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Dre4m wrote this up a couple of weeks ago.  He thought it would be official if we had it posted someplace.





Once upon a time, Smurthwaite and Dre4mwe4ver had the unfortunate pleasure of joining and being inspired by the badassery of the Screaming Red Asses. Unfortunate for the world, that is.

Article I: Ass Coverage
A wise sloth once said about ass covering, "That's how you get shit on your hands."

But we ain't afraid to get our hands dirty.

If some asshole touches one of our asses for any dumbass reason, these jackasses shall provide whatever assistance deemed necessary and appropriate, whether that be smartass remarks, delivery of assets, or direct military assault.




So, there you have it.

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This is disgusting and the person who wrote it ought to be ashamed of himself.

Verified as not a forgery.

This policy leaves so many questions. If I like my ass, can i keep it? Will there be ass panels telling me what to do with my ass?

Good questions. It's your ass. Do as you please, as long as it doesn't involve my ass without my consent.
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