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Please label the following as Northlands Protectorates: Malta, Tunisia, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, Prince Edward Islands, South Africa (and Lesotho), Maldives, Sri Lanka, Lakshadweep Islands, Maltese Trading Posts (MSH, KSH, BSH). 


Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria can be labeled a Northlands Protectorate or Contested depending on the wishes of Markus. The British Isles are contested. Greece is currently unclear. Thanks!

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Please remove United Californian Republics. I am going to see if I can get waived for the...


United Kingdom & Ireland as the United Worker Republics. If you could include 2 or 3 or there other small territories that would be appreciated.


EDIT: If I could get a red possibly like Shanghai or a little lighter, that would be nice.

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