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Fearless Fighters DoE

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Next round a new alliance rises from the ashes of round 33. We are warriors ready to defend when needed and never afraid to make a big move. We shall be successful and make you bow down to us. Come join if you're afraid.......





We shall fight for all the good in TE and anyone in our path will be demolished.






Top Gear - Trades Manager and Build Adviser

Burning Glory - Round Leader and Recruiter

Son of Taeper -  Noob Trainer and Recruiter

Princess Kitty - Loaf of Bread (currently does not have any other position)




If anyone has any further questions contact me on the forums, in Standard Edition or before the TE round is over.


SE Ruler Name: zeusisbackforeever

SE Nation Name: Fort Minor

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more memes. What else do i have time for when I am not throwing plates at ppl?crazy-cat-lady-meme-generator-my-cats-ar



Kiwi tried tho


Devil dog tried tho




Collecting info from Das on Avengers


Kitty to TE


Kitty when she got to FF


Kitty holding back Top Gear from the Avengers trap


Kitty making sure StevieG cant be number 1 in TE


Somone confess


Kitty to all the haters


Kitty Bullying Kiwi


SoT and Burning glory making sure I am all good

Edited by PrincessKitty
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For the record, we are a neutral alliance. We will have several elite members from past and present rounds,
But we will also be training and helping a few noobs as well. Our goal is to make TE a better place and put the fun
back into the game! We have no interest in flags.....

With that said, underestimating us and our ability to fight/defend would be a grave mistake!

Kitty that was FN hilarious, I don't care who you are that's funny shit right there!


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The Motto


Are you guys taking this serious or not???

I will let you know the answer to that once I see you in action.

All I have to judge from right now are some pretty posts and tough words.

I will have to see how you back them up once the new round starts before you get a "yay or nay" from me.

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How much members yall have already?

By the end of the round we had 7, but I haven't doing recruiting so I don't know. I was told we had quite a few people interested. You should ask Son of Taeper or Burning Glory.

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         Welcome to TE, FFAA...!   :popcorn:


And Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year...! :ehm: 

Edited by HDSupreme
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          I KNOW, PrincessK...  just your presence there assures me of that...! Lol! 


And BtW, thanks for that  "Kidz" reference to us... makes me feel young !!!   ;)  :lol1: 

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The round hasn't even started yet, and I think Top Gear is already realizing a rather large admission mistake he made. :P

They probably haven't seen the Kitty we all know and love yet.  :P


I would rather French kiss a rattlesnake while standing in a pit full of Black Widow spiders and Scorpions in lieu of pisssing Kitty off.

as that woman scares the crap out of me.  :o

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