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War: The Great Trade-Off

Jarl Frost

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ooc: CNRP1 and 2

Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear Presents Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear, Port of Nunavut:


Some nations preferred to use guns. Some nations preferred to use tanks. Other nations build powerful Air Forces, and others still sent weaponized satellites into space. Madagascar did not like any of those things.


They preferred to sell them instead.


Captain Anatoly Vandisi stood on the bow of his ship, binoculars in hand, staring through the mist.

"There she is" he said to himself as he spotted land. The ship docked at the busy port in Bear Islands, and the crew began unloading the cargo. As the work continued, the captain was approached by a small committee from the docking authority.

"Greetings Captain, I am Johaan von Bear, Inspector of the Trade Authority," the heavily bearded man said. He had extremely bushy eyebrows and a backwards baseball cap.

"Von bear?" asked the Captain, very skeptical.

"Yes, all governments officials are required to have 'bear' in their name somewhere," the inspector said, quite serious. The captain took him for his word

"So, what do we have today, good Captain?" asked the Inspector. The Captain folded his arms in a cocky manner, and one of his crewman opened one of the crates. Inside were hundreds of packages of plastic culinary utensils.

"Party utensils. To be sold for under 2 Bear Islands Dollars," the captain said smugly.

"Damn you!" The inspector exclaimed. Madagascar had been flooding the country with cheap, disposable goods. It was in retaliation for last month, when Bear Islands started selling higher quality construction materials to the Madagascar population for cheaper than the local producers.

"I also bring news. We're going to be imposing a tariff of 200% markup on your auto parts. In effect, a whole 2 dollars more in taxes per dollar," the Captain said, turning to his work in offloading goods.


Shots fired, though the Inspector.

Shots goddamned fired.

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