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Taha Ahmed

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Team is mostly associated with your nation color. You will have to trade resources (cattle, pigs, lumber, aluminum, marble, water, fish, wheat, etc.) with nations of the same team/color in order for you to get an additional happiness bonus which means more money for your nation. There are also team senators who can sanction your nation and also vote for team wide proposals that would affect your nation. 


An alliance is a group of nations who have decided to band together for either the following reasons: money, ideology, coercion/compromise, and ego in order to lie, intimidate, manipulate, and exploit other nations or alliances. Thinking positively, nations under the same alliance help each other grow, defend one another, and perhaps form some sort of internet friendship bond. I am sure many will tell you to join their alliance but I advice you to do a little research first.  


There are alliances that would want you to switch your team color to a specific color. Others will allow you to remain in whatever team color you are in.  

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Think of alliances like companies: they have identities, enemies, friends and official policies.  When you join an alliance you are trying to fit into their gameplan and help them grow as they help you.


Colors are pretty tied to alliances, but each color has its own set of politics, usually pretty minor things that you won't notice until you get bigger.  As was said earlier, the alliance you join will probably have you switch to their color if they have a dominant color.


The Wiki page is a good place to start for unbiased information, but it has a lot of details you'll probably need someone to explain to you.

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