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CNRPA Private Conversation thread..

Captain Enema

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ooc: this thread is optional to use. You don't have to post logs of ic conversations here to make them official. I'm posting this thread as a means of collecting those private conversations into one thread to make it easier for everyone to find. 


That being said, the only posts on this thread should be logs from irc and they need to be done using your character names. Here is an example of how it could work.


I contact the other person, I describe the venue, and our location. We then have our conversation and then I ask them oocly for permission to post it. 


All posts on this thread are assumed private unless otherwise stated by the poster.


As you can see with myself and dillon..


I apprised him as to the location and established I was unarmed. That doesn't imply I won't attack him, but it does establish that I don't have any weapons on me to attack him with. Normally, I'd get him to inform me what he is carrying, but this was a fairly quick dialogue off to the side of an ongoing diplomatic conference.


01[10:49] <&KingGregory> ok, we are at the conference, I motioned you off to the side for a quick moment of your time, we are relatively private, and I'm unarmed, you ok with that situation?
01[10:50] <&KingGregory> are you ok with the scene I proposed?
[10:50] <Winkelman> Yes


06[10:50] * &KingGregory says, "Ms. Winkelman, I'd like a moment of your time."
06[10:52] * Winkelman walks over to King Gregory and bows as she has done so many times in front of Emperor Alan. "Yes your 
01[10:53] <&KingGregory> "I wish to convey my thanks for the participation of the Cascadian Empire in Hope Float 1. Your efforts on the African coast were considerable. I'd like to formally invite your nation to participate in Hope Float 2."
[10:57] <Winkelman> "Why thank you your grace, I'll be certain to convey your thanks to Emperor Alan. While for Hope Float 2 Cascadia fully planned to commit to it. Our techies over at the Stahlrim Weapons company have been hard at work designing a next generation Hospital ship."
01[10:57] <&KingGregory> "Really? When the design is finalized please keep me apprised. We'd be interested in considering it for our own fleet as well."
[11:00] <Winkelman> "Yes, the need for a next gen hospital ship has been apparent ever since the US used the class of ship we are using now, and Cascadia would be honored if you chose our design to be used in your fleets."
01[11:02] <&KingGregory> "Excellent, keep me up to date, now I must apologize, but I do need to return to the matter at hand. I hope to have your thoughts on what I just proposed regarding genocide, torture, and mediation."
06[11:03] * &KingGregory King Gregory hands Ms. Winkelman a card with the King's personal number on it and says, "If your Emperor or you need to speak with me, don't bother calling my private secretary, this is my personal number, very few people have it."

[11:04] <Winkelman> "Once I receive them they will be sent," Kim takes the card and thanks the king for the offer.
06[11:05] * Winkelman Kim returns to her seat
06[11:03] * &KingGregory returns to conference.



To finish I ask the following:




01[11:07] <&KingGregory> can i post this conversation?
01[11:07] <&KingGregory> on the rp forum?
01[11:07] <&KingGregory> and make a few minor edits?
[11:07] <Winkelman> Yeah sure

Again, this is not a conversation thread. It is merely a means of logging private conversations. It's not required, though I think it would be helpful later on. 

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03[09:20] * Now talking in #iccnrpa
03[09:27] * Maelstrom_Vortex[NPO] (Maelstrom_@174EDF9E.BE3C14B2.822B2C6E.IP) has joined #iccnrpa
03[09:27] * Maelstrom_Vortex[NPO] is now known as Yun_Li
[09:27] <Yun_Li> ((Can you post this for us as I be at work.))
01[09:28] <@KingGregory> word
03[09:28] * Dillon1102 (Mibbit@coldfront-6E4722F3.hsd1.or.comcast.net) has joined #iccnrpa
01[09:28] <@KingGregory> Let's say I'm sitting in my office, unarmed, no guards drinking a beer.
01[09:28] <@KingGregory> you ok with that mael?
[09:28] <Yun_Li> Works fine by me.
01[09:29] <@KingGregory> I just finished a meeting with the Greek rep as well.
06[09:29] * Yun_Li politely knocks on the door.
01[09:29] <@KingGregory> hold on tiger
01[09:29] <@KingGregory> you armed or not?
[09:29] <Yun_Li> Depends on if you count tongue and wit.
01[09:29] <@KingGregory> deadliest weapons of all and don't worry about the door, the King has no door on his public office.
01[09:30] <@KingGregory> his private one yes.
01[09:30] <@KingGregory> and no desk either, just a few easy chairs and a table.
01[09:30] <@KingGregory> come on in and sit down.



06[09:30] * Yun_Li would knock on the frame of the entryway then just as a polite courtesy to let the King know he was there and then walk in.
01[09:31] <@KingGregory> "Please, take a seat. I'm having a beer before I go over the daily intelligence summaries. Would you like a pint?"
[09:32] <Yun_Li> "You run things quite well on that floor. I've seen my fair share of bureaucracies and most of them end up in chaos." He smiled politely. "No thanks, but if you have some green tea or just water that'd be nice."
06[09:33] * Yun_Li sat in one of the available chairs and would look around a bit at the decor of the office, assessing Gregory's tastes. A lot about a man could told from his office.
01[09:34] <@KingGregory> "Green tea we have." The King pushes a button on a table top intercom system that looks as if it has seen better days. The heavy case is scarred and burnt in places, yet it works well enough for the king to order up a urn of hot water, a cup, a packet of green tea, and tea strainer. Once its sitting in front of Yun Li, the King says, "So, tell me, what do you know of Poland?"
[09:36] <Yun_Li> "It's half a world away and I don't pay much attention to it. They have a history of being the world's walkway."
01[09:40] <@KingGregory> "Here, take a look at this," the King says as he hands over the latest details of the ongoing Maltese involvement in Poland. The documents would show the amount of equipment, costs, men losts, and men injured. It would not show any classified details or list unit numbers or name officers or even their ranks. 
[09:42] <Yun_Li> "Yeah... " He sighed, "Not good. So what's the story there anyway? I've been busy trying to co-ordinate our recovery so I've perhaps not paid much attention to world affairs as much as I would have liked."
01[09:44] <@KingGregory> "Ethnic cleansing, ugly business. The White Army, the Polish, are shooting their neighbors from Belarus out of hand. My intelligence staff suspects it'll wrap itself up shortly. While our loses look grim, the Polish insurgents have suffered far far worst."
[09:46] <Yun_Li> "And what has you bring this to my attention? Just bringing me up to speed or do you need assistance of some form?"
01[09:46] <@KingGregory> "No, just showing you, one leader to another," the King replies with an emphasis on the word leader. "Now, how can I help you?
[09:57] <Yun_Li> "I'm not sure if you can. I was mostly showing up to take up your offer of a late dinner, maybe we could discuss the world more in depth."  (Dillon, feel free to walk in at any time.)
06[09:58] * Winkelman walked through the halls until she found the Kings office noticing there was no door she knocked on the frame and walked in on the two men
[09:59] <Winkelman> "My apologies I thought you would be alone"
01[10:07] <@KingGregory> "More the merrier I always say," as the king motioned Ms. Winkelman to enter the room. He then said to both of them, "I've a late supper of soup, bread, and a few other odds and ends coming. If you'd like to partake, I can have more brought up."
06[10:11] * Winkelman sat next to the representative from Druk Yul looking at the King then at him and realizing who he was
06[10:14] * Yun_Li loked to Winkleman, "I'm Yun Li, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Druk Yul. Don't believe we've met yet."
[10:14] <Winkelman> She extended her hand. "I'm Kim Winkelman, Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Cascadian Empire, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."
[10:15] <Yun_Li> "Nice to meet you Ms, Winkelman." He would shake her hand while bowing his head slightly in ackwnoledgement. "Glad you could join us."
01[10:17] <@KingGregory> When the food arrives the King serves himself up a bowl and takes a large piece of bread that is liberally slathered with home made butter. He eats a bit before saying, "The Cascadian Empire has proven itself to be quite adept at bringing stability. Their work in Africa just recently was quite helpful."
[10:18] <Yun_Li> "You have a very nice office, your highness. My office.. is currently a windowless bunker that I'm not too fond of that smells of the stench of old laundry because of how old the air is." He sighs. "Last war really did a number on us. Luxury is rare."
[10:16] <Yun_Li> "Fortunately we're moving back out of the underground soon. City's almost to background levels of radiation."
01[10:17] <@KingGregory> "Hope Float 2 is being tasked at bringing help to Asia. It would be an honor if you allowed a special team to come to Druk Yul to restore one of your offices to its former glory. Perhaps one day we'd even sit together in such an office. Call it a symbol of unity between our two nations."
06[10:17] * Yun_Li takes a sip of his green tea and then samples the soup.
[10:17] <Winkelman> "The pleasure is all mine Monsieur Li." Winkelman smiled at the praise being thrown the Empires way. "Well we cannot just allow them to continue to fight amongst themselves now can we.
01[10:18] <@KingGregory> The nods in reply as he eats.
01[10:18] <@KingGregory> The King nods in reply as he eats.
[10:18] <Yun_Li> "Eh, we don't mind the African's fighting.. we're just glad they're not at our gates like the Persians at this point." He sighed. "What a fiasco that was. God Emperor.. what rubbish."
[10:19] <Winkelman> "How much of Druk Yul was bombed? Most of the files I haven't had the oppurtunity to read."
[10:30] <Yun_Li> "Most of the west border protective region was struck by tactical nuclear weapons.. from both sides. It was 5 kilometer deep zone so only the fall out really hurt much there other than ruining the defensive perimeter. We had one nuke hit Shangri-La.. which ruined everest as a tourist spot and the city we had built in its bosom.. fortunately a lot of that city was underground and many made it to the shetlers." 
[10:31] <Yun_Li> "There was a nuke that also struck Chittachong and the Bengali region of Chittachong.."
01[10:32] <@KingGregory> The King motions for another pint of beer. It is poured out of a glass labeled Landfallian Furniture Polishing Ale and is considered a high end craft beer in Malta. Though, not so much ten years ago when it first came out, but has steadily improved in quality over the last 10 years.
[10:32] <Yun_Li> "The genocidal maniacs were trying to purge the Dreamers."
06[10:33] * Yun_Li sat his briefcase on the table.. and pulled out a few photos of the border where it showed several foot concrete and steel walls bent back at 45 degree angles from the blast.
01[10:33] <@KingGregory> The King takes a sip of his ale and sighs contentedly. He then leans over and examines the photographs and asks, "What was this building originally?"
[10:34] <Yun_Li> "That's the largest, thickest, border wall system I know of in the world. When the persians crossed and the walls came up they had no diea what was happening."
[10:34] <Yun_Li> "That building was one of our suprises.."
[10:34] <Yun_Li> "It's just a wall."
01[10:34] <@KingGregory> "Ahh, I see, well that must have astonished them some."
[10:35] <Yun_Li> "Well, the border systems were quite intricate.. there were tunnels under the wall and sections of it could be brought up or down.. it allowed them to corrall their troops and equipment like sardines."
[10:35] <Yun_Li> "Once we massed enough forces to counter in a given area the walls droppped and they charged.
06[10:35] * Yun_Li showed another picture of a pit with hundreds of uniformed persian troops in it, all burned, almost beyond recognition in some cases.
01[10:35] <@KingGregory> "Perhaps you could have one of your historians put together a display of the damage done to Druk Yul here in Malta? I'd be willing to host it at the King's University."
[10:35] <Yun_Li> "THe wall was on the inner perimeter of the 5km zone. The Hell pit was on the outter perimeter."
[10:36] <Yun_Li> "It was opened only after the Persian forces had surged into the kill zone."
01[10:36] <@KingGregory> "The Persians never have stopped trying to make up for their God King's folly against Leonidas."
[10:36] <Yun_Li> "When we counter attacked, the only way the persians had to go was into a 6 foot fall of flame from burning napalm."
[10:36] <Yun_Li> (tall)
[10:37] <Yun_Li> "The pit itself was 10 feet deep, 5 feet wide. Only bridges could forge it. They had been covered by plates and covered in soil so that the enemy would not notice they were crossing a tunnel trap."
01[10:38] <@KingGregory> "As I asked before, perhaps one of your historians could put together a display? I'd be willing to host it at the King's University here in Valletta."
[10:38] <Yun_Li> "So they would commit their forces.. get embroiled in a mine field.. get blocked on one side by the wall, and then have their only retreat sealed."
[10:38] <Yun_Li> "Ah, yes.. defintiely. I'll make sure they have access."
06[10:38] * Winkelman pulled out a small metal square. At first it looked like nothing but after pulling apart the corners it appeared to be tablet.
01[10:41] <@KingGregory> The King watched Ms. Winkelman as he put his hand on his watch and made ready to activated it. The watch acted as an electronic signal to his security team to do a full room take down if activated. 
01[10:41] <@KingGregory> It was a discrete motion as if he were checking the time.
[10:45] <Winkelman> Winkelman looked up from the tablet, "I'm sorry I got an alert that new star wars came out and I was ordering it on Amazon."
01[10:48] <@KingGregory> "Ahh," the King replies as he peers at his watch and mumbles the 7.14 pm before he returns his hand to his side. He taps a button on the intercom and a wall panel opens displaying a 54 inch screen. He taps another button and orders up the latest Star Wars film. The time for it to load up reads as 45 minutes. "If you can wait for a bit we can watch it together Ms. Winkleman, I'm a life long fan of Star Wars."
01[10:49] <@KingGregory> "Before we enjoy this movie, what do both of you think about today's meeting?"
[10:50] <Winkelman> "Are you referring to the meeting in this office or the League meeting?
[10:51] <Yun_Li> "Eh, it was somewhat productive. Got the White Cross going. International law haggling is always a dull business."
[10:58] <Winkelman> "As for the League meeting Cascadia has been keeping quiet."
01[11:00] <@KingGregory> "What direction do you see tomorrow's meeting going and do you have any preferences in that direction?"
[11:01]  Yun Li's pager went off. "Appologies gentlemen, an emergency has arrisen. I'm going to have to break early." He rushed out without a response to the last inquiry.
01[11:02] <@KingGregory> "Well it seems the movie is ready, dim the lights Ms. Winkelman and help yourself to the ale, this should be good."
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06[13:24] * KingGregory dials the number for the esteemed Emperor Jesse.
06[13:25] * EmperorJesse picks up the phone
[13:26] <EmperorJesse> This is Emperor Jesse of Shanghai. To whome am I speaking with?
01[13:26] <KingGregory> King Gregory of Malta, I'm calling on a matter of commerce and trade.
[13:27] <EmperorJesse> There is much trade that Shanghai does with many nations of the world. What is it that you have in mind?
01[13:29] <KingGregory> While I am aware this question has a certain cultural significance given the sad history of China and the foreign trade concessions wrenched from China in the past, I wish to propose an exchange of trade bases. T
[13:32] <EmperorJesse> Yes people have tried to take advantage of us in the past with stuff like this however there are things in place here to make sure stuff like that never happens again. We have room for foreign trade bases here in Shanghai and are willing to go through with your offer.
01[13:34] <KingGregory> Very well, we can give you room on Malta or in Tunsia, which we are in the process of acquiring. I will also personally speak with Greece about ensuring your traffic through the Suez Canal flows freely. I am willing to sign a Royal Warrant giving your Empire full control over an area of two square miles on the African coast, but a bit less on Malta given our population density.
[13:35] <EmperorJesse> In that case we would prefer the area in Tunisia.
01[13:37] <KingGregory> I suspected as much, it gives you access to nearly all of Northern Africa and you are a short distance away to Malta. I will sign a royal order giving your ships access to the Port of Valleta with a duty free status.
[13:37] <EmperorJesse> As for you the choice is equal in that you can use an area of a few square miles to the north of Shanghai city however if you want area within the city limits it will be smaller.
01[13:38] <KingGregory> I trust the rail system in the region is up to the task of handling large volumes of cargo?
[13:38] <EmperorJesse> The area to the north would be between both Shanghai and Beijing
[13:38] <EmperorJesse> Yes very much so
01[13:39] <KingGregory> Good, though I must ask that you be willing to assist with any regional issues with the movement of our ships should your neighbors take issue. I also will extend the same courtesy.
[13:40] <EmperorJesse> Agreed. If any of our neibors do take issue I am prepared to deal with it peacefully.
01[13:41] <KingGregory> Thank you sir, I will send the documents and make the necessary arrangements on my end.
[13:43] <EmperorJesse> And I shall do the same here.
[13:44] <EmperorJesse> OOC: That should be a good place to end that conversation.
06[13:44] * KingGregory hangs up, signs the necessary Royal Warrants and has them couriered by hand directly to Emperor jesse.
06[13:45] * EmperorJesse pretty much does the same thing

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06[10:52] * @KingGregory calls King William on a secured line and opens a connecting line to Greece.
[10:54] <@KingWilliamV> "William speaking"
01[10:55] <@KingGregory> Good, one moment, I'm trying to get a representative from Greece on the line.
01[10:55] <@KingGregory> To inform you sir, I'm calling about a proposal for a trade group and other future jointly held security issues in the Atlantic.
[10:56] <@Arista> "Good evening, Gregory. William."
01[10:57] <@KingGregory> Excellent, both of you. As I said, I'm calling about the the Atlantic, trade, and future security issues in our regions of influence. 
[10:58] <@KingWilliamV> "Yes, I can say it comes as no surprise that the Northlands expresses some concern over the recent move of Japan into the Falklands. Our representative at the Pacific Rim conference has informed us there was some argument about the move particularly with Cascadia, the only North American power present."
[10:59] <@Arista> "I was just discussing with one of my aids, the EAI is an agent of instability. Will our shipping now be subject to their Protector of the Atlantic delusions?"
01[10:59] <@KingGregory> We could enact the exact same policies upon EAI shipping with the right to ban it entirely should they refuse to comply in our respective spheres of influence. Greece and Malta in the Med and with our support Northlands in the Atlantic.
[11:03] <@KingWilliamV> "Comply with what, exactly? Continued free trade on the seas?
[11:04] <@Arista> "It is clear that we three, above all others, have an interest in pursuing prosperity and stability. Any policies we agree on will be in furtherance of this."
[11:04] <@Arista> "For example, should the EAI close the Pacific to shipping of any of our nations, we may simply close the waterways of the rest of the world until such a time as the freedom of trade within the Pacific has been restored."
01[11:04] <@KingGregory> In a word, reciprocity.
01[11:05] <@KingGregory> I also think a time may come where it might be prudent to establish our own presence in the Pacific to challenge their presence in the Falklands.
[11:07] <@KingWilliamV> "That's fine. It should be noted that the Northlands holds significant land holdings in the Pacific. Any attempts by a nation to blockade us from free access to our lands would be tantamount to an act of war. That being said, we see a need to assert European ownership of the Atlantic and will support measures to ensure this is not infringed by others."
01[11:08] <@KingGregory> Would any of us be interested in formalizing this arrangement into a treaty?
01[11:08] <@KingGregory> I know Malta holds an MDP with Greece, I believe Greece holds an MDP with Northlands.
[11:07] <@Arista> "Greece has a trade agreement and ODP with the Northlands. Though we are not opposed to furthering our relations."
01[11:08] <@KingGregory> I'd hate to sign a treaty for the purposes of it being a treaty of convience.
01[11:09] <@KingGregory> Though we have mutual interests in the Med and the Atlantic. Perhaps a pact can be formed to support each other in those interests?
[11:12] <@KingWilliamV> "The Northlands has solid relations with both Greece and Malta, the only reason they are not at the level of a mutual defense pact is due to the short amount of time relations have been started between our states, as our vision for the region seems to be aligned. We are agreeable to a treaty demanding reciprocity and view it as a continuation of our relations as we work more closely with
[11:12] <@KingWilliamV> both Greece and Malta."
01[11:13] <@KingGregory> Malta will support both Greece and Northlands both economically and militarily in defense of our reciprocity agreement.
[11:14] <@Arista> "It seems to me that many of the nations of the world are more interested in playing for power, and waging war, than in honest trade and discourse. We have all ran afoul of such nations, I fear. Friends who share a vision of prosperity are too few and far between. Greece will of course support our friends in any way we can."
[11:15] <@KingWilliamV> "Agreed. Our nations working together for trade and freedom in support of common interests a la the Mediterranean and Atlantic is a very good thing."
01[11:16] <@KingGregory> I will prepare the necessary documents and send them along shortly.
01[11:16] <@KingGregory> (ooc- I ain't writing no treaty, let's leave it to the convo that way we can intrepret it anyway way we want to.)
[11:17] <@KingWilliamV> OOC: But to summarize, we will support each other as we see fit should the shipping/transit of our nations be infringed upon in the Pacific.
[11:18] <@Arista> ((Or, with more liberal interpretation, if our shipping is infringed anywhere. Dat trade yo))
01[11:18] <@KingGregory> Obligated to support each other
[11:18] <@KingWilliamV> OOC: cool.
01[11:21] <@KingGregory> do I have permission to post this convo?
03[11:22] * KingGregory is now known as tidybowlman
[11:22] <@KingWilliamV> "Additionally, with the clear intentions of some nations to exert influence in ways that may not be conducive to the region's prosperity, we believe it may be prudent to establish a presence so as to ward off such opportunism. Would your nations be interested in helping to this effect, possibly with the establishment of a protectorate or bases on the South Georgia/South Sandwich Islands."
[11:23] <@KingWilliamV> "The Northlands controls Tristan da Cunha, but nothing below that. A more physical presence may deter others from attempting to stake out control of the Atlantic."
03[11:24] * tidybowlman is now known as KingGregory
01[11:24] <@KingGregory> "We support this motion."
01[11:25] <@KingGregory> Malta can if needed dispatch ships to establish a presence near Tristan Da Cunha as a show of fellowship and support.
[11:25] <@Arista> "Greece has been considering establishing strategic bases and protected regions, such as what we now maintain at the Suez, to ensure that our interests are protected. Our fleet and forces will support Malta and the Northlands where they wish establish their own positions as well."
01[11:27] <@KingGregory> Port Sudan, the KSH and BSH are open for Greek and Northlandic vessels to make port when needed.
[11:29] <@KingWilliamV> "Excellent. The Northlands can prepare a list of strategic islands and locations for a jointly administered presence in the South Atlantic, and we can come to agreement then. Greece and Malta will have access to ports in Tristan da Cunha to assist in maintaining a presence in the South Atlantic until the jointly-administered bases are operational."
01[11:31] <@KingGregory> Better and better.
01[11:31] <@KingGregory> Shall we leave this matter where have it at the moment?
[11:31] <@Arista> "Perhaps it would be wise to establish a joint command structure for our fleets and forces to operate in these bases, so that our militaries are ready to cooperate as needed."
01[11:33] <@KingGregory> "Or not, yes, this might be helpful. Is there a central point between our territories we could set up a physical presence for all three of us?"
03[11:33] * KingGregory is now known as tidybowlman
03[11:34] * tidybowlman is now known as KingGregory
[11:34] <@Arista> "If we were to examine the Med, perhaps Sardinia."
01[11:35] <@KingGregory> "Gibraltar?"
01[11:35] <@KingGregory> "Already has the benefit of being a base."
[11:36] <@KingWilliamV> "Agreed, we should direct our defense ministries to establish a joint command structure for the operation of these bases. This can be done in tandem with selecting and constructing bases in the South Atlantic."
[11:36] <@Arista> "Gibraltar would be acceptable to Greece. Avoids the messy business of having to establish a new administration and base."
[11:37] <@KingWilliamV> "Do we need a central physical presence between all of our states in the Mediterranean? This is a joint command for the South Atlantic, yes?"
01[11:38] <@KingGregory> I suggest it be a joint command for where it is needed.
01[11:38] <@KingGregory> Malta supports the Greek protectorate of the Suez with ships and Engineers, Northland could consider doing the same.
[11:39] <@Arista> "I suspect that the location itself will be of less importance, as modern technology allows us to send our orders around the globe in an instant. Wherever is most convenient for us, and with maximum strategic benefit, is all that is necessary for a location."
01[11:39] <@KingGregory> Malta has a presence in the Indian Ocean that would benifit from a joint presence.
01[11:39] <@KingGregory> Northland has holdings in the Pacific that could too benefit from Malta and Greek showing our faces.
01[11:42] <@KingGregory> Perhaps a joint task force for the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Ocean, and the Suez with a few ships from each of us?
[11:42] <@KingWilliamV> "This is true, but let's not get too ahead of ourselves at this point. The Northlands is looking forward to continued cooperation with your states but we signed a NAP with Malta recently. We could use the South Atlantic as a starting point due to our shared interests, and then expand from that as our relations strengthen and we become adept with working with one another in a joint operational

[11:46] <@Arista> ((This is a good stopping point. I'm sick and would like to pass the $%&@ out now. x.x))
01[11:47] <@KingGregory> k
01[11:47] <@KingGregory> can I post?
03[11:48] * KingGregory is now known as tidybowlman
[11:49] <@Arista> Yes.

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(10:28) * Kinggregory dials the Empress's 2nd line.
(10:29) <EmpressHoshiko>I have a specific agreement with UCS to not interfere with the Americas
(10:29) <EmpressHoshiko>well, south/central america specifically
(10:30) <Kinggregory>Understood your Majesty, which is why I gather you are attempting to build some sort of agreement amongst nations as to best how to proceed.
(10:30) <EmpressHoshiko>That would be ideal, otherwise we may be forced to form pressure against those involved to agree to something that neither may like
(10:32) <Kinggregory>Pressure to influence leaders to prevent wider bloodshed isn't a terrible thing.
(10:35) <EmpressHoshiko>Of course, the question is whether or not they can be convinced of that. Assassinations can have troubling effects upon a nation, and if it was in fact an assassination and not simply a coup, California could quickly turn the way of France, whom thankfully has kept their sporadic fighting within their borders thanks to the neutrality of their navy.
(10:36) <Kinggregory>Perhaps California needs a cause of its own to rally around? A false flag operation often works far better than an assasination.
(10:38) <EmpressHoshiko>it appears that we may have more of a humanitarian crisis than I had expected, with Texas at war with the Plains Federation, they can't really contest Baja California.
(10:39) <Kinggregory>(time out, that's being contested at the moment, can we skip over it?)
(10:40) <EmpressHoshiko>A false flag operation against whom? Cascadia has shown itself to be an agressive state, Texas on the other hand has not done much that could be used to formulate a justification.
(10:41) <Kinggregory>A false flag operation to force California out of its stupor.
(10:41) <Kinggregory>Cascadia, well, Cascadia is Cascadia.
(10:42) <Kinggregory>Piracy is a terrible thing is it not?
(10:42) <EmpressHoshiko>and with the Imperium's vast bodies of water to protect, I unfortunately cannot be every where at once.
(10:42) <Kinggregory>What if a band of predatory sea rovers blighted the coast of California. Would that not give them an internal issue to see to?
(10:46) <EmpressHoshiko>in this hypothetical, you'd have to get the vessels through the UCS controlled canal zone
(10:48) <Kinggregory>I'd not deny you the pleasure of missing out on this excitement your Majesty. Further, your eyes extend throughout the Pacific. Should these skallywags happen to move through the Pacific, it's a big ocean as you said before. And, those damn wild men down in Naggeroth, it's good thing they went by the way of the dodo, but some of them must still be sailing the seas.
(10:50) <EmpressHoshiko>surely, there are lots of uninhabited islands after all. While we have our own secondary options for dealing with threats, they might be considered... excessive, and collatoral damage would have to be kept at a minimum.
(10:52) <Kinggregory>Vague is good your Majesty, vague is good. Perhaps you know of a few wild and wooly men in your realm that like this sort of dangerous work? I know of a few bold types in my land. Surely between the two of us a few ships older ships from empires fallen can go missing from our dockyards. These men could meet each other on the high seas and have the inspiration to go carve up California to the best of their ability.
(10:55) <EmpressHoshiko>this would of course have to be kept between us, honorable nations do not act in subterfuge, at least on paper. The problem quickly becomes requiring a gentle nudge and only having a hammer to do so. I'm certain I could find willing participants out of the 700 million within the Imperium.
(10:56) <Kinggregory>Somethings a gentleman never speaks of your Majesty.
(10:57) * Kinggregory texts the Les Terribles and tells them to steal several ships out of the nearest shipyard and head for California.
(11:16) <Kinggregory>Is there anything else you'd like to discuss while we are on a private line?
(11:26) <EmpressHoshiko>Perhaps the civil war in France, since I am currently in the country with Empress Tanilee de LaQueu. I am interested in ensuring foreign agitation is kept to a minimum, from what I can tell you have not gotten involved and I can respect that. Empress Jeanne was a friend to both myself and to my nation, the French people were there in our time of need, and I hope to cooperate with the rest
(11:26) <EmpressHoshiko>of Europe to ensure a quick end to the violence.
(11:27) <Kinggregory>Thus far my official stance has been one of noninvolvement.
(11:27) <EmpressHoshiko>I am hoping to secure similar stances with the rest of Europe.
(11:28) <Kinggregory>I'm not sure how much I could be of assistance in that matter, but I'm willing to openly voice my belief that France is best sorted out by the French, or something more formal along those lines.
(11:29) <Kinggregory>If you have something more, I'm open to suggestions.
(11:33) <EmpressHoshiko>I have unfortunately been distracted by the unfortunate chain of events that has happened in the Americas, we'll have to speak again after I have a more in depth discussion with Empress Tanilee.
(11:36) <Kinggregory>Let us keep the lines of dialog open on the matter of France.

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OOC: DIplomacy between EAI, Malta, UCS, and Plains Federation




20:40:31 * @Kinggregory bangs his shoe on his desk till his assistant dials the Empress Hoshiko's office.
20:42:48 * EmpressHoshiko was in a meeting with the Frenc Empress, but fortunately had the call put through directly to her cell due to the importance of the caller, "Hello, What can I do for you King Gregory?"
20:43:56 <@Kinggregory> Your Majesty, I thank you deeply for giving me a few minutes of your precious time. I understand all too well how full our days are. I won't dilly dally, I am looking over some rather confusing reports from North America. I'm calling to get your opinion as to whether Maltese shipping to our North American Trade Center might be in danger or not.
20:44:19 * Joins: supercheese 
20:44:34 * supercheese is now known as PresidentMarco
20:46:25 <EmpressHoshiko> My own intelligence reports that the President of California was assassinated, whether or not this was a coup or a foreign actor is unknown, but they've made military movements in all directions just before his death, and who is in charge currently is not concete. As of this moment I would suggest going a wider route around California held territory and avoid the Baja Peninsula, there appears to be a squabble between Texas and California over the territory.
20:48:02 <@Kinggregory> Bloody Americans. Unstable unwashed rabble the entire lot of them.
20:49:33 <@Kinggregory> What can Malta do to assist you at this point in time if anything with dealing with our unwashed brethen in North America?
20:51:38 <EmpressHoshiko> The Imperium recieved what it required from the region. So long as our own holdings go unharmed, we will be backing our allies in the United Caribbean States in their decision on how to proceed, we've deferred the continent to them as the most stable and trustworthy of the Americans with governance. If it becomes a war I plan on enacting a blockade on California to prevent further weapons from being brought into an already terrible situation. Though... Perhaps we should discuss our intentions with the UCS together and present a unified front.
20:51:41 <EmpressHoshiko> ring ring
20:52:04 * @Kinggregory waits for El Presidente Marco to answer.
20:53:14 * PresidentMarco answers
20:53:41 <PresidentMarco> "Hello? Hello??"
20:54:48 <EmpressHoshiko> Hello President Marco, I have King Gregory of Malta here with me and we are discussing the Baja conflict, what are your thoughts on the situation?
20:57:31 <PresidentMarco> "Well at first we attempted to bring the parties together to create a peaceful resolution, as both nations had indicated they would like to solve this matter Peacefully. It quickly became apparent what they wanted was their rights to the Baja Peninsula, and neither side was willing to make any attempts at compromise.
20:58:29 <PresidentMarco> It is our opinion neither nations are qualified nor have the right to control the peninsula.
20:59:25 <@Kinggregory> At this point, as you know, Malta is willing to assist you with enforcing your Macro Doctrine in the Atlantic. I'm not sure what to think about the issue with Baja California. Who would be the best canidate for securing the safety of the people of Baja in your opinion President Marco?
20:59:47 <EmpressHoshiko> It is always a surprise to me that such unstable people are somehow trusted with leadership of an entire nation.
21:01:34 * @Kinggregory pointedly says nothing in response. Just waits for President Marco.
21:02:13 <PresidentMarco> Of all the countries of North America, the only ones we would trust is the CRNA, but I'd rather not involve yet another nation. We are prepared to extend the Marco Doctrine to cover the peninsula as well, However.
21:03:02 <EmpressHoshiko> I could perhaps attempt to moderate negotiations between the two nations
21:03:47 <PresidentMarco> If you would like to try, however Texas has informed me that they refuse to Negotiate until all Californians leave the peninsula
21:05:11 <@Kinggregory> I've always recognized the Pacific as the EAI's primary sphere of influence. With that in mind, if the Empress Hoshiko is willing to allow it, I would dispatch a Hope Float style mission to Baja California to assist with whatever humanitarian fallout comes from this travesty. As for Texas, they can be brought to heel easily enough, rather than whipping them like a dog, throw them a bone.
21:07:41 <EmpressHoshiko> I always like to see peace prevail after all. If that fails however, i believe the next step should be an embargo of military weapons upon both sides, to prevent any more bloodshed than necessary. Both nations are new and have territorial ambitions, I think both could be brought to heel with the appropriate leverage.
21:08:55 <@Kinggregory> I agree, I will inform all of Malta's defense manufacturers to cease exports of military weapons and equipment to the involved North American nations.
21:09:10 <@Kinggregory> If deemed needed that is.
21:10:35 <EmpressHoshiko> one moment, I believe that I should attempt to talk about this with the Plains Federation as well, collaboration between the nations of america would be the easiest way to enforce a binding resolution.
21:11:06 <@Kinggregory> Anyone have their number?
21:11:21 <@Kinggregory> I think I have their Minister of Foreign Affairs on Bobbook.
21:11:22 * Joins: Alessariel 
21:11:32 <EmpressHoshiko> ring ring
21:11:55 <EmpressHoshiko> I don't even know numbers, the phone just sort of does things, technology is great.
21:12:31 * @Kinggregory texts EmpressHoshiko a smiley face emoji.
21:13:20 * Alessariel is now known as AnnaFrancineKennedy
21:13:47 <@Kinggregory> hey guys, brb, keep talking, mogar can brief anna on what malta has on offer, i gotta walk my dog
21:14:48 * AnnaFrancineKennedy texts "Get me up to speed, I'm informing President Reece that Texas has declared their independence"
21:15:07 * AnnaFrancineKennedy adds "Brb, got 2 declare war on a motherfucker"
21:16:53 <EmpressHoshiko> "Hello Vice President Kennedy, As you may be aware, currently Texas and California are in dispute in regards to the Baja California. negotiations led by the UCS have failed and California has moved more troops into the region. While I leave America to be policed by the Americans, instability and war upon the Pacific Ocean is bad for business, and we've been discussing how to further proceed together in regards to this subject."
21:18:02 <AnnaFrancineKennedy> "And it wasn't until today that anyone bothered to inform us of Texas's... independent status. We are rectifying that."
21:19:38 <EmpressHoshiko> I have always respected the people's will, but I have no justification to interfere with interamerican affairs, so long as it does not impact the Pacific, of course.
21:28:37 <@Kinggregory> I'm in on this call due to concerns of Malta's commerce being influenced by this situation along with humanitarian concerns for the plight of the citizens of Baja California.
21:30:10 <EmpressHoshiko> So long as the Imperium's interests are not harmed, i could not support interventionism in Mexico unless the United Caribbean States deemed it required.
21:33:52 <@Kinggregory> Malta isn't going to get involved Militarily in North America unless an extreme set of circumstances present themselves. California being dazed and confused don't come anywhere near that threshold. We are willing to send a humanitarian mission to Baja California, but we do so at the Empress Hoshiko's pleasure. I'll tack on the permission of the UCS as well while I'm at it.
21:36:57 <PresidentMarco> That is perfectly fine with that. 
21:37:25 <PresidentMarco> With me*
21:37:28 * AnnaFrancineKennedy chimes in "forty divisions heading for the Texan border"
21:37:40 <EmpressHoshiko> well, that escalated quickly.
21:40:20 <PresidentMarco> Well I suppose that removes Texas from the conflict. I'd rather not leave the peninsula to the Californians though.
21:42:08 <@Kinggregory> (this war is being discussed in the gm court, I suggest we talk around it for a bit)
21:50:19 <PresidentMarco> So, is placing the Baja Peninsula under the Marco Doctrine acceptable to you all? We will ensure mexico stays free and peaceful until the time comes that they organize into an independent nation.
21:50:31 <@Kinggregory> I'd support it.
21:53:19 <EmpressHoshiko> It would be perfectly acceptable, the question is can we get these other two to accept that without bloodshed?
21:54:13 <@Kinggregory> They'd be foolish not to see the errors of their ways.
21:54:34 <PresidentMarco> I believe with enough international pressure Texas will withdraw. Its California I worry about.
21:55:28 <@Kinggregory> Something tells me California will have other problems.
21:57:44 <EmpressHoshiko> Whether a coup or a foreign power's work, the death of a president will lead to chaos, just as it has in France.
21:59:04 <@Kinggregory> For now we should work to contain California's aspirations and prevent outright war.
21:59:16 <@Kinggregory> Does California have the ability to project force against other nations?
21:59:29 <@Kinggregory> If so, we move to discourage them.
22:05:34 <PresidentMarco> They haven't ventured out of California until recently, so their capabilities are somewhat unknown. Our intelligence suggests they cant project far outside their borders, and are diplomatically isolated
22:08:26 <@Kinggregory> Let them rot then, they'll find reason to worry about themselves.
22:09:17 * AnnaFrancineKennedy looks at the conversation, and chimes in again. "They will at that. Further adventurousness on their part would be bad for their health, here on the continent.
22:09:20 <AnnaFrancineKennedy> "
22:09:45 <PresidentMarco> Very well then, I will prepare a statement
22:38:23 <@Kinggregory> I must go now, thank you everyone for your time.
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06[12:55] * @KingGregory dials the numbers to Mr. Gromyko and Mr. Wilding
06[12:56] * LevGromyko picks up the red phone
06[12:56] * Markus_Wilding picks up the gray phone
[12:56] <LevGromyko> Greetings Comrades
[12:56] <Markus_Wilding> Vienna, this is Director Wilding
01[12:56] <@KingGregory> Hello? Do I have Comrade Gromyko and Director Wilding?
[12:56] <LevGromyko> This is Comrade Gromyko speaking.
[12:56] <Markus_Wilding> Speaking.
01[12:57] <@KingGregory> Excellent, I won't use much of your time. As you are both aware I am currently purchasing or have purchased stock in the USSR and Alvonia to improve and expand rail service.
[12:58] <LevGromyko> I am aware of that, Comrade
01[12:58] <@KingGregory> I would like to speak on a specific investment that would allow Malta to untilize Kalingrad to ship goods both East and West via rail.
[12:58] <Markus_Wilding> Yes, I received a report of that this morning.
[12:59] <LevGromyko> That can be arranged.
01[12:59] <@KingGregory> Malta is prepared to invest in upgrading the Port Facilities in Kalingrad along with investing directly into the Polish rail system. In return we hope for the unimpeded flow of goods on all Maltese flagged ships.
[13:02] <LevGromyko> As long as the necessary taxes and fees are paid, for upkeep of the maintenance of the port facilities and transportation infrastructure, and as long as such investment do not imply any foreign ownership of the sort, this would be acceptable to the Soviet Government
[13:02] <Markus_Wilding> Investing into the Polish rail system shouldn't be a problem, funds can be directed to Krupp or Skoda in that effort, the only potential problem I can imagine is possible negotiation with Hungarian officials for rail line improvements in their part of northern Poland.
01[13:04] <@KingGregory> Excellent, I have documents on hand that reflect these desires. I have already made substantial investment in Hungary's Rail Transport company, I'd think they wouldn't grouse too much about me investing more into it. One one moment.
06[13:04] * @KingGregory screams at his assistant to get the white out.
06[13:04] * @KingGregory says a few bad words trying to remember how to spell Poland.
06[13:04] * @KingGregory makes the adjustments and types in the new terms.
06[13:04] * @KingGregory faxes his signed versions to both Comrade Gromyko and Director Wilding.
06[13:05] * LevGromyko gets out a special pen which ink is made out of 'special ink'
06[13:05] * Markus_Wilding crosses out a few drunken intern spellings of Poland and signs it
06[13:05] * LevGromyko signs the documents and faxes it
06[13:05] * LevGromyko also sends over a case of death vodka, extreme edition
06[13:06] * Markus_Wilding also faxes, after remembering that crucial step
01[13:07] <@KingGregory> Gentlemen, the necessary funds will be paid out in increments of 25 million dollars a month to a specific building entity titled Baltic Rail and Port Improvements Limited. These payments will continue over the course of 1 year and longer if necessary.
[13:08] <Markus_Wilding> May trade live ever longer in our realms.
[13:08] <LevGromyko> Indeed.
01[13:09] <@KingGregory> Gents, I leave with things as they are. Good day.
[13:10] <LevGromyko> Good day, Comrade
06[13:10] * LevGromyko hangs up

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14:10   *** Dillon1102 joined #TheCs 14:11   *** supercheese joined #TheCs 14:11 supercheese Like 14:11 supercheese Forreal 14:11   *** PeterIlyich joined #TheCs 14:11 supercheese Wtf are we gonna talk about 14:11 supercheese :v     Cascadia, California, The Carribean     Topic set by Dillon1102 on Sat Jan 10 2015 14:12:13 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time) 14:12 PeterIlyich *should we change our names? 14:12 Dillon1102 Yes 14:12 PeterIlyich k. No clue how to do that XD 14:12 supercheese ./nick yournick 14:12 supercheese Minus the dot 14:13   *** PeterIlyich is now known as PresidentMarxon 14:13   *** supercheese is now known as PresidentMarco 14:13 PresidentMarxon got it 14:14 PresidentMarxon Anyone...anyone...Dillon? 14:17 PresidentMarxon We ready? 14:17   *** Dillon1102 is now known as EmperorWymore 14:17 EmperorWymore Ready 14:17 PresidentMarxon Will this be in person or over phone? 14:19 EmperorWymore Skype 14:19 PresidentMarxon ok 14:20 PresidentMarxon IC: *Marxon sends the call to EmperorWymore and PresidentMarco* 14:21   PresidentMarco answers 14:21 PresidentMarco Hello? 14:21 PresidentMarco Hello?? 14:21   EmperorWymore pushes Kim off of him and answers the call 14:21 EmperorWymore President Marxon 14:21 EmperorWymore How can I do thee the honour 14:21 PresidentMarxon yes, hello PresidentMarco. And you also EmperorWymore. The pleasure is mine. 14:22 PresidentMarxon I believe we had scheduled this call to be made? 14:22 PresidentMarco Strange 14:22 EmperorWymore I don't think this was scheduled 14:22 PresidentMarco My Secretary must not of put it into my schedule 14:23 PresidentMarxon Well then I apologize. *Whispers "Freakin' interns"* 14:23 PresidentMarco So how can I help you President Marxon 14:25 PresidentMarxon Well, I believe we had a very pressing need to discuss how the relationship between our nations should advance after the recent issues concerning our...political ideals. 14:27   *** Mogar joined #TheCs 14:28 EmperorWymore Well before California attempted to claim my home state. We had a high opinion of them 14:29 PresidentMarco With the Baja incident coming to a close there are no longer any issues between the UCS and California, atleast not on our end. 14:30 PresidentMarxon Apologies. California's belief of moving into North Jefferson was a desperate attempt to build up what at the moment was supposed to be a reputation. The California Republic believes that is a mistake in history that, although tragic, should be put behind and only be a bump in the road, on something larger. 14:32 PresidentMarxon And for PresidentMarco, although the Baja incident is being closed, we are having a rather difficult time putting Baja California Alto behind us. We suppose we can try our best. 14:32 EmperorWymore Well that is how it is now being viewed in the Cascadian Senate and Foreign Affairs, we fully support your annexation into Nevada 14:32 PresidentMarxon Thank you, Emperor 14:33 PresidentMarxon We formally apologize for not making the UCS aware of this development 14:33 EmperorWymore I don't think the UCS needs to know what goes on in the States 14:34 PresidentMarco The Emperor is correct, our interests only lie in latin America. 14:35 PresidentMarxon Of course, Plains Federation does control some of this land, as does Cascadia, but there has been a still undecided proposal for us to expand into the unclaimed lands shown in a map of the 1846 California Republic. We would like to personally hear your input on this development. 14:35 PresidentMarxon 500px-Alta_California_%28location_map_scheme%29.svg.pnginformation.png 14:38 PresidentMarxon The representative who proposed this requested to remain un-named. 14:40 PresidentMarxon (OOC: Right click and click open in new tab) 14:41 EmperorWymore I can just click on it normally 14:41 PresidentMarxon k 14:41 PresidentMarxon IC: What is your opinion on this? 14:46 EmperorWymore We are fine with you taking Nevada and Arizona 14:47 PresidentMarxon ok 14:48 PresidentMarxon Now, are there any other land-related topics to discuss? 14:48 EmperorWymore PresidentMarco 14:48 PresidentMarco Yes? 14:49 EmperorWymore How much territory is the UCS currently proecting? 14:49 PresidentMarco Mexico, Central America, and Northern South America 14:49 PresidentMarxon ah, I see 14:49 PresidentMarco Aswell as all islands in the Caribbean currently unclaimed 14:50 PresidentMarxon I hope you do not plan on annexing all this land in the future. 14:50 PresidentMarco Our plans for the future are our business 14:50 EmperorWymore What are your plans with Panama? 14:51 PresidentMarco Currently none 14:51 PresidentMarxon For the sake of all of us, and the soon-elected president of the California next month 14:51 EmperorWymore How about Nicaragua? 14:51 PresidentMarxon No disrespect, of course 14:52 PresidentMarco At this moment, our only plans for central America is to keep it colony free 14:53 PresidentMarxon ah, i see. We are simply fearful that you are attempting to achieve what the USA and Tikal used their Doctrines for. 14:53 PresidentMarxon As discussed at the Halifax Conference 14:54 PresidentMarco Tikal used its Monroe Doctrine to protect the Americas for years 14:54 PresidentMarco We consider them one of the greatest nations to ever rise in the Americas 14:55 PresidentMarxon yes, yes, while steadily gaining power through those years. And yes, we respect Tikal for what it was, yet it seemed they were a little hungry. This is what we have read, of course. 14:56 PresidentMarxon Yes, they were great. One of the greatest. 14:57 PresidentMarco If one day we choose to unite all the lands of the Caribbean under one banner, that us our business 14:57 PresidentMarxon Of course, or course. 14:57 PresidentMarco Just as it is your business whee Nevada and Arizona are concerned 14:58 PresidentMarxon Once again, we just want to make sure there is just no large scheme here that could hinder our national security. 14:58 PresidentMarxon Of course it is confidential. 14:59 PresidentMarco As long as California respects the Marco Doctrine there will be no issues between our nations 15:00 PresidentMarxon of course, yes. Now that we have no reason to expand south, we will likely focus our energy on pacific islands and to the east. 15:02 PresidentMarxon EmperorWymore, do you have any comments? 15:03 EmperorWymore Well if you are working with Islands, we should probably call the Empress 15:04 PresidentMarco I agree 15:04 PresidentMarxon of course 15:05 EmperorWymore Should I call her 15:06 PresidentMarxon Please, be my personal guest 15:08   EmperorWymore Calls Kazuko 15:10   *** Mogar is now known as EmpressHoshiko 15:11 EmpressHoshiko Hello Emperor Wymore, to what do I owe the pleasure? 15:11 PresidentMarxon Good afternoon Empress. It is an honor. 15:13 PresidentMarxon I am PresidentMarxon of the California Republic, and we are here to talk with you about the topic of Pacific Islands 15:13 EmpressHoshiko What Pacific Islands did you have in mind? the majority are part of the Imperium after all. 15:15 PresidentMarxon yes. We have none particular in mind besides the catalina's since they have gone inactive, and some near the French claim. More Idead may come along,, we just wanted to make sure this was not violating anything. 15:17 EmpressHoshiko I look forward to working with you in regards to ensuring we both reside in a safe and secure Pacific then. The Catalinas are beyond our own interests and would make an excellent vacation spot for your citizens. I presume the rest of you are worked out the Baja conflict? 15:18 PresidentMarxon It has been dealt with as...fairly*Gives a hint of question in his voice*...as possible. 15:18 PresidentMarxon The final deal was: UCS gets all of it. 15:19 EmpressHoshiko At least it did not come to loss of life, we should all be so thankful for that. I unfortunately do not believe Texas and the reawoken Plains Federation will be so lucky. 15:20 PresidentMarco The deal was Mr President, the land remains unclaimed until Mexico reforms 15:20 EmperorWymore The Plains Federation has no legal right to assault Texas and I see Cascadia coming to their defense 15:20 EmperorWymore It would be greatly appreciated if California joined us in battle 15:21 PresidentMarxon Yes. It is because of our loss of Baja that we wish to colonize islands. We do hope that UCS let's us rest a small port in Baja, though. On the topic of Plains-Texas, EmperorWymore... 15:22 PresidentMarxon I wish we could help, but I see no legal way the California Senate will approve our forming an alliance after the recent incident. The Senate tends to hold grudges, not to mention the new President will very likely not be in support of this. Since President Herald's death, we have sort of lost our ground. 15:24 PresidentMarxon A truly unfortunate event, let him Rest in Peace. 15:27 EmperorWymore You could put it through the California Senate by saying you want to prove that you want better relations 15:28 PresidentMarxon Believe me when I tell you I am trying, Emperor. These are dark times we live in. 15:28 PresidentMarxon Now I have promised the people I will not run for President another term, so that is simply great. 15:31 PresidentMarxon Not to mention California's military is not ready for a conflict of this magnitude. 15:34 EmpressHoshiko What aspects of your military require improvement? The Imperium has the industry to produce whatever you may require and can provide assistance in training upon them, for a reasonable price of course. 15:35 PresidentMarxon You are all truly interested in California's help, even though we were all almost at was yesterday? 15:35 PresidentMarxon *war 15:36 PresidentMarco The UCS has no interest nor need Californias help, so not all of us 15:38 PresidentMarxon Empress, our biggest issue is overall the interest in our military. A nation of 36 million people has less than 100,000 soldiers. 15:38 EmperorWymore Cascadias native Stahlrim Industries is always open for business 15:39 EmpressHoshiko I an the leader of a nation with over a billion people, we have managed with a limited military as well. 15:39 PresidentMarxon I suppose we could use Tanks, artillery, and weapons. 15:39 EmpressHoshiko its not the size of the military, its how effectively you use it. 15:39 EmperorWymore Kazuko is right 15:39 PresidentMarco The UCS also only has a 100,000 man army. 15:39 EmperorWymore She is a great military tactician 15:40 PresidentMarco I agree 15:40 PresidentMarxon Tell me, how do you think California can benefit in the Plains-Texas War? 15:40 EmperorWymore I have always looked at her as the best of our time 15:40   EmpressHoshiko cleared her throat, irritated at the use of her real name. "As for where was the help, I stand by my allies and the UCS did not wish for war, and so we pursued that route." 15:41 PresidentMarco Well for one President Marxon, it will certainly make you friends in Texas and Cascadia 15:41 PresidentMarxon yes 15:41   EmperorWymore smiles at Kazuko 15:42   +++ EmperorWymore has given op to EmpressHoshiko 15:42   +++ EmperorWymore has given op to PresidentMarxon 15:42   +++ EmperorWymore has given op to PresidentMarco 15:42 PresidentMarxon however, the question still stands on how I will legally get this passed the senate. 15:44 PresidentMarco Only you can answer that, you know your senate better then any of us. 15:44 PresidentMarxon I agree. 15:45   PresidentMarxon goes deep into thought 15:47 PresidentMarxon I would need support in the senate, and nobody is going to support the president that is both trying to get us into war and getting kicked out of office at the end of the year. 15:47 PresidentMarxon I will try, but the chances of this getting passed are... 15:48   PresidentMarxon can't decide what to finish the sentence with, so gives up and waits for their response 15:50 PresidentMarco The way I see it, one of the biggest weaknesses of your nation is your lack of international support. Convincing your senate this is the best way to build your nations strength would be the way I would so it, if this were the UCS 15:50 PresidentMarxon I see, yes. 15:52 PresidentMarxon Have all three of you gotten militarily into the war? 15:53 EmpressHoshiko I will not be intervening in the current conflict, as it is outside of my sphere of interests. 15:54 PresidentMarco We are currently debating our options, however it is doubtful we will get involved either. 15:55 PresidentMarxon well, I believe there can be one last topic to discuss. Empress, since you control much of East Asia, I would like to establish a trade outpost, under the World Trade Committee Name, or two in your lands to open up trade routes. 16:01 EmperorWymore Marxon 16:01 PresidentMarxon yes? 16:01 EmperorWymore What is the current state of your military 16:02 PresidentMarxon By what scale? 16:02 EmperorWymore How operational is it 16:03 PresidentMarxon on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 meaning fully and 1 meaning null, I would say 5 or 6 16:03 EmpressHoshiko Tokyo has active land reclaimation projects, I'm sure we could find space for that. for a secondary port... Guangzhou would probably be better economically, Manchuria tends to be exlusively military technology. 16:03 EmperorWymore Why has it not been brought up to full operational capacity 16:03 PresidentMarxon If it gets approved by the senate we can get it up to 7 or 8, but any higher would take almost a month of preperation 16:03 EmperorWymore Why is that? 16:04 PresidentMarxon Well, currently we have a strong emphasis on Internal Security, and most of our focus is towards that and controlling protests. 16:05 EmperorWymore Shouldn't your military always be able to handle any threat 16:05 PresidentMarxon well, yes. 16:05 PresidentMarco To be fair, their nation did face an assassination on their leader. 16:05 PresidentMarxon But as I said before, following President Herald's death we have been very unbalanced, and I have failed in my job of picking up the pieces. 16:06 PresidentMarxon You must realize I have possibly been the worst leader Modern America has seen. 16:08 EmperorWymore CRNA is pretty bad 16:09   PresidentMarco snickers 16:10 PresidentMarxon You wouldn't understand the frustration our people have with me unless you personally lived in California. 16:10 PresidentMarxon And Empress, I was thinking Tokyo and Cape Horn. Is that fine? 16:10 PresidentMarco How goes the search for the killer? 16:11 EmpressHoshiko There is not much trade in Cape Horn, Tierra Del Fuego is a military base. 16:11 PresidentMarxon The search? 16:11   PresidentMarxon Frowns 16:12 PresidentMarxon Failing at another duty, President Marxon 16:12 PresidentMarxon And Empress, the duty of the WTC is to create trade, 16:12 EmperorWymore Cascadia has some excellent counter terrorism tema 16:12 EmperorWymore teams 16:13 EmpressHoshiko there is not anything to trade though, is my point, the island has been converted to a military base and has no industry. 16:14 PresidentMarxon No offense, but I think the least people want right now is for Cascadia to come into California, no disrespect intended. It's just that the people hold grudges, and sometimes Democracy does not work fast enough. Sometimes I think having a monarch would be beneficial. 16:15 PresidentMarxon But, California is a Republic, purely. 16:15 EmperorWymore Honestly it is time California have another civil war 16:15 PresidentMarxon for what goals? 16:15 PresidentMarxon there is no leader willing to stand up to our senate. 16:16 PresidentMarco Whys that? 16:16 PresidentMarxon I don't know. Possibly our people simply like democracy? 16:17 EmperorWymore Hey 16:17 PresidentMarxon yes? 16:17 EmperorWymore Release a poll to figure out your supporters 16:18 PresidentMarxon Like the government would allow a poll to be released that could ruin their careers. 16:18 EmperorWymore Gain the support of the army 16:18 PresidentMarco Aren't you the government? 16:18 PresidentMarxon Possibly it's just fear holding them back. Again, nobody is going to be willing to fight back. 16:18 EmperorWymore You need to stand up to your senate 16:19 EmperorWymore The senate can't do anything without the support of the army 16:19 PresidentMarxon No leader will stand up and lead the Separatists. 16:19 PresidentMarxon Once the new President is elected, my career will be over too 16:20 EmperorWymore Don't you have private security forces 16:20 PresidentMarxon PresidentMarco, I am not the government, the people are. 16:20 PresidentMarxon EmperorWymore, yes? 16:21 PresidentMarco Your a direct democracy? 16:21 PresidentMarco Interesting 16:21 EmpressHoshiko I am the government of East Asia 16:21 EmpressHoshiko we still have democracy 16:21 EmpressHoshiko but sometimes democracy needs a guiding hand 16:21 PresidentMarxon PresidentMarco The senate of elected officials are only supposed to do what the people want. I barely have any authority. 16:22 PresidentMarco The problem with that, Mr Marxon, is the average person does not know what he wants. 16:22 PresidentMarxon There will be nobody that understands the politics and is willing to be the leader of the Rebels, so they will just be a loose group of terrorists. 16:23 PresidentMarxon What would the Rebels even be fighting for, EmperorWymore? 16:24 EmperorWymore A better government 16:24 EmperorWymore I AM TELLING YOU TO LEAD THE REBELS 16:25 PresidentMarxon What type of government would you suppose, if I may ask? 16:26 PresidentMarxon and thank you for that, it is very kind. 16:26 EmperorWymore Monarchy 16:27 PresidentMarxon California Republic, as a monarchy. Interesting idea. California Kingdom? California Empire? What?(I'll be AFK for 5-10 minutes) 16:27 PresidentMarxon Wait for me please. 16:27 PresidentMarxon OOC: But answer while you wait 16:28 EmperorWymore The Kingdom of California 16:28 PresidentMarco His Majestys Marxons Royal kingdom/empire of California 16:29 PresidentMarco I can see it now 16:34 EmpressHoshiko What the hell, I can support regime change so long as the new regime is friendly towards the Imperium and can pledge to support Pacific Security. 16:36 EmperorWymore Oh your still here 16:43   *** PresidentMarxon quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client) 16:49 PresidentMarco So 16:49 PresidentMarco I think this meeting is finished? 16:50 PresidentMarco It was a pleasure... I guess 16:50 EmpressHoshiko it was certainly a thing 16:51 PresidentMarco Till next time, Empress, Emperor. 16:51   *** PresidentMarco is now known as supercheese 16:51   *** EmpressHoshiko is now known as Mogar 16:52   *** EmperorWymore is now known as Dillon

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(07:19) * KingGregory dials the number to Empress Hoskiko's office.
(07:23) - Mogar is now known as EmpressHoshiko
(07:23) <EmpressHoshiko>Hello again King Gregory, to what do I owe the pleasure?
(07:24) * KingGregory gets a 1-900 number promising never ending delights and quickly redials for Empress Hoshiko's office.
(07:24) <KingGregory>"Err, yes, I'm calling for an update on California. My intelligence offices tell me they are seemingly in the midst of a civil war and have been reduced to their former national borders?"
(07:29) <EmpressHoshiko>"From what I know, they appear to have had a disagreement between their senate and president over expansion into Nevada. The president apparently then began a civil war. After a conversation with Cascadia and the United Caribbean States, I authorized a No Fly Zone over the northern section of the state to assist the UCS's own over the southern section of the state. I haven't had much
(07:29) <EmpressHoshiko>interaction with either side but limiting the damage caused by either to the infrastructure and civilian population and ensuring a rapid resolution is a priority to minimize potential damage to the Pacific Trade.
(07:30) <KingGregory>So one could safely say the necessity for.... *coughs* encouraging them to look inward by third party actors is no longer necessary?
(07:32) <EmpressHoshiko>I have no idea what you are refering to, there have been reports of possible pirates within the Eastern Pacific, but it is fortunately not our problem, should the Californian or Cascadians encounter any situations we feel they can handle themselves.
(07:33) <KingGregory>Indeed, I catch your drift. Onto other topics.
(07:33) <KingGregory>France in particular.
(07:34) <KingGregory>We have extended an offer of support to Empress Tanilee in regards to the Fascist and Communist factions.
(07:37) <EmpressHoshiko>We look forward to working with you then. I have been working to minimize any foreign nations electing to intervene. I do not believe that Empress Jeanne would wish for her legacy to be tarnished by the current bloodshed, and restoring France to stability under the LaQueu regime would be our ideal scenario, the other choices are far less likely to provide for a strong France. The Nationalists
(07:37) <EmpressHoshiko>especially are concerning.
(07:41) <KingGregory>Indeed. Very well, should the Imperium need logistical support, medical support, or fire support please call upon the offices of General Rol Mbembe. He has been tasked with overseeing the Maltese contribution to this effort. He has orders to support Allied efforts for the duration of this conflict.
(07:46) <EmpressHoshiko>I'll have my people contact him. I suppose I should also note we intend on moving at least 40,000 troops to assist the loyalists, as well as a few squadrons of aircraft to help secure aerial superiority against the nationalists. We have already informed Alvonia of this, but if you will be providing assistance I feel you should be aware as well.
(07:48) <KingGregory>That's good information to have on hand. What specific requirements do you have for Class B materials (gas, oil, food, water..)?
(07:50) <EmpressHoshiko>I haven't finalized those details with Tanilee, I expect their supply lines to be rather unstable until this is resolved. I can get back to you with an exact location that would be ideal for that sort of thing. Air transport of everything but fuel and water is rather easy for us, but we will more than likely require water and fuel.
(07:53) <KingGregory>Malta will satisfy all of your water, food, and fuel requirements until this issue is resolved. This should free up considerable pressure on your supply lines. We can deliver via sea or air depending upon the location of your field forces. If you can give us a position along the coast we'll begin creating a floating reserve of thirty days of Class B materials. Likewise we can probably satisfy all your small arms
(07:53) <KingGregory> ammunition requirements as well depending upon the calibers. This ought to allow you to focus on moving men and machines without all the trival annoying details of keeping them moving.
(07:54) <KingGregory>Given we use different designs I'd like to say we could probably assist with spare parts, but I'm not sure if that's possible.
(07:58) <EmpressHoshiko>We have signifigant air transport capability given our large number of islands, ammunition would be appreciated though, allowing us to focus on the more heavy necessities. I thank you for your offer of assistance. Perhaps I can work out some sort of discount with METI of rare earth minerals or Uranium in the future.
(08:01) <KingGregory>Being as obssesed with commerce as we are we'll never say no to a discount. I'll inform the Surgeon General of the AMF to ensure bedspace exists for treating injured French and Imperium nationals. I'm certain you have your own arrangements for treating your wounded but not having to worry too much about Allied French citizens and soldiers ought to be something. We'll handle that issue as well, these arrangements
(08:01) <KingGregory> ought to build in a significant layer of redundancy into your war planning. A certain reprobate suggested these to me and requested that I ask if you've polished your sword of late. Not a single clue as to what he means by this.
(08:05) * EmpressHoshiko smiled slightly, not that you could see such a gesture through a phone. "I was once given a sword by a nation that existed near your holdings in Port Sudan, just before the nuclear exchange with the Twin Chinas. It is good to see there are still those that remember the old days. I look forward to working towards more fruitful relations with French neighbors."
(08:06) <KingGregory>A stable France makes for a stable neighborhood, we all benefit. I'd say though, particularly the French the most.
(08:07) <EmpressHoshiko>From my perspective, having a counterweight to the Nordic bloc is also in the interests of Southern Europe.
(08:08) <KingGregory>I'm unsure what to think about the Nordic Hammer group. They seem content with keeping to their part of Europe.
(08:08) <KingGregory>They certainly seem agreeable enough when I'm investing in their railways.
(08:12) <EmpressHoshiko>I've worked with several of their members, I am just also aware that Europe does not tend to stay quiet for very long, it's always been the center of tensions for as long as I have existed. I was merely commenting that a balanced Europe ensures conflicts are unlikely.
(08:15) <KingGregory>My neighbors do seem rather hotblooded at times. I've often wondered if its a byproduct of so many generations of inbreding amongst their much lauded upper classes.
(08:19) * EmpressHoshiko pulls her phone away for a moment to read a text from Tanilee, "La Rochelle will be where we intend on sending our armor, that would be the ideal locationto set up the floating reserve. Royal bloodlines have always been a strange subject, but I'd think it has more to do with having so many nations in such a small space. Asia is primarily five nations and we've developed a level of
(08:19) * EmpressHoshiko cooperation among ourselves, the Americans have seven nations merely in the same land that the United States used to hold, and as we began the conversation with have proven to be similar to the Europeans in that regard."
(08:21) <KingGregory>Silly blighters the lot of them, they should worry about more important things, commerce comes to mind. I will send notice to the AMF General Staff and the floating reserve will assemble near La Rochelle.
(08:22) <EmpressHoshiko>I certainly try to focus on economy as well, what good is fighting a war if you cannot maintain the weaponry to fight one?
(08:23) <KingGregory>With the King's Trading Company I've expanded Malta's economic reach into numerous developing economies. We tend to invest heavily in developing economies rather than more mature ones. We've found that often mature economies are difficult to establish a presence unless a very specific niche can be carved out. Much like the Landfallians managed when they established themselves here in Malta with that foul drink they flog.
(08:26) <EmpressHoshiko>I do enjoy the occasional Death Vodka. We tend to focus primarily on advanced consumer electronics, oil and natural gas for exports as we don't require large amounts of either for electricity production or non military transport.
(08:27) <KingGregory>Transport is our primary interest and might I ask you of the condition of the Trans-Siberian Railway?
(08:30) <EmpressHoshiko>We've upgraded the line within our holdings to handle the same high speed locomotives we use within the Imperium. I have considered working with the... Soviets to upgrade their rail system as well, since time in transport is of importance, but it would be of signifigant cost to do so all the way to Europe proper.
(08:32) <KingGregory>We too have invested in the Soviet Rail System. Along with the Belorussian system, the Hungarian system, and the Alovnian system. We hope to gain a market share in the French system, but given the French situation that's going to need to wait. With that in mind, I'd like to ask if there exists a possibility of the King's Trading Company purchasing stock or directly investing in the Trans-Siberian and Northern China railways?
(08:34) <EmpressHoshiko>I would have to discuss that with METI, as the rail line is owned by an independant corporation. I would support a joint investure into the Soviet protectorate region to bring it up to our standards, it would cut the time between Moscow and Busan in half.
(08:35) <KingGregory>Your Majesty, you need not trifle yourself with such mundane tasks. I'll have my assistant call METI directly. As for the Soviet Protectorate region, a jointly funded corporation would be highly advantageous for both I should think.
(08:39) <EmpressHoshiko>That would be agreeable to me. I think we could arrange for Shanghai to be connected to the rail network and allow you easier transport than by ship from your trading port there.
(08:39) <KingGregory>That'd certainly be useful.
(08:39) <KingGregory>I can't stay on the line much longer, too much to do, shall we have our assistants work out the fine print for us?
(08:43) <EmpressHoshiko>I look forward to working together with you, I will have my ministers prepare for what we agreed to and figure out the details. Until we speak again.
(08:43) <KingGregory>Take care, till then.
(08:43) * KingGregory hangs up

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