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Marscurian Elections

KaiserMelech Mikhail


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With yearly elections beginning in a day, political commentators have begun speculating on the results of the coming vote.  


Again, it is expected that the majority of votes will come for the leftist parties, the communists and the bundists.  Most rayons polled have shown an intention to elect leftists into the representative bodies, with industrial rayons such as the Grois and Mizrekdik Rayons polling largely towards the communists, while many in the agrarian south are expected to side with the more moderate bundists.  In Terrestria, election of the Greens is all but ensured.  The region around Leninskoye contains a large amount of ethnic Russians, leading many to believe that the Bidzhan Rayon will likely lean towards United Russia, who will most likely become the opposition party in the Duma.  The right-leaning region around Teichzet is the only real chance for the Marscurian Nationalists to achieve any representation in the Duma, although leading experts expect it to also elected the more mainstream United Russia.  Public opinion of the Marscurian Nationalists has been tainted in recent days after several leading politicians in the party, including the original candidate for Republic Head, were arrested after separatist materials were discovered.


All major commentators are calling the executive election for Roman Abramovich.  Although a member of United Russia, and more right than much of the populace, Abramovich has shown himself to be a competent and effective leader, increasing regional significance and aiding a failing Marscurian economy and raising the general standard of living.  The lack of major political background of many of the other candidates makes this a frankly one-sided race.


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With the polls closed, the predictions of the political commentators have largely proved true, with the leftist parties again making big wins across the nation.  The Communists and Bundists each acquired four seats in the Duma, securing a majority.  With the addition of the two seats held by the Greens, who often vote with the other leftists, a solid super-majority will likely dominate legislative proceedings for 2015.  United Russia will form the bulk of the opposition, picking up three seats in the southern rayons.  The final seat fell to the rightist Marscurian Nationalists who will undoubtedly remain insignificant in the coming year.  The parties have released their lists for who they intend to send to Marscury to represent their constituencies.

From the Marscury Rayon:
Moshe Rabinovich (A Just Russia) (Incumbent)
Arkady Fedorovich (A Just Russia) (I)

From the Bira Rayon:
Mendel Solomon (A Just Russia) (I)
Iosif Liebmann (A Just Russia) (I)

From the Grois Rayon:
Pavel Boruch (Communist Party) (I)
Dmitri Libeskind (Communist Party) (I)

From the Meyrev Rayon:
Alexandr Schiermann (United Russia) (I)
Iosif Zhitlovsky (Marscurian Nationalists)

From the Bidzhan Rayon:
Alexander Vinikov (United Russia)
Valery Gurevich (United Russia)

From the Mizrekdik Rayon:
Boris Rouzcheloveksky (Communist Party) (I)
Vladislav Zelotogorov (Communist Party) (I)

From the Terrestrian Rayon:
Elder Tideseeker (Green Party) (I)
Elder Earthstride (Green Party) (I)
In the race for the republic head, current head Roman Abramovich pulled off a stunning upset, gaining almost 90% of the vote, utterly destroying the virtual unknowns he was running against.

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