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atha ma baa traavun khar baa


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Prepare your garden, Kashmir! The fakir has come to dance!




It is time to get those Java beans warm and wet! That is how we like our coffee.





The Legion declares war on Kashmir and The Javahouse League in accordance with The Purple Brothers Treaty.


/s/ Regent Pancras – Imperator

/s/ CodFCS – Proconsul

/s/ killer04 – Minister of Foreign Affairs

/s/ Watcher - Minister of Defense

/s/ tom the pit leader - Minister of Internal Affairs

/s/ Roddney McCay - Minister of Economics


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I think I've seen this before. In 2007, the League knew that they would have won had only the Legion come in on their side. When Legion finally did one war later it made all the difference.

Nuking would have made all the difference blame AirMe.

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