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Animalz-ASI Announcement


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The Olive Branch Accords
The Atlantic Sphere Initiative (ASI) and Animalz agree to the following non-aggression pact and the articles held within.
Article I: Respect
Animalz and the Atlantic Sphere Initiative agree to maintain proper respect between our alliances. While disagreements are inevitable, we will focus on debating ideas instead of attacking or baiting one another.
Article II: Easing Applications
Any nation being raided that is applying to either ASI or Animalz by the other party will be released and have peace sent. Nations that are targets (as in they're marked to be attacked due to attacking the party's alliance, have spied, or have done something worth being attacked over) do not fall under this stipulation. Both parties agree in a situation where there is a target to create an agreement where the target will be released after a certain period of time.
Article III: Damage Reparations
In the event of an attack on ASI or Animalz by the other party (i.e. a misplaced raid), peace will be sent and reparations paid for the damage amount. A running total may be kept for damages (where total damage costs are added or subtracted) if such damages are below $6 million. This is to save both parties aid slots. Damage by the other party may be subtracted from the attacked member's alliance running total. 
In the event that the damage cost cannot be agreed upon, a third party acceptable to both ASI and Animalz may mediate.
Article IV: Non-aggression
Animalz and ASI agree to not launch any alliance wars on the other.
Article V: Diplomatic procedures
When a misplaced raid occurs on the other alliance, whichever party notices first will immediately contact the other. Both the attacking and defending nations will be ordered to stand down and send peace, and no retaliation will be launched (on either the attacking alliance, or the member). If there is any retaliation, such damages will be subtracted from the damage done to give the net amount owed.
If an attacking nation continues to launch attacks, they are available for retaliation and must be released as a target by the other alliance. If a defending nation refuses to peace and launches attacks, both parties will let the war play out from the sidelines (foreign aid is allowed though - mainly for tech dealing).
Article VI: Cancellation and Amendments
Either party may cancel this treaty provided they have privately notified the other party of their intention to do so 48 hours in advance. Articles may be added, removed, or altered upon agreement of both parties
Signed for Animalz,
RUKUNU, Supreme Warlord
Raluyen Skylance, Assistant to the Supreme Warlord 
Lord of the Puns, Mayor of the Palace
Sir Kindle, High Chancellor
Red007, Secretary General 
Signed for the Atlantic Sphere Initiative,
2Burnt2eat, President
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