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In honor of Umbrella’s upcoming 7th birthday on the 24th and to pay homage to the alliance’s roots, we unveil our new war flag for this conflict.
The more pressing matter at hand, however, is the matter of MI6's entry to the war. Some may express distaste at this declaration as the culmination of a betrayal of sorts. People already not fond of us may use it as a talking point. Narratives will always differ depending on the perspective. Cordial relations have not been maintained on either end and open hostility has erupted with each side saying the bad blood resulted from the other’s actions. Needless to say, Umbrella and MI6 have been at odds for quite some time at both a  personal level and a political level even predating the cancellation. 
There are also concrete reasons for the action we have taken, both military and political that are not too hard to discern regardless of the enmity between the two alliances. Consequently, this was a perfectly logical move even though some find it distasteful.
With that said, Umbrella issues a formal declaration of war on MI6 through its MDoAP with the Viridian Entente.
Roquentin, President
MrHiott, Vice President
White Majik, Head Envoy
Crownguard, DylanCarter, and AlmightyHero, Envoys
TimLee, Field Marshal
domisi, Generator
D_T, Economist
On a less serious note, here's our war mascot:
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