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Dragonisia - Mars

Maelstrom Vortex

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The plan had gone off without a hitch. Earth was unable to use space, probably for several generations. The humans under Druk Yul had built a masterful mars base and the Dragonisians had used them to get there in mass. They no longer had use for the humans.


Maelstrom called into the mars base ahead of his arrival, "Dread Space, kill anyone there who isn't one of us."


Dread Space responded back, "Affirmative, beginning the extermination of the homo-sapiens."


Dread went to the weapons lockers and got the smokeless powder pistols. He went through the colony and systematically exterminated all human helpers. "Sorry, your usefulness has been outlived."


In those few shots the only humans off of earth save the ones on the space station and moon had been exterminated. The ones on those outposts had no idea now whom it was they served and relied upon.


"We need to begin work on getting more payloads back to earth.. we need to put more junk in its orbit, increase the density of the debris cloud. We don't want anyone getting off that rock. Make methane extraction for fuel production a higher priority." Dread barked to his crew.


In the meantime around the poles of mars mirrors had been situated focusing sunlight onto the polar icecaps attempting to get the icecaps to slowly sublimate over time and increase atmospheric density. Right now it was difficult to breathe anywhere outside of Hellas.


ooc: Let me be very clear this time, no ooc beyond this point. This is an IC thread, don't like what you see? Go complain elsewhere.

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