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The Druk Yul Airship Flotilla in CNRPA

Maelstrom Vortex

Druk Yul airships, scrap or keep?  

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I don't see how maybe would apply to the last two questions. Especially the last one. I am mostly seeking for a positive or negative sentiment and maybe isn't an indicator of these.


Air ships are zepplins. The navy replacement thing are supposed to be large heavy zepplins. I'm leaning towards phasing them out based on the feedback in favor of more observation, signal intelligence, and transport role craft.. less as weapons platforms due to weight considerations.


They work like any other zepplin, density differences between gasses cause those of the contained gasses within the vessel to generate lift and load bearing capability. The types of loads that could potentially be carried are to numerous to fully expand upon in this thread.

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I appreciate the feedback. Based on this I will be mostly eliminating the airship fleet save for their known rl roles.. particularly as signal intelligence and recon vehicles that serve at most in an escort capacity for my fleets and cover my shipping lanes. They will continue to serve as commercial transit. They will not replace warships. For military purposes I'll probably have no more than 10 signal intelligence and light troop transport dirigibles. I hope these refinements will make more people content and acceptable of them in the rp as they won't be deviating from RL roles and should hopefully be considered general canon when the revisions are completed.

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