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New France: Factbook

Peter Ilyich

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[size=7]The Kingdom and Imperium of New France[/size]
The Kingdom and Imperium of New France, also known as simply New France, is an independent nation located on the continent of America. It declares to be the only nation to survive the global collapse after revealing evidence of French Canada's(Known as New France) Declaration of Independence from France in the year 1661, and became the largest unrecognized nation on the planet, controlled by the Depot House until overthrown and taken over by the Espoir House in 1765. It's claim has since changed and moved East.
Table of Contents ^Hide
1. History
1.1. The New French Colony
1.2. Declaring Independence
1.3. The Fall of the Depot House
1.4. Espoir House
1.5. Modern Times
2. Economy
3. Foreign Relations
4. Population & Culture
4.1. Population
4.2. Religion
4.3. Language
4.4. Other Culture
5. Geography
5.1. Natural Geography
5.2. Political Geography
5.3. Infrastructure
6. Politics
6.1 Political Structure
6.2. Political Parties
6.3. Elections
7. Military

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