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Oh The Carnage


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Due to unforeseen nature of Polar Bear Furs' stock value plummeting due to excessive supply, we have no choice but to hunt for a different kind of furs. Fortunately, our doomvestors have found a promising prospect in Alpha Wolves.
We hereby declare on Alpha Wolves
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An attack on one is an attack...no wait, that's a different war.

That was what I was getting at. ;)



I think it has been a couple of years since people wasted time with a series of ghosts DoWs to get to a target.  At least  that saves us lots annoucements followed by more complaining.   

Ironically it's been a couple years since meaningful political discourse, as well.


This is lazy.

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Mmmm i want me some of that wolf fur


o/ DS

Roger that...unfortunately I ate a nuke 1 hour before we were to blitz them and was unable to lead the charge... :facepalm: Save some for me brochachos I will join asap...o/ DS

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