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Malta Prevails...

Captain Enema

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The roiling turmoil of the GW8 and the 14th European War of Resistance had left Malta fairly unscathed in the greater scheme of things. rubble had to be cleaned up, homes rebuilt, and an economic roller coaster ride survived. The steadfastness and faith of the Maltese grew even stronger as their eyes turned away from their formal carnal pleasures and back to the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Channel hand bags were out and God was back in for most of Malta.


The Knights of the Hospitalar was reformed and its ranks grew swiftly as hundreds of young men answered the call to serve god. As the Maltese Defense Force grew, the Knights grew along with it. Before long the Knights consisted of enough men and equipment to send and support Regimental sized units abroad for an extended period of time. This came to be valued highly by the Maltese people and Government as often they could point out the Knights answered only to God and that the Maltese government bound by tradition and treaties could not interfere. 


Whatever the cause, whatever the place, whatever the cost, the Knights Hospitalar were ready and willing to serve God. The people of Malta and through certain covert channels the government of Malta supported them in their efforts to follow the lamb of the Lord. 



To the Ascended World:

Malta Prevails.



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Belarus would send a falcon to the Maltese government, along with a note of recognition.


A case of 35 year old Death Juice and a note of thanks would be sent back to Belarus. 









The Maltese Navy and Maltese Air Force are ordered to implement a constant air/sea patrol around Malta. To this end no less than 6 Tu-95 Maritime Patrol Bombers are on long range patrol ranging over international waters from one end of the Mediterranean to the other. Ten frigates are kept at sea with orders to patrol the sea approaches to Malta from the usual routes with special attention paid to Italy, France, Spain, Greece, and other Mediterranean States. Five F-22 Raptors and thirty other combat aircraft are kept in the air at all times above Malta in what is called Combat Air Patrol Valletta. 


The Home Army is also ordered to conduct a full call up of reservists and the Order of St. John is requested to act as an OpFor to test readiness. A simulated air assault and simulated naval assault against Malta are planned and authorized. These exercises are titled Suckerpunch I and will last until they have been declared complete with no specified time frame. 

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