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A Return to Peace


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March 21, Year 1, Constantinople


Arista Pappadopolous signed her name to the document before her, and slid it across her desk to the aid who was waiting. It was the last of the papers that was needed to declare the new government of Greece, the final paper to move Greece from a state of internal strife and civil war, to a state of peace and stability. Though the war had been over for some time, the remnants of the monarchy had held out until, at last, a peace deal had been brokered. Now, before her, stood the last of the monarchy's generals, his hands folded behind his back as he stood before her desk. Several Greek guards were present, their weapons carefully not aimed at the General or his men, but the threat was there nonetheless; should these men of violence give any sign that they intended harm to the new Prime Minister, they would be gunned down before they could act upon their foul impulses.


“It is done,” General Kazilieris spoke softly for a man of his size. He unclasped his hands and ran his fingers over his beard, a nervous habit of his, before extending his hand toward Arista. She eyed his hand for a moment before standing and taking it.


“To a united Greece,” she said as they clasped hands. There was a moment of tension where neither would release the other, but Kazilieris gave a short nod in the end, “A united Greece. For the people,” he said in a near whisper.


[Public excerpt from the Eleftherotypia news paper]

There was celebration in the streets today as the government announced the finalization of the peace deal that has brought an end to the civil war that had gripped the nation. The peace deal, in addition to formally ending the fighting, has moved the nation's capital from Sparta to Constantinople, a city that both factions have agreed is a neutral ground, and a historic site for the Greek people.


As part of the peace deal, the remaining monarchist forces have been given pardons for their actions, and are to be folded into the armed forces. General Kazilieris, the commander of the remaining monarchist forces, has assumed the position of Minister of Defense, a move widely decried by those who have called for the General's arrest and trial for war crimes.


With the peace signed, Greece has formally re-opened its borders to foreign diplomats and business people.

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Lord Andrija, Knight of the Order of Saint John, would be dispatched to Greece bearing a gift and a royal commission to act as the Maltese Ambassador. The Royal Commision was etched into a finely crafted shield bearing the Maltese Cross upon its face. The gift, a case of the finest 35 year old Death Juice from the Landfallian Distillery of Valletta. 

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