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Custom Military Technology Poll

Voodoo Nova

Custom Military Technology Poll  

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This vote will last 48 hours. Any posting will result in a nullification of your vote. You must have a CNRP2 nation to vote in this poll.


Edit: If custom equipment is allowed, there will be another discussion and poll on how to implement it. 

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This vote is now closed.





Yes Votes: Mogar, Shave N Haircut, Rudolph, Generalissimo, Maelstrom Vortex, Markus Wilding, my new new nation, Mara Lithaen


No Votes: dotCom, Voodoo Nova, Mr Director, Hereno, Imperator Azenquor, Kevin Kingswell, Evangeline Anovilis, Centurius, Horo the Wise Wolf, JEDCJT, supercheese, Triyun, MostGloriousLeader, Lysergide, Aggressivenutmeg


All custom tech is hereby disallowed and any previous custom tech is no longer canon.

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I do have a question concerning this, are we considering slightly modified tech that would hold no bearing on improving the weapon or piece of equipment as custom tech that is dissallowed?

May I ask for clarification on the question?


As far as I understand it, it is an issue like pretty much the following:


As Romania, I use a self-propelled artillery system, called the ATROM. I personally think of it as the IRL version of the ATROM, which is a Romanian version of the Israeli ATMOS 2000 SPH. Now, anyone who reads the article or has knowledge on this, will notice, they built three prototypes of the ATROM, then shelved the project, so, technically, it is not something I would be allowed to use. However, I never went to ask for permission on this piece of "custom tech", given the Romanians changed only pretty much one detail. They replaced the original 6x6 armoured truck with a local one from Dacia. Not any faster, not any more armoured, not any more people or ammo, the gun is pretty much the same, so weapons performance is near-identical. Which prompts me to think, whoever wants to complain, can just assume I'm using the original. Because it just doesn't make an actual difference, besides cosmetics.

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