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New Pacific Order


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New Pacific Order

It's simple really, we are on the red team, we are the most powerful and most successful alliance in the game. If you wish to be part of an excellent community with friends, fun, politics, power and respect. Then join the top alliance in the game.

The New Pacific Order - Because someone's got to be the best :)

Sign up here and follow the academy instructions to become a part of the best experience this game has to offer.



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As a member the the Praetorian Guard I support this Message!

If you are tired of recieving messages about Flying our Flag or or using our Alliance Affiliation tag and your not a official member.

Don't wait to be labeled a Pirate to apply

Just do the right thing



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[paid actor voice] I was bored, running out of things to do in CN, didn't know where I wanted to go. Then I found the New Pacific Order. Since then my collections have gone up by $5 million dollars a day! And I don't even have to put on clothes in the morning! Thank you, New Pacific Order! [/paid actor voice]

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