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As the silly web we all weave appears to be spiraling once again into war, I guess this is a good of a time as any to make a new treaty web topic. I was inspired to make this dedicated topic by the 'What I want for Christmas' topic posted yesterday.
So like I posted in that topic, here is the link to our RI5 powered 2D treaty web: http://rialliance.net/treatyweb.html
Click the wrench in bottom right corner to minimize or maximize filtering options. You can filter be treaty type, alliance rank (1-X), and treaty color. Ignore the 'add a new treaty' section since thats just a broken link to LoSS' forum. If you somehow notice anything missing or incorrect, just post about it and we'll get around to fixing it eventually. >_>
*original credit for the front end code goes to Phoebus of LoSS (http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/117027-loss-treaty-web/). We just borrowed it and shifted the back-end data to come from RI5 instead of their servers.

Example screenshots:

Here is the mess of a web with all 134 alliances in the system with only MDP+ treaties:


...and here is the even crazier looking one with ODPs included. I barely managed to grab a screenshot before various sections starting seizuring (which can be amusing to watch):


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FEAR & WP no longer exist

FTW treaties are:



edit: also make sure to make our circle bigger. ;)


Added all FTW treaties. Removed WP & FEAR treaties. I think the circle sizes are automatically calculated by how big the alliance is. :P


what is RI5?

this is cool stuff,
LSF and NATO no longer treatied


RIA's Robot Overlord which includes a stat/aid/war/treaty database/tracker.


Removed LSF-NATO.


R15 is the coolest thing ever. Stat tracker that RIA has


I (capital i) not 1 :P


IRON no longer has a treaty with Int.

Umbrella no longer has a treaty with MI6. DoD also cancelled on MI6.


Removed all 3.

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IRON is not tied to TIO anymore.

You can add IRON links to FTW, DT, NPO and DBDC link in non-MDP+ web. 


Removed TIO-IRON. The others were already there.


How could this not have the powerhouse alliance that is Reavers on it?


Are we too old and disgruntled for RI5 to handle?





I don't know what your talking about, I can see you guys. :P


R&R is written with an ampersand, you heathen.


Haha sorry but the system appears to not like the ampersand as it shows up like "R&R" if I manually change it. Unless you want to be shown like that it'll have to remain as is unless you bug Ogaden to see if its fixable. :P


Sorry, you're going to have to live with it. R15. M16. It happens all the time. :|


Indeed. :v


Mortal Wombat now also has a MDoAP with Umbrella.




Sengoku NPO is missing.



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I truly appreciate this fine representation of PB. If I might, Old Guard is friendly with The Templar Knights and the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers in the same way you have represented our relationships with The Order of the Black Rose and the Union of Communist Republics.


I shall revisit this cat toy next time I am drinking. Many thanks.

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