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Hungary-Polish War (Private RP)


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(Edit 2  Looks like I'll indeed be leaving CNRP2 in a few weeks. If CNRP:A gets off the ground, there's a decent chance I will join it. So once again, enjoy my CNRP2 send-off RP.)
*The Blackhand would once again meet in their secluded warehouse late one night, and once again recite their infamous Blackhand oath.  When this was completed, their mysterious leader would begin to speak.*
Leader:  My brethren, the time has finally, finally come to strike.  The growing unrest both in Hungary-Slovakia and it's Polish protectorate, makes it clear that the iron is hot for the striking.  All we need do is to execute our plan at the right time, and both sides will come together to tear each other a part.   
Several Hungary-Slovakian government officials, including Prime Minister Beres, will be travelling tommorow....
*The Blackhand's leader would look over at one of his Blackhand lieutenants.*
Leader:  Were you able to procure the Polish sniper rifles?
*the lieutenant would salute*
Lieutenant:  Aye.  All three that were requested.
Leader:  Wonderful.  Then our plan we've previously discussed is all set then.  You are dismissed.
*The Blackhand members would salute  and then depart.*
"Breaking News in Hungary-Slovakia.  Just moments ago, three Hungary-Slovakian parliament members, including Prime Minister Rikard Beres, were shot by unidentified snipers, while travelling the country campaigning for the upcoming elections.   All three have been pronounced dead at the scenes.
While investigations continue into the assassinations, Hungary-Slovakian authorities have so far turned up three Polish sniper rifles, one near each scene.
It is so far suspected that the perpetrators are Polish freedom fighters, and the Hungary-Slovakian parliament will no doubt ask it's Polish Protectorate to apprehend and hand over the rebels to Hungary-Slovakian authorities."
(Unbeknownst to anyone but the Blackhand, the Polish Rebel leadership and Governor-General of the Polish Protectorate are both members of the Blackhand.)
The Next Morning...
"We bring you more news from Hungary-Slovakia.  The Polish Protectorate Governor-General, to the shock of the Hungary-Slovakian government, has refused to hunt down or to extradite the assassins. 
It should only be moments from now, that the Hungary-Slovakian parliament is expected to vote on declaring war on it's former Polish Protectorate.
If rumors are to be believed, the Governor-General of the Polish Protectorate may very well also be preparing to back and support the Polish Freedom Fighters."

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Hungary-Slovakian News/ Public


"As expected, following the triple assassination that took place an hour ago, the Hungary-Slovakian parliament has unanimously voted to both end protection and protectorship status of it's third of Poland, re-call the Polish Governor-General from office, and to officially declare war on the former protectorate.


Many believe that the declaration of war will become a rallying call for the Polish people and Polish freedom fighters, whose country is now without government leadership, following the Governor-General's being recalled."

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"We are witnessing what initially appears to be a stream of several hundred disaffected Hungary-Slovakian citizens crossing into Poland, we estimate about 500 people.


The Hungary-Slovakian government has closed it's borders with it's former Protectorate following the declaration of war, but none of the people in this stream of people are obeying the military guards' orders to stop and turn around.  There isn't much else these guards can really do to stop the flow of people, there is simply just too many of them pushing their way into Poland at this time."

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OOC: Listen to this


Vladimir Dashkevich sat in the Mi-26 helicopter, as it hurtled over the Lublin region. Around him sat about 80 heavily armed commandos. At first glance, one might have thought they were Belorussian Spestnaz, on a mission to combat some new Polish rebel group. If only that were true.


They were, in fact, from the Spetsnaz GRU, the KGB's special forces wing, trained to operate abroad in situations where normal commandos or intelligence assets could not. And they were not en route to fight enemies, but to slaughter friends. From the front of the helicopter, the pilot called out, "We are now crossing into Hungarian Subcarpathia. Congratulations gentlemen, we have officially invaded a friendly foreign country."


Sometime earlier, at the KGB headquarters


Valery Vakulchic, director of the KGB, paced back and forth his office. News had come in that the Hungarian PM had been assassinated, by the Poles. This put Belarus in an awkward situation, to say the least. The government was friendly with Hungary, but on the verge of war with it. Its relations with Polish independence groups were a bit more clear-cut, but when mixed in with the situation in Hungary, it made a mess messier. One of the Director's lieutenants walked in.


"Sir, you called?"


"Yes. What is the latest from Hungary?" responded the Director.


"We aren't quite sure... things are getting chaotic. That's what they get for being a bloody democracy."


The Director glanced up from his work. "Never forget, that we too are a democracy, in name. These facades are useful, and I'd rather that they not be shed due to a slip of the tongue."


"Yes, sir."


"Any useful factions forming in Budapest?"


"The only thing that can form in Budapest are cockroaches, courtesies of Milan," the lieutenant responded humorlessly. "However, we do know that the government is growing increasingly unstable. There are groups that regret Beres' decision to leave the East Bloc, and de facto turn his back on Belarus."


"Interesting. I think its time we did what the yanks used to do."


"What's that, sir?" asked the visibly confused man. "Eat burgers, because if my wife fins that I broke my diet she'll-"


"Your wife's cheating on you, I've been telling you for years that she's sleeping with the gardener. And by doing what the yanks did, I mean interfering in other people's affairs. A little Bay of Pigs, if you will. Of course, unlike the yanks, we'll succeed."


"So you want to stage... a coup?"


"Yep. We know their air defenses inside out, we can slip some people in, bring the right guy to power, crush the Poles, and swing the Hungarians back to our side. I have Presidential approval to launch operation "Friendly Stab in the Back." I say we do it now, before things deteriorate even more."


The Lieutenant paused for a moment, realizing that crap like this could change history and all that crap. "I'll make the arrangements," he said.



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*Mass protests would gather in the streets of Budapest, amidst the growing chaos and fear.  There are protests for Poland, protests against Poland, protests for and against war, protests for and against the former Eastern Bloc, and ofcourse protests against the current Hungary-Slovakian government.  
Within hours, anywhere between 10,000 to 20,000 protestors have crowded the streets and sidewalks.
The police and whatever soldiers the military are able to spare are called out to keep the protests from getting violent, however their presence just seems to have the opposite effect, and within a few more hours, some protesters begin to yell and chant angrily towards the police and military police.  Before long, these angry chants and yells begin to turn into cans and rocks being thrown at some of the police and military police.
The police and military police only take so much of this before they respond by donning riot gear and bring out riot shields to stand behind.
"These protests are over.  You are all hereby order to leave and disperse immediately." would be bellowed through several loud speakers, although to little avail...
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*Meanwhile, most of Hungary-Slovakia's military, after being de-briefed on the situation, would begin heading towards Poland.   Thousands of soldiers, hundreds of tanks, JLTVs, and assault and transport helicopters carrying even more soldiers.


To make sure they had a clear path into Poland, the Hungary-Slovakian military would begin transporting their artillery to the Polish border and begin to open fire into Poland.*

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*The massive build up of troops and bombardment into Poland,  while it has managed to clear the path and take down a dozen or so Poles, seems to galvanize even more people, protestors and  Poles alike, against the Hungary-Slovakian government.


20,000 protestors becomes 30,000 protestors within the span of several more hours, and several hundred more people make their way out of Hungary-Slovakia and into Poland, most likely to either go find friends and family, or to join the Polish rebels.*

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At this point, the Belorussian troops would land. There weren't many of them, but there were enough to do what needed to be done.


One set of groups would be dressed as Hungarian soldiers(although it was plain up-close that they weren't, but the point was that noone could get that close and live), and would scatter throughout the Hungarian countryside, causing chaos, chaos that would be blamed on the pro-government military. Small towns would be targets of hit-and-run attacks, and confusion would reign.


In the larger cities, the KGB spy network in Hungary, code-named "Macbeth" would set to work. Aided by Spetsnaz units that had shed their uniforms and heavy gear, they would begin launching bombings in pro-government areas, and targeting anti-Belorussian government officials. Large amounts of money would begin to flood into the hands of pro-Belorussian groups.


On the home front, Belorussian media would launch a vicious campaign of its own. Government owned news sources would deride the Hungarian government as fascists who had betrayed their allies and were oppressing the Hungarian people. They would also blame the Polish secession on the Hungarian government's incompetency.


In Poland, Belorussian military units would also be at work. Belorussian soldiers would launch cross-border raids against the Polish nationalists, taking some hostage, and killing others. 


Republic Palace, Minsk


President Lukachenko wasn't having a particularly good day. His staff had been celebrating at the initial successes, but he wasn't in the mood. He had always had a good working relationship with Beres. A pity that politics had gotten in the way. The government-appointed manager of the Belorussian news source Pravda walked up to him.


"Mr. President," he said, "I was wondering if you wanted to come over and join us. We made this latest piece about Beres, just the usual slander and stuff. We've been going after his government, we figured that we might go after him too. A dead man can't complain, can he?" He chuckled.


The President scowled. "If any negative videos concerning Beres become public, I will be sure to put you on the next helicopter to Hungary, is that clear?"


The President was a politician, but he had a sense of loyalty to his friends,even ones that had gone separate ways.


The manager turned pale. "Y-yes sir. I'll see that it doesn't go out."



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*A messenger would report to the Blackhand leader that everyone was going as planned.*


Leader:  Good, good.  Is there anything else?


Messenger: Yes, sir.  Our operatives in Poland have told me that they have little amount of weapons and ammunition in Poland, as it was the Hungary-Slovakian military that gave them all their protection.  Is there anything we  can do to help them out?"


Leader:  Ofcourse. The Blackhand is a society of great means, are we not.  Take what small arms, rifles, assault weapons, sub-machine guns, and grenades that they need, and bring it to them."


Messenger:  Yes, right away, sir.


*The messenger, along with four other Blackhand members, would head off to  the Blackhand's secret armory building to collect the weapons and ammunition.*

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"In today's news, there have been reports by Hungarian citizens of what appear to be raids by Hungarian military soldiers on Hungarian homes and businesses, as well as on some churches, hospitals, clinics, and schools. There have also been some reports of soldiers firing live ammunition at groups of protesters, injuring 20 and killing 4.

These incidents have caused further outrage and chaos in Budapest, although the Hungarian military claims that all its personel is currently engaged in the war effort and therefore couldn't possibly have been involved in these instances."

*Meanwhile, while most of the military continued advancing towards and into Poland, or firing artillery into Poland, the protests would continue to grow larger and more angry, forcing the military to very reluctantly divert several hundred more soldiers to investigate the causes of the instances and to help the overstrained and overburdened police force monitor and try to control the growing throngs of angry protesters, lest they turn into riots.*

*In Poland, the Blackhand operatives would deliver the weapons and ammunition to the Polish nationalist freedom fighters, who were preparing to take advantage of the growing chaos in Hungary-Slovakia, by launching a counter-offensive push.*

Blackhand Operative: So it is agreed then. In exchange for my organizations help and supplies, your group of fighters will launch an assault across the border into several Hungarian cities.

Polish Revel lieutenant: Yes, that is fine, we agree. We would do that anyways.

Operative: That is not all, however. We want you to also contribute to the destabilization. Raid houses, hospitals, clinics, churches, schools. Perhaps set fire to some.

Polish Lieutenant: nUou do not know what you ask of us. We are freedom fighters, not terrorists. We have family that lives in Hungary. Not to mention there are innocent children we would cause harm t

Operative: Do you want the Blackhand's assistance and weapons or not?

Lieutenant: *pauses and sighs*. Yes..we do

Operative: Then that is the deal, take it or leave it. What is your decision?

Lieutenant: We have little choice. We will do what you ask of us to do.

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The KGB's plan seemed to be working, for now. The Hungarian populace was lashing out at the military, and the instability was spreading. However, the plan was also having some unintended consequences, in the sense that it was distracting the Hungarian military from the campaign in Poland, thus increasing the likelihood of a Polish victory. This could not be allowed.


Overnight, about a dozen small Spetsnaz teams would cross the border into Hungarian Poland. Their job would be to make the lives of the Polish rebels miserable. A message would be sent to the Hungarian government offering them air support in Poland.


Warsaw, Belorussian Poland


Warsaw had seen better days. Once the capital of Poland, it had now been relegated to the status of a second-rate city that was under the occupation of a country that is had once terrorized. With the Polish Authority having set up its capital at Lublin, Warsaw sank even lower in terms of importance. High taxes, brutal repression, and neglect had also taken their toll.


The Polish people had had enough. Emboldened by the news of an uprising in Hungary, the citizens of Warsaw would begin a series of massive riots, organized by the long-repressed nationalist parties. The Belorussian government would act quickly to silence any news of the situation in Warsaw, and would begin sending in Militsiya troops.


Unfortunately, these soldiers would be met by barricades and Molotov Cocktails. In just a couple of days, Warsaw would be in an uprising.

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