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Imperial Decree - DBDC


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Several days ago DBDC launched an unprovoked attack on Polaris and several of our allies. We waited patiently for their Declaration of War but DBDC appear to feel they are above that. As such, the New Polar Order formally acknowledges a state of war with DBDC.

Sadly as we are all aware, DBDC nations are huge and after one round of war for most of us, totally out of range. This being the case does not remove the fact that they have declared war on us, nor does it mean we accept the war has ended. I know this will be a shock to you DBDC, but you don't have the right to dictate who may build a nation.

Sending aid to an alliance at war is an act of war on the alliance they are fighting. The convention for several years now has been to overlook this, as it was usually insignificant in the big picture. In DBDC's case though it's different. For reasons better discussed in other venues cutting their tech supply is the only place we have any chance to make a difference.

From today forward until a peace agreement has been struck between the New Polar Order and DBDC, we reserve the right to add any nation sending tech to DBDC to our target lists and they may be attacked at anytime.
Please take note - this is not and will not constitute a declaration of war on any alliance because a member decided to send aid. An alliance can not send aid, only a nation ruler can.

Some of you may choose as an alliance to declare an aggressive war on Polaris for hitting your members. That will be your choice.

As the attack on us by DBDC was unwarranted and no explanation offered, over the coming days I may formally activate some MDP's. Some allies may join us, some may decline.

You will know if they appear on the aider's war screens.
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Some of you may choose as an alliance to declare an aggressive defensive war on Polaris for hitting your members. That will be your choice.



Simple fix provided.

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An very applaudable move that you should have done long ago. Now you can finally make things interesting.

Though that thing about DBDC's attacks triggering "defensive" pacts, but anyone responding to their members being hit by you going "aggressive" lets it down a bit. Just a bit.

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