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NPO Clerk Announcement: Briefs for Boxing Day

Sir Paul

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An announcement from the Clerk of the New Pacific Order



Francograd – To celebrate Boxing Day, the New Pacific Order would like to get you into some new briefs, swim briefs that that is.  The New Pacific Order has partnered with Zumo USA to bring you officially licensed NPO swimwear that provides endurance and efficiency that can only be described as Pacifican.


Constructed from luxuriously soft Poly/PBT fabric imported Italy, this fully-lined water-polo swim brief is tough enough for full-contact activities, but versatile and comfortable enough for swimming and diving.  Whether turning laps at the pool, stealing a dry pass, or sneaking onto an enemy cruiser with just a dive knife clenched in your teeth, the NPO brief provides maximum mobility with full coverage.


There are two options available for those who wish to sport the Pacifican briefs:  One proclaiming the NPO’s motto of “Peace, Strength, Prosperity” while the other allows Franco’s banner to shine unimpeded. 






If you wish to show solidarity with the Pacifican cause, get your NPO swimwear today. 


Click here to Order


NPO swimwear:  Endurance, Efficiency, Excellence


[OOC]Please note that the shop closes January 20, and all merchandise will be shipped to your billing address.  While the fabric is Italian, the suits are designed and manufactured in Northern California, so if your country is currently under an American embargo, we cannot sell to you.  You are responsible for any import duties your country may levy upon the product.  If you have questions, please PM Sir Paul[/OOC]

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Foreign affairs begins with defending alliance sovereignty, not bowing to a tyrant.


and defending comes in many forms ,,,, diplomatically or by war in this case.  With that in mind while fighting one would be trying t work out issues diplomatically one would think than sit and say they are being the sacrificial  lamb which in this cause your not when it was you that brought this on yourselves.

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So LJScott gets ZIed for using his Pacifican flag as a tablecloth, but I can order a Pacifican banana hammock?
LJ spilled wine on his, will I only get ZIed if I spill certain juices on mine?


Hi, author of the Pacifican flag code here.  I wanted to let you know that the Order has a long tradition of incorporating graphical elements of the flag into apparel.  I'm currently thinking of a particularly fetching jacket worn by Hugo Chavez... anyway it's not uncommon and not contrary to the flag code.  Indeed, when I represent the Order at the Lake Berryessa open water swim next year, I'll be wearing these budgie smugglers proudly.  They identify the wearer as a member of the Order, provide minimal drag and full mobility.  I will grant that the Order was a much different place in 2008, but while it is a violation of the flag code to use the flag itself in a disrespectful manner, wearing the flag as a design element is not.

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