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Look at Fark, one of the last AAs to join the war.. almost in the top 10 for damage done.


We rock.


Edit:  Also, my single 140k NS nation did almost as much damage in a single round of wars (5) as KoRT did as an alliance before calling it quites.

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wow, its almost like ur 1 of the biggest aas in the game!

There are several AAs within our general size range that have done less damage than we have after joining much earlier than we did.


ODN is a ways ahead of us.. but I'm not sure their damage to UPN should count.

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A new graph appears!





Important notes:  Since ShadowDragon dropped the ball (joking.. mostly) so must I.

1) Days 46 and 48 never happened so those daily stats are lost

2) Because they're lost, the daily damage bars for 47 and 49 were accounting for 2 days instead of 1 (as are the damage ratios, but there's no fixing that) so the damage bars for 47 and 49 were reduced by cutting the "daily damage" in half.  It's not an accurate representation for daily damage on those days, but it's closer than not doing it.

3) Day 42 marked the 4th occasion that the damage ratio did not move toward 1:1 since this war started.

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So I've had this internal criteria on how I rate alliances. I'm not going to release the exact formula to keep it pure (since there would be ways to 'boost' numbers if you really cared about this value -- like MI6 is doing this war :P ). But it takes into account:


- Damage taken/received (obviously)

- War slot usage (this includes slots available to declare so nations without anyone in range to declare on don't count as a negative)

- PM cycling (if nations come out of PM and how well the timing of their release is -- both internally for the nation (full nukes/etc) and alliance wide (anarchying those in range of nations that need to go into PM)

- Efficiency of nations who actually declare war (are just a few people in the alliance carrying the majority of the weight? This will correct for that)

- Maximum potential damage out put versus actual damage out put (are you doing full attacks every day?) 

- Soldier efficiency (are you sending 4k soldiers everytime?)

- War readiness (reaction time to attack(s))





Badlands 4.963093875

Nusantara Elite Warriors 4.193548349

So Uh Bored 4.016178698

Umbrella 3.816493798

Invicta 3.658795204

New Pacific Order 3.340625553

Argent 3.052553889

Kashmir 2.963701732

Nordreich 2.394138453

MI6 2.346395627

The Sandstorm Confederacy 2.336043763

Doom Squad 2.327969383

Kaskus 2.241634809

New Polar Order 2.002131706

Libertarian Socialist Federation 1.962941096

Non Grata 1.942108815

New Sith Order 1.936677291

NSO PoW 1.903008888

Screaming Red Asses 1.89005384

Independent Republic of Orange Nations 1.866616307

Sparta 1.850585888

Christian Coalition of Countries 1.822820797

Random Insanity Alliance 1.815160251

RnR 1.807147825

Global Protection Force 1.625026977

The Legion 1.608077994

Disciples of Destruction 1.497771276

Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes 1.46804716

Sengoku 1.398793035

The Gr�mlins 1.38493254

The Templar Knights 1.369563711

Viridian Entente 1.333685435

NATO 1.29400562

Fellowship of the Wolves 1.146423978

The Dark Templar 1.139178507

The Grand Lodge of Freemasons 1.095936472

The Order of the Paradox 1.088631455

Orange Defense Network 1.085304206

Aurora Borealis 1.037843619

Delusions Of Grandeur 1.032292017

Fark 0.996999797

The Last Remnants 0.9888448058

Supernova X 0.9228243777

OcUK 0.878000569

The International 0.8313096544

Anarchy Inc 0.7698783261

Guru Order 0.7249830823

Reavers 0.6830805953

Pirates of the Parrot Order 0.6277982267

Avalanche 0.6001366464

United Purple Nations 0.5967121663

Socialist Workers Front 0.5868101297

Alpha Wolves 0.5824069401

Mostly Harmless Alliance 0.5818174443

Alpha Omega 0.5492335985

The Javahouse League 0.4587961722

Knights of the Round table 0.4372544643

Global Alliance and Treaty Organization 0.4150098614

State of Unified Nations 0.4024895277

North Atlantic Defense Coalition 0.3407964011

Coalition of Royal Allied Powers 0.2366761673

The Congolese Soukous Society 0.2009902765

Atlas 0.169062526

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