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if I invest 2 Million In Infra will it make its money in 19 days?

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Ok, Now I have got 2 Million pounds, which will purchase me 100tech, I have got 19 days of tax collection before I have to send that tech tch, So If I invest 2 Million directly In Infra, will it make me 2 Milllion of tax collection in 19 days of tax collection?

Heres my Infra Level Currently:

Infrastructure: 641.75

Im Currently Collecting:

$127,874.16, Per day, but thats because Im only using 3 tarde slots my trades wil be sorted out tonight and am getting:






Please help thanks as I have no Idea!!!

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Do the math yourself. It's not that hard.

Successful Tech Sellers ALWAYS spend ALL their money on infra, in this way you will be growing daily and you will ALWAYS have plenty of cash to buy up to 50 tech when you need to make your shipments.

Spend your cash on Infra, you can't fail.

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Right Ok, So Now This Is My Next Question Is I have got 7.8 Million in my bank at hand from tech deals heres when I need to pay the tech back,

16th-50 tech

17th-50 Tech

17th-50 Tech

26th-50 Tech

26th-50 Tech

27th-50 Tech

27th 50 Tech

7th- 50 Tech

7th 50 Tech

Is It worth me spending the 7.8 Million On Infra, will i have to money to but the tech send them in time fo reach payment?


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Many nations at your level would LUST to have that much cash to spend on infra.

YES, spend as much as you can on infra, but remember to also purchase the appropriate nation improvements when your population increases.

Factories, then Banks and Stadiums. If you're worried about it, keep 1M or a few hundred thousand cash on hand to buy some tech when you need it.

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Dont understand? I buy all my infra then pay my bills instantly?

Also im paying 9600 per level, is that cheap?

I pay ~150,000 a level and I'm not even that big of a nation. I would KILL to be able to buy infra at 9600 a level for a day. I'd probably double my infra level ^_^

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OP: please go to your alliance, read the guides that are undoubtedly in place and follow the basic instructions.

Here are some basic steps.

1. Order your Resources, they don't have to be perfect, nobody is perfect.

2. Save "uncollected days"

3. Pay your bills with lower infra

4. Buy buttload of infra

5. Collect your back collected days.

6 You'll make plenty of money to send your shipments of 50 tech when you need to.

QUICK EDIT: If you alliance doesn't provide you with the needed assistance for things like finding a trade partner, figuring out how much you'll make on a trade deal, and deciding whether or not to spend money on Infra, then you need a new alliance. Check my sig.

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