent of that equipment. The rest is captured or destroyed.



This is a bit convoluted, but with tweaking, possibly a lot of it, I think we can come up with a reasonable rule that can enhance our fun.

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CNRP has a concept similar to this. My only concern is people abusing this. For exams, Malta has a population of about 400,000. If two players to there and one decides to RP the population, he shouldn't be able to exceed the RL population. Of both players RP the population, their combined numbers shouldn't surpass the numbers. Understand what I'm saying? It's unfair if you send in a small contemporary force to take an island or a local community and then someone goes "Hurr durr this town of 1,000 now has 30,000 angry citizens with pitchforks!" Zoot did something like that to me in Scotland a few years ago...

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I generally don't use white space people if I'm contesting another RPer because I consider white space to be a mechanism we use to explain a world different from our own (ie there being unclaimed land). That being said I'm not opposed to this if people do this and want this.


Also, Tidybowlman, how did you uncover my secret plans to take Sicily? 

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We do need to address rping so called government members in these conflict zones.


I suggest you can rp the president of Lower Colon if you rped your band of insurgents electing one or a person from your partisans claims the role in some way. You should be actively rping this figurehead. 



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