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Most Holy Elesufi Proclamation and Declaration of Decimation

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A Decree to The Imperial

Every Elesufi child know this story from our ancient past: About how a giant beast king who sits on a mountain of turds climbed down from his throne and ravaged our ancient home. In that hour of darkness, JIM! became prophet Haraldur. He and his small band of faithful men and women urinated on the toes of the king. When the turd king bent over to see why he felt so aroused, they cut the tongue from his mouth. Forcing the king to squeal in pain, cry, and run back to its home to spew red blood all over its mountain of turds.

For you see, there is an unspoken praise for the turd king by the mystics in our land, for if he hadn't come and united the anarchists, the Elesufi faith might never have been born. We respect him as much as we can respect the unenlightened powindah

Unfortunately, now in our modern times, the descendants of the turd king no longer hold the throne. Their Mountain Kingdom was infected by a fungus that feeds on turds and the power to generate tech and infra with it. They, the fecal munchers, have poisoned their minds causing their minds to decay. Turd mountain people laugh a distorted laugh as they rampage toward our friends...

...our friends at SNX have made contact with them. They report: Like the original kings, their pride is still there. They still wear his silk suits, and they still spout their used car-salesmen rhetoric. One almost doesn’t notice the brown tint that sullies his dignity and teeth.
He had been eating his own turds!

The monster is desperate. He needs everyone to laugh their distorted laugh or he will be forced to acknowledge he has truly lost.
We have no respect for this kind of rotting filthy beast.
With genitalia in one hand, we'll wash the turds from his mouth. With scissors in the other, we will make him squeal again.

The Libertarian Socialist Federation activates its treaty with SNX and declares war on the New Pacific Order

May Elesef have mercy on your soul, for we shall have none.
Could you please wait to acknowledge this, everyone is asleep right now. We'll come in the morning.

The Delegates Council of the Libertarian Socialist Federation.

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