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Dow Better Best Rd#33 DEFCON 1 Vs Citadel

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DEFCON 1 VS Citadel
To our friends CIT we tried to work out something (another target), but it was too strong of a match! Our decision was Better Best! In consideration we
did announce this early to CIT gov, striking out side of update (weaker strike)!
This is a even stat war, better best decision.

Last Updated: 12/3/2014 8:01:50 PM
Total Active Strenght AvN/S XP Score

Citadel 17 16 94% 238,741 14,044 1,142 24.38

Citadel Soldiers Infrust Land Tech
2,722,307 Lost 25,000.19 Lost 8,262.09 Lost 2,513.75 Lost
2,806,412 Killed 29,851.75 Destroyed 12,133.61 Destroyed 3,181.18 Destroyed

Total Active Strenght Av N/S XP Score

DEFCON 1 16 15 94% 243,213 15,201 1,264 23.57

D1 Soldiers Infrust Land Tech
2,708,041 Lost 21,576.90 Lost 9,404.84 Lost 2,369.75 Lost
3,151,986 Killed 40,266.65 Destroyed 13,698.41 Destroyed 4,895.96 Destroyed

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Omaha Omaha, first quarter happening CIT D1 both called for time out (low injurys). While TE is reviewing with excessive replay game rules. Looks as if nations are moving in on the new Avenger Play. GL w/this Marvel classic!

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