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New France Rising

Peter Ilyich

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Back centuries ago, France were some of the leaders of exploration in the New World. France established New France as a territory of their own, to lead in the world's exploration. As time went on, however, the British began to rise in colonization and France began to fall. It was perhaps by the end of Napolean's time that New World claims were at an all time low. Years went on, and by the time Louisiana became American, French presence was gone. Until the global collapse.

It was the world's downfall that led to France's uprising, however as the nation of France rose, no presence in the New World came with it. Until now. The founding of the independent Kingdom of New France, led by one King Gon Clovis, who is to be the king of the people of New France. A new nation has risen.

But why now? While the rest of the Americas rose again, the New England area had become a lost land, in which no nation had risen in decades. The New French colonized, then rebuilt the lands and created a new nation from the ashes of an old one.

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