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Super Float

Captain Enema

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With Hope Float 2 nearing the end of its cruise, the planning is begun for Super Float. This will be a massive effort aimed directly at Africa and South America. 


A message is sent out to White Cross signatories.



To: All White Cross Signatories
From: Malta

Hope Float 2 is near completion. My accountants inform me that Hope Float 2 cost nearly 675 million Maltese Dollars and another 500 million in relief supplies distributed. Medical care was provided to 155835 individuals and 2423 different Engineering projects were completed on hospitals, schools, power plants, and water treatment facilities. 

Our next project is somewhat more ambitious. One of the aims of Superfloat is to rebuild the Transafrican Railway. This will reconnect the nations of Africa, it will promote commerce, and will it will goods and people to flow freely from one end of the continent to the other. It will also allow us to better serve the proto-!@#$%* of Africa via the railway. 

Our aim for South America is similar, we hope to reconnect and repair the South American railways from one end of the continent to the other with the exact same aim. 

This is going to be expensive, very expensive. 

Malta is prepared to allocate 500 Million towards this project, however, my engineers tell me this could well run into the billions of dollars to complete. 

We ask for your support.

- King Gregory of Malta



Maltese Preparations for Super Float commence in Tunisia. The project leader hired is a gentleman named Cullen Bohanon and has an excellent record for completing difficult railway projects. His first order of business is to begin hiring engineers and laborers, which he begins to do so immediately. The Trans-African line running through Tunisia is a hot mess of bomb craters, but he manages to find enough working rolling stock to begin organizing work trains immediately. 


His plan isn't overly complicated, outfit trains with enough equipment and material to begin traveling down the lines and repairing them as they go. These massive mile long trains will house, feed, and carry everything the repair crews will need. One will run down the West coast of Africa and another will run down the East coast of Africa. 


Once Hope Float 2 arrives in South America, an Engineering team will inspect the local railway and report on their condition. Not much is known about the South American lines beyond what is seen on Satellite imagery, which doesn't tend lend the notion that all is well with the railroad in South America. 

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The Imperium will provide 5 Billion Nuyen to assist in financing the South American railway, as well as engineering teams from Future Horizons Construction to assist in upgrading to high speed rail lines. We cannot provide extensive military assistance at this time, but can provide resources at cost, as well as the labor required for the suggested projects within South America.

Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Hoshiko, Sovereign of  Japan, Joseon, and Aisu-shō, Daughter of Amaterasu, Prophet of Takamagahara, Guardian of East Asia, Protector of the Pacific, Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum, Grand Cordon of the Order of the Paulownia Flowers, Grand Cordon of the Order of the Precious Crown, Grand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure

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