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Pew! War Doves DoW

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War Doves DoW

War Doves declare war on Citadel and Misfits. This is partly due to wanting a rematch as we fought earlier in the round. That, and the fact there were no other good targets ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

In any case...pew pew pew!


- Belisarius, ToIA of the War Doves
- Echoes, the man behind the curtain
- Howlin' "What a guy" Mad
- Kurdanak's unresponsive IRC nick
- Samwise's ghost
...and brought to you by the Letter "B."
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us 33 members with a 10.5k (ish) ANS and 18 nukes


Misfits 13 members, 12.6k ANS and 5 nukes


Citadel 19 members, 10.6k ANS 0 nukes.


This is after update stats after attacks and some nukes were spied away.

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Something something peace something something this not my job anymore something something :v:



Ah yes I knew there was something I was meant to do before I went to bed. 

Peace was agreed last night. We all enjoyed showing off our dance moves. Big respect to Misfits and Citadel for a fun fight! 

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