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Rule, Britannia!


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Rule, Britannia!

The collapse of both the original government and the Empire of Carthage shortly after another had sent true shockwaves through British society, the people didn’t know where their King was and the rest of the government had been unable to compensate. The only hope of the British state had to find the other heir to the Stuart line. William had never really considered himself much of a leader. He had spent most of his childhood traveling the world and his recent years he had primarily spent in Portugal. As such the appearance of soldiers at his home in Porto was quite a surprise. Especially more so when it became clear they were wearing British uniforms rather than Carthaginian ones as William would expect.


“William Stuart? Prime Minister Urquhart would like to speak with you in the British Consulate. Please allow us to take you there” The leading officer, a Colonel going by his uniform, said as he approached William.


“What for Colonel?” William asked slightly surprised.


“It is about your nephew, King Henry.”


William had heard enough on the news about the collapse of his home country and the opportunists in Alvonia and France taking advantage of its moment of weakness. William nodded before stepping into the car the soldiers had prepared. After a relatively long drive they arrived at the Consulate in Lisbon. The building had mostly been abandoned by now but there was still a significant presence of military surprisingly. It seemed they were taking no risks. As he was escorted further inside he arrived at what most likely used to be the Consul’s Office.


“Mister Stuart, it is a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance” The man, who he immediately recognized as Urquhart, said as he shook William’s hand. “Thank you Prime Minister, I must ask though. Why did you want to see me?” William asked before taking a seat. Francis nodded for the soldiers to leave the room and close the door.


“Britain is in significant trouble. The disappearance of King Henry sent shockwaves through society and without the protection of Carthage we have no real means of defending against the vultures in Alvonia and France. The British people need a new King and you are the best hope we have for the continued existence of our realm. Not just ours at that, the collapse of Carthage has also left other territories  in crisis and numerous parts of the Commonwealth have pled for new leadership. “

William had been happy for Henry when he ascended to the throne, his name had always given him a certain amount of fame which he loved to use on his travels but beyond that it seemed highly unlikely he would ever be involved with the British state more than that. This offer however was major. An ascension to throne of perhaps the most significant empire the world had ever seen. Before even realizing it himself he nodded.


“I accept the honour, Prime Minister”




Standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace William looked over massive crowds of people. From Scotland, Portugal, Ireland, Australia and of course England itself people had all come to welcome their new King. While some islands had been lost to regional powers the United Kingdom truly stood larger than before.


“My people,


Once again Britannia has survived. Once again the German fascists have been expelled from our territory and once again France has been denied the ability to oppress these British Isles. We also welcome our eternal allies in Portugal as well as the people of Tasmania and Gibraltar who have seen it fit to return to this United Kingdom. The United Kingdom will remain a beacon of light in a dark world and we will rule the waves. To our former allies I extend an open hand. Your support for this country has not been forgotten and we will gladly activate our former agreements again. To our cousins in the Americas I also extend an open hand for the mutual prosperity of all our peoples. Finally we must not forget the sacrifice Carthage has made in protecting us in our time of need. In line with this I have declared a protectorate status over Spain to defend these peoples against foreign incursions.”

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"The Russian Federation welcomes Britannia back, and expresses interest in resuming the talks that were held between the ancien regime and the previous British government, and which had apparently gone nowhere."

"Considering the history shared between the United Kingdom and Russia we would gladly send an envoy to Russia for negotiations"

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"The Kingdom of Hannover is over joyed at the news that a strong Britain has risen again in these troubling times. We hope that we can maintain the same strong connections we had with your predecessor with yourselves". 

"Of course as stated in His Majesty the King's original declaration the United Kingdom intends to maintain the pre-existing ties with Hanover."

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