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The Imperial Ascendancy: A DoE


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From a tri-merger, the alliances of Spartans of Chaos, the League of Empires, and the House of the Serpent, here-by join forces as comrades in arms...


The Imperial Ascendancy


Camaraderie. Power. Glory.




Lucius Optimus

Roland Traveler

Mr Otingocni








Protected By:

New Sith Order


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That's a pretty interesting collab, good luck guys,


edit: and for those wondering, this goes to show you the benefits of being an RIA ally, I will give you the first post if you want it.

Edited by Mogar
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What are TIA's ideals?

Internally: Advancement of the human experience towards a higher plane of cognitive, physical, and moral operation, accumulating in a collective transcension for our little society as a whole. To examine, understand, and enhance the quality of experience through the lens of epistemology with the intent of satori type awakenings and geared towards unlocking the hidden potential in everyone. To quote a certain somebody that encapsulates this idea: “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” Banishment of the ego to its proscribed position and elevation of humility and compassion where appropriate.

Outwardly facing: expansion of all options in both quantity and depth of effectiveness through the expression of power and the vigorous defense of those options. We bring fairness and justice to those we deal with, whether that be as beneficial cooperation with allied interests or swift retribution and re-education to transgressors. We bring order and light.
And, of course, unification. Some of you will know of what I speak. Edited by Kzoppistan
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Anything involving Kzoppistan will include Loyalty till death towards friends. Which is why we in LSF like this announcement. All the best again man! May the White-colored Dark-themed alliance protect you well :)

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