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As some of you may know, Tianxia is currently embroiled in division.  Its current political state is somewhat akin to the Holy Roman Empire.  Yuan Jia, the original Emperor was replaced by his son, Yuan Shizi this summer IRL and due to all the factors going on I'm RPing has been kidnapped and the Empire itself is currently split.


At present the Empire as it holding now as something equivalent to the Holy Roman Empire.  I would like to know if people wish to join in RPing some of these factions.  I'm RPing the Yuan as well as the Unknown Faction.  




Currently the dominant factions are:


The Yuan Dynasty Regency, which controls still much of the Coastline, and holds most of the Navy as well as the loyalty of the Amphibious Army Corps, and the Eastern Army Group, as well as most of the Mongol Tribes, owing to its roots there.  Its current vassal states, are nominally the Ryukyu Clans and the Guangdong Merchant State, though these are tacit ties at best in order to let each of them fight other enemies.  Its primary rival is the Li Dynasty, whom is lead by former Field Marshall Li of the Western Army Group, the largest land army formation in the World.  It is also at war with Jiangxi Soviet, Manchuguo Separatists, and Beijing Commune.  


The Li Dynasty, the Li Dynasty is was originally a Junta formed after Yuan Shizi went missing, however, Field Marshall Li arranged for his rivals elimination and proclaimed himself Emperor.  In the initial stages of the civil war, Li was by far the most successful leading his forces, taking over vast swathes of the West and the military infrastructure located there.  Li is known to view the dismantling of the broader Empire a error of a boy, and believes that the Tianxian Empire can only be revived with strong military rule.  Li nearly took Beijing until the appearance of the Unknown Enemy in the South, forcing Li to retreat to defend his rear flank.  Since then the Federal Forces of the Yuan have recovered much territory but the war with the Li has settled into a stalemate.  Li maintains neutral relations with the State of Qin and Chun, seeking to bring them into his camp, for launching new offensives.  He also seeks outside support.


Current Mid-Weight Factions are:


Guangdong Autonomous Merchant State, is a misleading name.  The territories of Guangdong are now ruled by a oligarchic-organized crime nexus, an amalgem of elites from the state intelligence services, organized crime families, and business elite.  An ultra-capitalist distopia, the provinces are the richest by far in China, but with massive inequality.  In the early phases of the war as well as the Great Dying plague, many from all around fled to Guangdong seeking refuge, which seemed immune to the plague.  At first businessmen made a killing offering services to save people by getting them into the provinces, only then did they reveal they were indentured servants, forced to work off loans for their entry at incredibly high rates.  Guangdong has remained technically in the Yuan camp, and though it sells weapons and loans to all sides in the war.  But the Yuan cannot afford another war, or a loss of Guangdong Bank financing.  Its only real enemy is the Jiangxi Soviet.  


The Jiangxi Soviet, has risen taking Mao's Earliest banner and vowing to restore a new China.  Adherents to Mao Zedong thought, it was started by an escaped peasant army which rose up in the Guangdong Autonomous Merchant State, protesting its conditions.  Entering into some of the poorest provinces in China, it quickly spread like wildfire, gaining new recruits for a new People's Army.  With an absolutist Maoist Ideology it remains in a constant war with its neighbors, advancing where it can, conducting insurgencies where it is pushed back.  It has no allies, for allied states are bourgeois constructs, it only stands with the people!


The Manchuguo are an uprising of Manchus along the Korean border, advocating the restoration of a Manchu State.  Their forces have fought with the Mongol Clans loyal to the Yuan for control of Western Manchuria, while benefiting from the wars in the south to divide their much more numerous enemies.  Their primary enemy is the Yuan.


The State of Qin was a nationalist uprising modeled on Qin Shi Huangs state to restore the Han Chinese dominance in the Empire.  Capturing the vital cities of Chongqing, Wuhan, and advancing along the Yangtze, the State looked to play a major role early on in the conflict.  Unfortunately, Li's Uprising got in the way, capturing Chongqing, and encircling and destroying many of the armies.  Many defected to Li's banners before his stalled advance on Beijing and Nanjing.  The rise of the Unknown enemy saved the State of Qin from absorbtion into Li's Banners, and the renewed Yuan Strength balances Li's domination.  However, Qin's position remains fragile.  Its King Qin Fuyi, is diligently preparing his forces for an opportunity as the Yuan and Li smash each other around him....


The State of Chun formed in the South China Heartland, is one of the last places that still remembers the Imperial Way of Life.  Through deft diplomacy, regional governors were able to band together and form a democracy, which has held the Imperial Reconquest back, and kept Li's armies from invading through careful diplomacy.  All this changed with the appearance of the Unknown Enemy, and its raids.  The Great Forests of the South began to die, and farmers are moved further to the East.  This in turn has provoked unrest, and made it increasingly difficult to govern, with insurgencies popping up favoring the Jiangxi Soviet model.  Increasingly the Harmony of Chun is threatened, with both the Yuan and Li seeking it to join their side for protection.  How long can the State of Chun remain neutral, before it appears too weak and someone comes in to claim it?!


The [b]Beijing Commune formed as the armies of Li advanced on Beijing and the warlord controlling the city fled North.  No longer content to be a prize to be fought over, and with Federal Troops nowhere in sight, the people of Beijing and her sister city Tianjin formed stockades, intent on making plundering the city costly.  For three months they ground Li's armies, slowly being pushed back, till the Unknown Enemy forced Li's attention elsewhere.  The Beijing Commune legend spread as being the first to defeat Li, and the armies ventured forth from the Barricades, to build a anarcho-sydnicalist society.  It was not long before they found themselves in contact with a new Yuan Army, marching North.  Unaccustomed to open field manuver warfare, the Beijing Commune Armies were destroyed, with the Yuan surrounded their territory, and drove them back to the areas surrounding Beijing.  Now the Imperial Navy has Tianjin under blockade, and land blockading Beijing, waiting out this Commune.  Inside, a Reign of Terror has begun, purging class enemies, as they seek to prepare for a new Miracle of Beijing.


The [b]Ryukyu Clans control much f the Ryukyu Islands save for Imperial Navy bases which they are loath to provoke a confrontation with.  They remain tentatively loyal to the Regency council and do not attack ships friendly to it.  However, with the tacit approval of the Regency Council they've made habit of attacking the Guangdong Merchant Fleet, and fighting with Guangdong over settlements in SE Asia and the Philippines.


Expectation for people RPing a faction or a group within it will be that they generally go with the story, though if you have something good we can work together and potentially alter the story.  The other thing is, if you want to RP, please try to be prompt with posting, it doesn't have to be a big post everyday, but at the same time, I will write over people if they post once every two weeks or something.

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I'll take over the Beijing Commune if that is all right with you Triyun? As you have not posted a named character for its leadership would that mean I would be okay with creating one myself or do you have something else in mind?

Go for it. And yes it's the Manchu. But everyone what goes down rises up ;). Looking at you grey wall! Edited by Triyun
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