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Question Regarding Inactivity Mode


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So, I've seen quite a few people return from inactivity mode in bill lock or having to pay massive amounts of money to reactivate their nation after a year or more of bills have piled up.


Then today, I look on the inactivity mode page and see this:


  • Bills will be adjusted to omit the days that your nation was inactive. (You won't be charged for the days that you are inactive)

So...is inactivity mode working properly?  The implication from that line is that, say you're inactive for 365 days and hadn't paid bills for the 30 days previously, you still only owe those 30 days of bills.  But the way it is working in practice is that you have to pay far more than that.


I've seen nations quite literally lose two billion from this, and my question is whether that line is incorrect, written poorly, or the feature isn't working as intended.


For instance, my friend Moufassa http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=509821 recently returned to CN.  He has 107 days of bills to pay, but was inactive for nearly double that.


Can someone explain exactly how inactivity mode calculates bills?

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Logins don't automatically pay bills, and many people don't pay bills for many weeks at a time.

My guess? Moufassa didn't pay bills for 77 days, then didn't log in for thirty days=107 days of bills. (Barring, of course, some bug where bills kept piling up.)

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