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A Tea-time Announcement


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Hello to my patriots out there,

From recent announcements I am completely shocked and dismayed at The New Polar Order's policies of punishing the 1% of nations with a new tech tax. It's completely disgusting. If Dajobo (most likely Sojabo) and his Marxist members of the order want to put this new tax up and unemploy these tech sellers, I hope he realizes the consequences of doing so.

If Dajobo and his fat cat buddies in The New Polar Order knew what they were doing they would have nation's large enough to hit these 1% and not be punishing them for being successful. However I guess it's a policy of DajoboCare to punish the successful and trickle down tech upon themselves out of their own greed. True patriots like myself can see the massive economic effects throughout our planet and that it is dangerous to our future. I've heard from an informant in the order that Dajobo and his Marxist ideologies will be wanting us all to apply to be tech buyers and sellers in the world.

It is with these two things in mind I propose the following:

1) Dajobo prove he is not Sojabo and show a video of him filling out the registration page dated the day when he was created.
2) Complete repeal of DajoboCare and its effects on are economies.
3) Dajobo step down and put a patriot in charge of the New Polar Order.
4) Edit the New Polar Order constitution to include references to God and Jesus.

If these demands are not met within 7 days then The Tea Party declares war on the New Polar Order and will completely shut down the government on victory. God bless the Jesus warriors out there on the front line fighting for their tech deals and for our 1%ers. You men are patriots and Jesus is smiling upon you tonight. The Tea Party stands behind you men.

God Bless

Edited by SarahPalin
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I wonder how much love our Order gets, even "this new kid on the block" wants to join in......Now I don't mind about that all that "Black Mailing and stuff."

Anyway in the wise words from the rifleman squad in that other game: "Sir? With all due respect....Are you high?"

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Yeah I think I'll have to agree with Dajobo on this one. If that doesn't work I'd suggest contacting RIA :smug:


You won't fool me buddy. The Russian Intelligence Agency has nothing on me, I watch their every move. Edited by SarahPalin
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