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GOONS now protecting RDS

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Protection Agreement between RDS and GOONS
I. Sovereignty and Conduct
A. GOONS will act as the protector of RDS should RDS find itself threatened militarily or politically.
B. RDS agrees to conduct its foreign policy civilly and responsibly.
II. Defense and Intelligence
A. GOONS will provide financial and military assistance in event of another alliance attacks RDS.
B. RDS will retain the option to join in the defense of GOONS during wartime, but is not obligated to do so.
C. Both GOONS and RDS agree to share intelligence and gossip between themselves.
III. Foreign Policy
A. RDS agrees not to sign any treaties other than Optional Defense Pacts, or Peace, Intelligence, and Aid, Treaties while this protectorate is valid.
B. RDS agrees to join the Black team and support GOONS political goals.
C. RDS agrees to nationalize its foreign aid slots within the GOONS Aid Slot Nationalization Program and will not conduct third-party tech deals.
IV. Maturation of Agreement
A. This protectorate will begin following the completion of ASN integration and RDS's switch to the Black team.
V. Cancellation of Protectorate Agreement
A. RDS or GOONS may cancel this agreement after providing 72 hours notice to the other party.
Signed for the Royal Dagger Society:
- Blackeyebilly, Prince
- Queen Xandra, Princess
- General Assembly (100% approval)
Signed for The Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence and Sadism:
Sardonic, Pilot
KenMorningstar, Co-Pilot
ComradeMilton, Secretariat
Bear Retrieval Unit, Strategos
Aesculus, Pecuniator
Darksol, Slide, r00tn00b, dalstrs, NikolaP, Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz


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Oh NoOoO Billy!!! :facepalm: Lol jk good luck...o/ :popcorn:

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