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GDFR -- Kaskus DoW


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I know what you came here to see
If you're legion, then ya gettin' nuked by me
And you know what we came here to do
Gon' bust it open -- watch your NS get low
It's going down for real
                                                                                It's going down for real
                                       It's going down for real...
Pursuant to our treaties with War Jesus and Screamin' Red Asses,
Kaskus hereby recognizes a state of hostilities with the Legion.
/s/ Kaskus
GantanX - President
Lord Bitburg - Vice President
Previous declarations on the Legion have implied that its not personal. Honorable, respectable alliances like PPO and SRA have stated that they are not here to support the initial CB and that they don't hold any ill will towards the Legion. 
Well I have never been known for my tact so I won't try and be something I am not. So $%&@ that. I do hold ill will towards the Legion.
I have ill will towards the Legion for not having balls to be all that they can be. The Legion has the potential to be one of the better alliances on Bob. You have a reformed military that has twice now shown it is not a pushover (Tetris war and this war) yet you seem complacent on being a pawn. The furthest ambition of the Legions foreign policy has been to either ally NPO or NpO. Why? Because they have been there for a long time? Or they are nice to you? Look at history, the Legion has always entered for its allies, but when have they entered for you? They didn't in the Tetris war because escalation would have been a loss? Well escalation in this war was known to be a loss prior to the war even starting and yet you entered. I'd say you deserve better allies.
Maybe you don't agree with the 'lulizm' side of things.
Maybe you don't agree with NPOs side of things either.
That doesn't mean you have to be with those fighting against them.
You can be your own side. 
There is no reason the Legion needs to continue to put itself in a sphere just for the sake of protection. The Legion has the military to stand alone (though I doubt you would ever be truly alone -- lead and others will follow). Alliances in your greater sphere do not need to be in that sphere just for the sake of protection, because there is no real protection. All that happens is that you and other passive alliances get rolled because those that are holding your strings aren't particularly good at managing those strings.
Let the schemers scheme. 
Introduce a little anarchy.
Upset the established order. 
Break free of your chains.
I look forward to seeing you guys on the battlefield. 


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