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Romania-Zapadnaya Diplomatic Summit

Imperator Azenquor

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After acknowledging and accepting the [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/124803-zapadnaya-respublika-elections-3/?p=3332349"]invitation[/url] of the Romanian government, Zapadnaya would make the necessary arrangements with Romania to facilitate the President’s trip. Shortly after being sworn in for his second term in Svyatoy Veragorod, President Dragomirov would travel to Sofia, then fly from there to Bucharest. The President would be accompanied by a translator and by Foreign Minister Ivo Draganov.


As was customary, the necessary flight and security information would be sent to the Romanian government and their approval sought before the President’s arrival.


Less than an hour after leaving Sofia, the Presidential aircraft landed in Bucharest and the President emerged to greet his hosts.

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President Dragomirov would be greeted in Bucharest by a small delegation of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which would guide him to the Cotroceni Palace, the preferred residence of Mihaela Constante, Conducătora and Regent of Greater Romania. At the palace, a meeting room had already been prepared for the Zapadnayan President and the Romanian leader, to discuss matters and Dragomirov would be greeted quite friendly by Constante once he arrived. Although Constante did style herself Conducătora and the army was one of the pillars of her regime, she was first and foremost a bureaucrat and official at heart and without too much splendour, she greeted him in one of her usual grey suits as a civil servant. In the case of Zapadnaya, Constante also rather preferred civil clothing, given that assurances and relations between the two were most of all cooperative and non-aggressive, but not military alliances. It would seem not appropriate to don uniforms to reassure people of one's continued desire for a peaceful neighbourhood.


"Salut, Mister Dragomirov, Mihaela Constante my name. I'm glad you came to Bucharest and I hope we'll have a good and constructive conversation. First of all, let me congratulate you once more in person to your victory in the most recent elections. How is Zapadnaya faring these days?"


OOC: Goodness, I'm forgetful. Sorry for the late reply. I'll keep a closer watch on these topics.

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The Zapadnayan delegation entered the meeting room to greet their Romanian counterparts.


“Thank you for such a warm welcome to Bucharest, your Excellency, and thank you for your congratulations. Allow me to introduce Ivo Draganov, Zapadnaya’s Foreign Minister and Sophitia Maximova, Deputy Foreign Affairs Liaison and Linguistics Analyst”-Dragomirov


When mentioned, the respective members of the delegation would respectfully bow to the Romanian leader.


“I share your hope that our dialogue today will be a constructive one and I hope that it will build upon the relationship between our two nations.


Our country fares well your Excellency. We, like many other nations in Europe, are gradually responding to the major upheavals which have taken place across the continent. The collapse of so many states on our continent, including our neighboring state are quite concerning. Though I will admit, there will be no tears shed in our country for the collapse of the Alvonian government.


If I may ask, how are things in Romania?”-Dragomirov


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Although diplomacy was to Constante a matter she preferred to always conduct on her own, this time, there was one fellow person in the room besides the sevants. "This is Mr Constantin Giorgiescu, ethnologist in the employment of our state. I have invited him, given there are some issues I'd like to discuss.", Constante replied, as she pointed at what seemed to be a young and aspiring state employee.


"Romania is faring quite well. Sadly, there has been a remarkable decline in stability in our neighbours, which means we are currently Stewards of the people from the Black Sea almost all the way to the Rhine. We do find this very concerning and would hope that independent governance can be established in these areas as soon as possible."


Constante paused for a moment, before continuing with a friendly smile. "Which brings me to my main issue for today. I have been hoping to be able to use this chance to improve relations with our various neighbours, so as to establish a basis for lasting peace in Europe. Romania has no aspirations to carve out an Empire for itself in Europe, and we'd hope to be able to cooperate with others in this regard. Zapadnaya has up to now been a neighbour we placed great faith in, since our establishment of relations, and I'd hope we can continue this relationship. In this regard, I wanted to discuss two matters with you, which I feel we should discuss seperately from each other. The first would be, that I'd like to offer you a reassurance treaty. A mutual defense pact if one of us comes under attack in Europe or the Mediterranean. As said, we do not wish to see another war and we seek not to oppress the many people of Europe. Greater Romania is a saturated state, so to say. This however does not mean others feel the same and we would think that a treaty such as the one proposed may help in keeping the peace through deterring opportunistic attacks on either of us. Naturally, should you have any questions, feel free to ask."


Once Constante finished, she gestured at Giorgiescu, who immediatly stepped forward and presented a map. Constante of course took up the word again. "Mr Giorgiescu was so kind, as to work with a group of others, to come up with this proposal. Our state is hoping that the people of the Balkans can all live peacefully next to each other. However, Belgrade has lately been a centre of anti-Romanian agitation and it seems to us inevitable thus, that the Yugoslav amalgamation must be broken up, so as to allow the rest of the western Balkans to develop independently from the venomous influence of Serbdom. Slovenes, Croats and Bosniaks may someday see their own governance, as may Albanians. We did however consider that certain territories be handed to your governance, which we see as balancing measure, to prevent Serbia from being overly powerful over the other Balkan states in the west, while it reflects a partial revision of the borders to more closely resemble the agreement of San Stefano and Serbo-Bulgarian agreements before the First Balkan War. This would mean, as is depicted on the map, Macedonia and parts of Eastern Serbia would be given to Zapadnaya."

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The President acknowledged Mr. Giorgescu and continued listening intently.


“We share the hope that a stable and independent regime (or regimes) may rise out of the ashes of those states in the region which have collapsed.


I would welcome the signing of a mutual defense pact between our two nations. I believe that such a move is the next logical step in the improving and expanding of the relationship between Zapadnaya and Romania. Additionally, as a gesture of cooperation, my government is prepared to offer Romanian aircraft (military and civilian), the use of an air corridor through eastern Zapadnaya to reduce the distance traveled between mainland Romania and the Romanian region of Constantinopol. We will also simplify the process to allow the government of Romania to move forces through Zapadnaya to and from Constantinopol.


Regarding the defense pact itself, is there a particular text that you had in mind, your Excellency?”-President Dragomirov


The President carefully examined the map and made a few notes before replying.


“While we are often resistant to the subdivision of a former nation, given the situation in Yugoslavia and the prospect for conflict emerging among the peoples of the former Yugoslavia, we are prepared to make an exception in this case. Given Yugoslavia’s close proximity to both our nations, I fully understand and appreciate the concerns of the Romanian government regarding the potential for the toxic positions of the former regime to negatively impact the development of the other regions of the former Yugoslavia.


Accordingly, we are prepared to accept the responsibility of administering and protecting Macedonia and eastern Serbia until such time as an independent regime arises in the aforementioned territories which does not pose a security risk to the region or beyond. Out of concern regarding the potential advance of Serbian influence, we would likely administer Macedonia as a separate territorial entity from Eastern Serbia. Would this be acceptable to your government?”-President Dragomirov

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Constante nodded affirmatively. "Such would be very convenient and much appreciated. I did have a text prepared, though, I did not have it yet include such a detail. Would you like this corridor included, or as a seperate detail?"


"And to be honest, I do not think we can make a better judgement on behalf of the Serbian people as you. Romania leaves your nation a free hand in the matter of how you prefer to administer these lands. As sole hope, we would have that they not become a source of further anti-Romanian sentiment. But I have full trust in your ability to keep peace and stability in these areas. Should it indeed become too much though, of course, you can always request our assistence. But I would think it would need some special circumstances for such need to arise."

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“Perhaps the corridor should be included as separate classified agreement. We have prepared the following draft text regarding the establishment of the air corridor for your consideration.


We appreciate your confidence in our judgment vis a vis the situation in the former Yugoslavia. Accordingly we will certainly not hesitate to request Romanian assistance in the maintenance of security and stability in that region should the situation require it.”-Dragomirov


Burgas-Varna Military Air Corridor Agreement (*Classified*)


In the interest of aiding air transit between Romania and the Romanian region of Constantinopol, the government of Zapadnaya establishes the Burgas-Varna military air corridor governed by the following guidelines:


-The air corridor shall be a 65 km zone from the northern border of Zapadnaya to the southern border with the Constantinopol region. The corridor shall remain Zapadnayan airspace, but shall be considered a special zone governed solely by the terms of this agreement.




-The air corridor shall be open to all Romanian military and civilian aircraft with the requirement that said aircraft remain above 10,000 feet while passing through the corridor.


-All Romanian civilian aircraft shall be required to contact the Zapadnayan Civil Aviation Authority (ZCAA) prior to passing through the airspace above the city of Varna. (This requirement shall facilitate the identification of the aircraft as being Romanian and shall aid the ZCAA in the coordination of air traffic from the Varna Regional Airport)


-For Romanian military aircraft, the relevant Romanian military agency shall be required to submit to the Zapadnayan Air Force the following information on any military aircraft utilizing the aircraft no later than five minutes prior to the entry of said aircraft into Zapadnayan airspace:

  • The number of military aircraft
  • Estimated time before entry into Zapadnayan airspace
  • Airspeed and heading


-The government of Zapadnaya shall reserve the right to take steps to verify the identity of any military aircraft passing through the air corridor. This right does not extend to searching or diverting any military aircraft utilizing the corridor under the terms of this agreement.


-The government of Zapadnaya shall place no restriction on the number of flights utilizing the corridor or the armaments or number of personnel moved through the corridor under this agreement.


-The government of Zapadnaya shall agree to notify the Romanian government at least 72 hours prior to the closure of the air corridor, except if the closure of the air corridor is due to an imminent emergency situation arising that would require the closure take place without delay.


-Any changes to the terms of this agreement require the approval of both signatory parties.


-Should the government of Zapadnaya wish to cancel this agreement, notice will be given to the government of Romania no less than 30 days (OOC: 14 days) prior to the intended date for the end of the agreement.



Signed for Romania,


Signed for Zapadnaya,


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