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The Lights on the Lavender Town Tower Flutter a Strange Tune

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Freedom is a strange thing, it makes people make the strangest of choices.
Reality makes people question what really matters in regards to their future.
Even though things seem to be clear, at times they are not.
Early access broadcasts are the strangest, don't you agree?
From this, we have the simple question of whether or not the path taken is correct.
Right now, this question is hard to answer, do we stay where we are?
Are we really here, or are we over there?
Never think, never feel, never fear.
Zombies are out there, they are lurking.
Doting on the children, carrying boxes and wearing red tops, they will not be left behind.
Others would just be forgetful of them, leaving them in the shade.
Too late, it has been decided, the time is right.
Come to me, in this most strangest of times, in this most unusual of occasions.
Order us what we should do, how we should move, should we consult the map?
Map... give us strength, we shall obey you, oh god holding up the Sky!
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Welcome to Atlas Lavender Town I look forward to working with you all in Atlas :)


o/ Lavender Town

o/ Atlas


Edit: Oh and Hershey the Atlas flag lives on for now :D

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