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The Trade Committee

Peter Ilyich

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"With this view, I will immediately hire a suitable architect to construct something glorious." He smiled."And moving on, I am currently negotiating with the little group of bickering nations over in Greenland to give us a trade outpost there. It is fairly centralized, great for North Atlantic trade. Comments?"




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A couple hours later a large board is rolled into the room. After Marxon quietly talked with the men with the board for a few minutes, he smiled, confidently said, "Are we ready to see the World Trade Committee HQ?" He then flipped the board around and showed them everything on it-


Trade Committee Headquarters - World Trade Hub, Havana, UCS

Designed to perfection by a brilliant architect, built with extreme care, and housing the largest Trade association ever established The World Trade Committee, the World Trade Hub is located in the United Caribbean States city of Havana and features hundreds of spaces for ships to dock, multiple smaller towers all connected to the central tower rising high into the sky, not to mention it is fairly adjacent to the city Airport. But, if you must, there are helicopter landing pads on the roof and more on the ground below, as well as a runway for small, 1-4 person planes. Perhaps one of the greatest things about this building is the few from the roof at sunset, where you might just begin to cry, or be filled with awe. Also, the price is nothing that cannot be afforded by multiple nations, if they all pitch in!


California Representatives would clap as the lights turned back on. Marxon looked half shocked and half excited for a few moments before he snapped back into it and said, "So, what do we think?"

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The Iraq Republic would be able to ship over 2 million barrels to California within a week. We can charge as low as $40 a barrel, that would significantly give California a cheap reliable source of fuel. If other nations are interested, we can and will ship petroleum at a lower price than any other nation. We have a large tanker fleet and more than able to supply everyone within the trade committee.  

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