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Operation Rugelkoppenheimerflozeworth

Captain Enema

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In Malta, the entire 11th Air Assault Division would be ordered onto their transports for immediate deployment. Once on board and the ships have been loaded with their equipment and supplies, they would be met by their Naval Escorts and would then promptly depart. Their course would take them through the Suez Canal, they would stop for refueling and resupplying in Port Sudan. Once they've resupplied, they would promptly depart in a Southern direction. 


Once off the Coast of South Africa the following announcement would be made.



The Kingdom of Malta hereby proclaims the former nation of South Africa a protectorate under the auspices of the Economic Security Pact.

- King Gregory of Malta



Once announced, the 11th Air Assault would begin deploying and bring stability to the region. The 10,500 soldiers plus 6000 support crew specialists have been presented a challenging mission, but as they set up their base outside of Capetown at a former SADF base, they feel up to the task. 

Invitations to supply troops are sent to Greece and Northlands. 

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The Protectorate was quickly deemed secured. Secured enough that the recruiting of local troops for assuming command of their own future was authorized. The Royal South African Regiments were duly authorized and funded under the King's supervision. Given that the King held in trust all lands outside of Malta as a matter of legislation passed by the Parliament of Malta, it was deemed fitting to give the 1st RSAR, 2nd RSAR, and 3rd RSAR Regimental colors and flagstaff created from materials drawn directly from the King's Preserve on Malta. 


It was with great fan fare that the 11st Air Assault Division was rotated home in Regiment sized groups and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd RSAR's assumed responsibility for their own destinies under the patient and loving eye of King Gregory. The forming of the Regiments proved not to be too difficult given the wealth of train manpower aching for jobs in South Africa. If anything the hiring and organizing of 9600 combat troops and another 6500 administrators and logistical specialists aided the local economy and security situation greatly. Funds to pay for these troops and the rebuilding of the South African infrastructure and levied directly from the local tax bureaus along with modest contributions from Maltese sources. 


All surplus taxes are held in trust for the South African people in an escrow account in the National Bank of Malta, something that is publicly known with regular disclosures of the amount and where the funds were collected. 


The news of this handover was made public via the Maltese Daily Herald and various Maltese news stations. 


Not all Maltese troops returned home. A small outpost of technicians, trainers, and intelligence specialist could be found, but not in the public eye. They take up residence in a small outpost down the coast in a secluded location not far from Capetown. 

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A battalion of the 1st RSAR and a team of Special Forces Operatives from Armed Malta Forces would move across the border from the South African Protectorate and into Lesotho. Once there they immediately commence humanitarian relief operations and set up forward deployment bases to conduct regional security and stabilization operations. Recruiting posters for the Royal Lesotho Regiment start going up immediately along with job postings for the soon to be created Lesotho Bureau.


In the Royal South African Province, a regional Governor is appointed, he is a law professor from South Africa and he is given the power, by way of a King of Malta Royal Warrant, to uphold and support the King's Domestic Code of Rights and Administrative Policies. This hefty tome describes and details all the rights and responsibilities a citizen is allowed. Further, it describes a court system, tax collection, civil services, and other administrative functions. Finally, it has a lengthy list of laws pertaining to the usual items one would expect from a civilized nation. The collected taxes from the Royal South African Province are made available to the RSAP Bureau for conducting the operations necessary to keep the region stable and in good order with the smallest Maltese presence possible. 


The Announcement of the forming of the RSAP Bureau is reported through the local papers and news stations along with the Malta Herald Republic Tribune. 



ooc- 9600 soldiers in South Africa are local recruits that come from my troop count. 

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As funding becomes more readily avaliable due to the resumption of province wide tax collections, the raising of the 4th, 5th, and 6th Royal South African Regiments is completed. This brings the total of the RSAR Constabulary up to 5 Regiments of 2500 men each as a draft of experienced troopers and officers are taken from the 1st through 3rd to give the new regiments a dedicated core of trained troopers. 


The Royal Lethoso Regiment stands at 3200 men and answers to its own but united authority under the new Southern African Bureau that includes the South African Bureau and the Lethoso Bureau as part of its overall jurisdiction. Lord Allessandro of Zebbug is tasked with overseeing this organization and has organized an efficient joint staff of South Africans and Maltese to uphold the King's Domestic Code of Rights within the Southern African Region. 

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The Royal 1st through 5th South African Regiments are fully organized and deployed into the field. The Lesotho Protectorate is officially folded into the South African Protectorate as a province of the region. The locally selected Administrator for the Lesotho Bureau is bumped up to be the number two man for the entire protectorate region. The Royal Lesotho Regiment is capped at 2500 men and integrated into the overall regional command structure with specific instructions to keep it deployed with in Lesotho as much as possible. 


A large shipment of refurbished armored vehicles and helicopters is brought in from Port Sudan and handed over to the Royal South African Bureau for use by the field forces. 

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