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Happy Holidays from GLoF

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We at GLoF sincerely hope that everyone has a joyous holiday season. I hope each person that reads this is enjoying the time with family and friends.

Despite the urge to reach out and show peace and love too all humanity, the reality is that business doesn't stop just because we all have something else on out mind. Thus, GLoF announces that we will be joining our friends in DT in their fight against Fark.

We look forward to getting to know you all through mutual combat. Nothing personal towards Fark, but business is business.

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I must admit, I'm flattered.  We have two AAs registering in somewhere around 166 nations and 50 score dedicated to fighting only us, another 2 AAs dedicating some of their nations to fighting us and they still had to call in additional help.


Welcome to the fun, GLoF.

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Yes, Schattenmann requires at least four paragraphs of one sided backbiting and a post script about how OsRavan doesn't measure up to his expectations for a post to be legitimate.


Best of luck this holiday season.

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No excuses, I genuinely hope that everyone in the community has a fabulous holiday season. For the next few days most of us have similar traditions and that is worth noting. Come January 2 we can just focus on what divides us.

Of course there are exceptions for everything. You are clearly a miserable person and you seem to enjoy it so here's hoping you get to continue with that.

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Well, you are aware that Freemasons rule the world - this is what every conspiracy theory says.

And probably, you have noticed that the oil prices have dropped extensively of late.


Have you asked yourselves why?


The Middle Eastern nations, backed up by the Trilateral, the Illuminati, the Servants of Cthulhu and - of course - the Freemasons - have declared war to petrol extracted with innovative methods. The most important of them all is called... Fracking...


Now you see?


Fracking is just like Farking in disguise. And it must be destroyed to serve our ends (which none of you is meant to know, of course - unless you are part of those who know. But if you were, you would not need such an obvious explanation, wouldn't you?).


This is why we declared on Fark.

It is so clear.

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