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Seven Nation Aftermath


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Seven Nation Aftermath


We're gonna fight 'em off
A seven nation Aftermath can't be held back
We're gonna nuke it off
Taking their time right behind our backs
And we're laughin' to ourselves at update
Because we won't regret
Back and forth through our minds
Behind a cigarette

And the message comin' from our eyes says, "Leave SNX alone..."

Don't wanna hear about it
Every single one's got a story to tell
Everyone knows about it
From Chimaera of MI6 to Letum of NPO
And if we catch it comin' back our way
We're gonna serve it to you
And that ain't what you want to hear
But that's what we'll do

And the feeling coming from our nukes says, "Find a home..."

We're going to Pacifica
Far from peace for the war
We're not gonna withdraw
Make the tech drip out of every pore
And you're bleeding, and you're bleeding, and you're bleeding
Right before the lord
All the words are gonna bleed from you
And you will think no more

And the stains comin' from your blood tells you, "Go back home..."



Signed for the Christian Coalition of Countries,

Shergzus - Chancellor

Llanowar Elf - Vice Chancellor

Jesusfreak - Minister of Defense

Yeshua Solomon - Minister of Economics

Lilwierdward - Minister of Internal Affairs

Wes the Handsome - Minister of Foreign Affairs


Signed for the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers,

"A great evil came over the lands neighboring CRAP. As Jubjub and his Armies of Darkness began his great purge,

it became clear confrontation was inevitable. So CRAP gathered its army in the nameof Zort and his son

Harvey the Wonder Hamster and charged headfirst into the impeding darkness knowing full well that their

people and land would be burned; for they understood that one must first fall before one can truly rise."

~The Book Of CRAP 7:11.14
constapatedape - Triumvirate of CRAP

Liltrekkie - Minister of Finances, Minister of Kitten Konsumption

Tiagoroth - Minister of Foreign Affairs, Overlord of Aftermath

Sarahleigh - Not Even Gov, Liltrekkie's Deaupty, Kitten Kannibal, Sexy Secretary


Signed for Invicta,

/s/ Ellis - President
/s/ President Gunn - Chief of Staff of Invicta
/s/ xR1 Fatal Instinct - Minister of Foreign Affairs
/s/ Jon32492 - Minister of Internal Affairs

/s/ KingWilliam - Minister of Finance

/s/ Contra - Minister of War


Signed for the North Atlantic Defense Coalition,

Aurelius - Secretary General and Chairman of the Atlantic Council (on behalf of the Atlantic Council)



Signed for The Templar Knights,

Teredona - Grand Master of The Templar Knights


Signed for the United Purple Nations,

Seuwp - Head of State

Robster - Second in Command and Minister of Foreign Affairs

Altheus - Minister of Defense

Hansarius - Minister of Internal Affairs

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