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cnrp2 gm vote


who should be on the cnrp2 gm team?  

22 members have voted

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mostgloriousleader (supercheese, Triyun, Evangeline Anovilis, Imperator Azenquor, Justinian the Mighty) (3)
theshammysocialist (supercheese, Evangeline Anovilis, Centurius, Imperator Azenquor, Vedran, Justinian the Mighty, Mr Director) (4)
centurius (Triyun, Hereno, Centurius, Imperator Azenquor, JEDCJT, Vedran, Justinian the Mighty, Alien Connection, Mr Director) (6)
shave n haircut (Dillon1102, Shave N Haircut, Hereno, Mogar, JEDCJT, Vedran, Justinian the Mighty, Alien Connection) (6)
mara lithaen (Dillon1102, Shave N Haircut, Mogar, Justinian the Mighty) (3)

imperator azenquor (voted for MGL, TSS, and Cent)
justinian the mighty (posted ITT, also requested vote be invalid, also voted for all five candidates)
vedran (voted for TSS, Cent, and FHIC)


the new GM team will therefore be:



shave n haircut (fhic)



pretty close election all said. congratulations to all who participated!


edit: accidentally missed one of cent's votes

Edited by Hereno
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