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There are few things that Dragons love more than money, one of those being stats.  


Time to collect some casualties.


This is normally where I'd invoke some awesome name, terrible pun treaty name, or just A name.  However they didn't see fit to name this treaty...so...yah.


Argent hereby activates Article IV of our MDoAP with Anarchy Inc and declares a state of war on the North Atlantic Defense Coalition.  



Lowsten, the Great and Powerful Emperor
trimm, Regent
Junruler, Minister of Internal Affairs
Janax, Dragon Emperor
And without further ado... 
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I wonder how long Aft has to burn before their allies decide "To enter on their terms." Might as well just come out and cancel for all its been worth, honestly.

Actually they don't need wait one minute. They're well aware their allies will enter as soon as they wish us to.

Atm I think they're enjoying seeing who else will cowardly bandwagon in.
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