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Stephen N Young

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Earlier today, a summit meeting was proposed by the Oceanic Federation. Oceania's president, Charles Bloy, cordially invites the leaders of Northlands, France, the United Kingdom, and a few other concerned parties to a conference in Midisle. The conference will pertain to the overall disposition of the Pacific region. It is expected that the President will have little pink cupcakes available to quench the leaders' munchies.



A birds-eye view of Midisle.

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   "Lord Marbury, welcome," the President ushered him into the conference room at the capital building. "We've been very interested for some time in laying the groundwork for a treaty organization between nations with a presence in the Pacific. The UK features prominently in this arrangement, which would offer trading privileges to member states, as well as defense agreements (with options, of course) that would allow for joint military bases and exercises in the region. Such an endeavor would extend member states' economic and military capacity across the world.

   "We realize this is rather sudden," he added, "but we see no need in delaying, either. What might your reaction be to that?"

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